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Sheesham Wood vs. Teak Wood: What's the Difference?

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Sheesham wood is dense and dark with a rich chestnut color, while teak wood is known for its durability and natural oils that resist termites.

Key Differences

Sheesham wood is derived from the tree Dalbergia sissoo, commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, teak wood originates from the tree Tectona grandis, which primarily grows in Southeast Asia.
In terms of appearance, sheesham wood boasts a rich chestnut color, sometimes accompanied by darker streaks, giving it a distinct look. Teak wood, in contrast, has a golden to medium brown shade, which can turn silver-gray with age.
When considering durability, teak wood is renowned for its long-lasting nature, which is greatly attributed to its natural oils that ward off termites and prevent decay. While sheesham wood is also durable, its resistance is more toward decay than pests.
From an application standpoint, sheesham wood is commonly used for making musical instruments, veneers, and furniture due to its fine texture and easy workability. Teak wood, owing to its resistance to the elements, is preferred for outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other structures exposed to varying weather conditions.
In terms of cost, teak wood is generally more expensive than sheesham wood. This price difference is attributed to teak's high demand for its resilience and less susceptibility to pests compared to sheesham.

Comparison Chart


Derived from Dalbergia sissoo (Indian subcontinent).
Derived from Tectona grandis (Southeast Asia).


Rich chestnut color with potential dark streaks.
Golden to medium brown, turns silver-gray with age.


Resistant mainly to decay.
Resistant to termites and decay due to natural oils.

Common Uses

Musical instruments, veneers, furniture.
Outdoor furniture, boat decks, exposed structures.


Generally less expensive.
Typically more expensive due to high demand.

Sheesham Wood and Teak Wood Definitions

Sheesham Wood

Sometimes referred to as Indian rosewood.
The sheesham wood, or Indian rosewood, desk stood out in the room.

Teak Wood

Known for its natural oils that resist decay.
Teak wood furniture can last for decades outdoors.

Sheesham Wood

Hardwood from the Dalbergia sissoo tree.
This dining table is crafted from premium sheesham wood.

Teak Wood

Hardwood from the Tectona grandis tree.
The ship's deck is made of durable teak wood.

Sheesham Wood

Renowned for its rich chestnut hue.
The sheesham wood cabinet added warmth to the room with its color.

Teak Wood

Has a golden to medium brown shade.
The teak wood paneling gave the room an elegant look.

Sheesham Wood

Known for its straight grain and fine texture.
Carving on sheesham wood results in intricate designs.

Teak Wood

Can turn silver-gray when exposed to the sun over time.
The teak wood patio set has a beautiful silver patina from years of sun exposure.

Sheesham Wood

Commonly used for making furniture in South Asia.
The artisans use sheesham wood for its fine texture.

Teak Wood

Often used for outdoor settings due to its durability.
Many prefer teak wood for their garden benches.


What's the primary region where teak wood trees grow?

Teak wood primarily comes from Southeast Asia.

Why is teak wood preferred for boat decks?

Teak wood's natural oils make it resistant to water and decay, ideal for boat decks.

From which tree is sheesham wood derived?

Sheesham wood is derived from the Dalbergia sissoo tree.

Which wood is considered more durable against pests?

Teak wood is more resistant to pests due to its natural oils.

Which wood is heavier: sheesham or teak?

Both woods are dense, but specifics can vary based on the cut and treatment. Generally, sheesham might feel slightly heavier.

Can teak wood resist water naturally?

Yes, teak wood has natural oils that make it water-resistant.

How does the cost of sheesham wood compare to teak wood?

Generally, sheesham wood is less expensive compared to teak wood.

What makes teak wood resistant to decay?

Teak wood's natural oils ward off fungi and pests, making it resistant to decay.

How does the texture of sheesham wood compare to teak wood?

Sheesham wood has a fine texture with a straight grain, while teak wood also has a fine grain but with a slightly oily feel.

Which wood generally has a richer, darker color?

Sheesham wood typically has a rich chestnut color.

What causes teak wood to turn silver-gray?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight makes teak wood turn silver-gray over time.

Are there any other names for sheesham wood?

Yes, sheesham wood is sometimes referred to as Indian rosewood.

Is teak wood furniture always expensive?

While teak wood is generally pricier due to its qualities, prices can vary based on craftsmanship and origin.

Is sheesham wood furniture hard to maintain?

No, with regular dusting and occasional polishing, sheesham wood furniture can retain its beauty.

How do carvings on sheesham wood appear?

Sheesham wood's fine texture allows for intricate carvings.

Is it common to find sheesham wood musical instruments?

Yes, sheesham wood's density and texture make it suitable for musical instruments.

Can teak wood furniture last outdoors without maintenance?

While teak wood is durable outdoors, periodic cleaning can help maintain its appearance.

Is sheesham wood suitable for outdoor furniture?

While durable, sheesham wood isn't as resilient to outdoor conditions as teak wood.

Do both woods require a finish?

Both can be finished for added protection, but teak wood's natural oils already offer some protection.

Why is teak wood used in luxury settings?

Teak wood's durability, elegance, and resistance make it ideal for luxury settings.
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