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Ribeye vs. Delmonico: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 1, 2023
Ribeye is a beef steak from the rib section, known for its marbling and tenderness. Delmonico is a specific cut or preparation style that originated from Delmonico's restaurant but can refer to various steak cuts.

Key Differences

Ribeye is a popular cut of beef that comes directly from the rib section, prized for its rich marbling, which ensures a juicy and flavorful bite. Delmonico, on the other hand, has a more ambiguous definition, stemming from its association with the renowned Delmonico's restaurant in New York, where various steak cuts were dubbed "Delmonico."
When one orders a ribeye, they can expect a specific cut of meat known for its characteristic eye of meat surrounded by a cap of fat. In contrast, ordering a Delmonico might yield different results depending on the restaurant's interpretation, sometimes being a ribeye or another steak cut.
The ribeye has become a staple in many steakhouses across the world, known distinctly for its generous marbling, leading to a buttery texture. Delmonico, while historically significant, can be more elusive in its definition, sometimes denoting a preparation style rather than a specific cut.
Despite their differences, both ribeye and Delmonico are revered steak choices, promising a delightful dining experience. However, while the ribeye's identity remains consistent, the Delmonico's varied interpretations require diners to inquire about its specific cut or preparation at any given establishment.

Comparison Chart


Rib section of the beef
Varies, but often from the rib section

Definition Consistency

Consistent, always refers to the same cut
Varies by region/restaurant


High marbling, ensuring juiciness
Depends on specific cut but can have high marbling

Historical Origin

Named for its "eye" of meat
Named after Delmonico's restaurant in New York


Globally recognized and widely available
More regional, and specific to certain establishments

Ribeye and Delmonico Definitions


A steak cut from the rib section of beef.
The chef recommended the ribeye for its tenderness.


An ambiguous steak definition that requires clarification.
Before ordering, he asked the waiter about their Delmonico cut.


A beef steak known for its generous marbling.
The ribeye steak was juicy and flavorful.


A steak named after Delmonico's restaurant in New York.
He ordered the Delmonico steak as a nod to culinary history.


A premium cut of meat with a central "eye" of meat.
He grilled the ribeye to perfection.


Sometimes synonymous with ribeye, but not always.
She was surprised to find the Delmonico was a boneless ribeye at this restaurant.


A popular choice among steak enthusiasts for its taste.
Among all the options, he always chooses the ribeye.


A term that can refer to both a cut and a preparation style.
Their Delmonico is seasoned and cooked in a unique way.


A steak preferred for its rich and buttery texture.
She savored every bite of her ribeye.


A steak cut that varies depending on the establishment.
The Delmonico here is different from the one downtown.


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A run batted in.
Watson had a 3-run homer and a 2-run double for a total of five ribeyes on the night.


What is a ribeye?

Ribeye is a beef steak cut from the rib section, known for its marbling and tenderness.

What's the main draw for ribeye enthusiasts?

Ribeye enthusiasts often praise the steak's marbling, which leads to its juiciness and rich flavor.

Are ribeye and Delmonico the same?

Sometimes. Delmonico can refer to a ribeye in some establishments, but not always.

Are there bones in a ribeye?

Ribeye can be bone-in or boneless. The choice depends on personal preference and the establishment's offerings.

Which is more tender, ribeye or Delmonico?

It depends. If Delmonico is a ribeye, they are similar. Otherwise, tenderness varies based on the specific Delmonico cut.

Can I expect Delmonico to be the same at all restaurants?

No, the definition of Delmonico varies by establishment.

Can Delmonico be a boneless steak?

Yes, depending on the restaurant's interpretation, a Delmonico can be boneless.

And what is Delmonico?

Delmonico is a term originating from Delmonico's restaurant and can refer to various steak cuts or preparation styles.

Is ribeye suitable for grilling?

Yes, ribeye is a popular choice for grilling due to its fat content and tenderness.

Is ribeye a premium steak?

Yes, ribeye is considered a premium steak due to its marbling and flavor.

Which has more fat, ribeye or Delmonico?

Ribeye is known for its marbling. Delmonico's fat content depends on its specific cut at a given restaurant.

Why is ribeye so flavorful?

The flavor of ribeye largely comes from its marbling, which melts as it cooks, infusing the meat with richness.

What should I ask when ordering a Delmonico?

It's good to ask about the specific cut and preparation style when ordering a Delmonico due to its varied interpretations.

Why is it called Delmonico steak?

It's named after the renowned Delmonico's restaurant in New York.

Which steak is pricier, ribeye or Delmonico?

It varies by restaurant, but ribeye is often considered a premium steak and may be priced accordingly.
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