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Australia Flag vs. New Zealand Flag: What's the Difference?

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Australia's flag features the Union Jack, large seven-pointed star, and the Southern Cross; New Zealand's flaunts the Union Jack and a distinct Southern Cross with red stars. Both embody national, Commonwealth, and celestial symbolism.

Key Differences

Stars on the Australia flag are vividly characterized by a large seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star beneath the Union Jack, symbolizing the federation of states and territories. In contrast, the New Zealand flag opts for simplicity, excluding such a prominent emblem. The choices in stellar depiction subtly whisper stories of their respective nations' journey, embedding historical and political narratives within the woven threads.
With the Southern Cross constellation adorning both flags, Australia flag introduces white stars with more points, while the New Zealand flag features fewer-pointed red stars, edged with white. These celestial representations are more than mere navigational symbols; they anchor the nations in the southern hemisphere while threading a common tapestry that ties the two in a celestial dance, visibly distinct yet symbolically intertwined.
On a canvas of blue, the Australia flag and New Zealand flag sail on the global stage, embodying their maritime histories and geographies. However, the former carries a specific star (the Commonwealth Star) that anchors its identity in its federal history, whereas the latter gracefully omits such a detail, offering a simpler astral spectacle.
Despite the similarities, for the citizens beneath them, the Australia flag and New Zealand flag respectively encapsulate unique national identities, histories, and aspirations. Both flags flutter, bearing tales of colonial history, indigenous cultures, and onward aspirations, visually twinned yet fundamentally individual in their historical tapestries.

Comparison Chart

Presence of Union Jack

Yes, in the upper left corner
Yes, in the upper left corner

Type and Color of Stars

White, with more points
Red with white edges, fewer points

Special Star Below Union Jack

Commonwealth Star with 7 points
No special star below the Union Jack

Representational Meaning

Symbolizes federation of territories
More straightforward, no federative symbol

General Visual Appearance

Slightly more complex due to additional star points
Simpler due to fewer star points

Australia Flag and New Zealand Flag Definitions

Australia Flag

A Nautical Beacon
Sailing on a blue field, the Australia flag echoes the country’s rich maritime history.

New Zealand Flag

A Symbol of Unity
The New Zealand flag fluttered, representing the collective spirit of its diverse inhabitants.

Australia Flag

A Union Binding
The Australia flag, with its Union Jack, nods to the historical ties with the United Kingdom.

New Zealand Flag

An Emblem of Heritage
Rooted in colonial history, the New Zealand flag displays the Union Jack, linking past to present.

Australia Flag

An Iconic Identity
Fluttering atop institutions, the Australia flag encapsulates a unique blend of colonial history and modern identity.

New Zealand Flag

Astral Beauty
Adorned with the Southern Cross, the New Zealand flag aligns the nation under a celestial emblem.

Australia Flag

A Stellar Representation
Bearing the Southern Cross, the Australia flag positions the nation under a celestial emblem.

New Zealand Flag

A Maritime Tapestry
Blue and red colors of the New Zealand flag encapsulate its maritime legacy and adventurous spirit.

Australia Flag

A Federative Symbol
The seven-pointed Commonwealth Star on the Australia flag symbolizes its federated states and territories.

New Zealand Flag

A Red Star Guide
The red stars on the New Zealand flag light the way, symbolic of navigation and exploration.


Why is the Union Jack present on both flags?

It symbolizes their historical ties to the United Kingdom.

Why do both flags feature the Southern Cross?

It’s a distinctive constellation visible from both countries, symbolizing their location in the southern hemisphere.

Are there any proposals to change these flags?

Yes, both countries have seen proposals and discussions about changing their flags.

Is the Australia flag older than the New Zealand flag?

No, the Australia flag (1901) is younger than the New Zealand flag (1902), but New Zealand's was used unofficially from 1869.

Have these flags been used in wartime?

Yes, both flags have been used to represent their nations during times of war.

Is it illegal to burn the Australia flag?

There are no specific laws against burning the Australia flag, but it is generally considered disrespectful.

Why does the New Zealand flag have red stars?

The red stars symbolize the Southern Cross, important for navigation and a distinctive southern hemisphere feature.

Can the flags be flown at night?

Yes, but traditionally flags should be illuminated if flown in darkness.

What does the Commonwealth Star on the Australia flag signify?

It represents Australia’s federal system and its states and territories.

How many points does the Commonwealth Star have?

The Commonwealth Star on the Australia flag has seven points.

Do the indigenous peoples of both countries have their own flags?

Yes, indigenous peoples in both Australia and New Zealand have their own distinct flags.

What color are the stars on the Australia flag?

The stars on the Australia flag are white.

Can you use the Australia flag in advertising?

Yes, but it should be done respectfully following the guidelines of use.

How are the flags used during national celebrations?

They are prominently displayed, flown on public buildings, and used in parades to symbolize national unity and pride.

How many stars are on the New Zealand flag?

The New Zealand flag has four stars.

Is the background color of both flags identical?

Yes, both flags predominantly feature a dark blue background.

Does New Zealand have an alternative flag?

Yes, the Tino Rangatiratanga flag is widely recognized as an alternative.

Are there protocols for displaying the New Zealand flag?

Yes, the New Zealand flag should be displayed following specific protocols outlined by the government.

Which flag has red stars?

The New Zealand flag features red stars with white edges.

How many stars are on the Australia flag?

There are six stars on the Australia flag.
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