Difference Between Rug and Carpet


Main Difference

The main difference between Rug and Carpet is that Rugs are an artistic way of covering the specific area of the floor, adding style to the same, whereas floor to floor and wall to wall coverings are called Carpets.

Rug vs. Carpet

The term rug means a smaller item that is about 4 feet by 6 feet or less, while the term carpet means a bigger item that is about 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. The word rug is, in fact of Scandinavian source or origin, and it was used to define smaller things or materials. While the word carpet has a Latin source, the word intended “coarse cloth” or “tablecloth.”


Rugs can be simply or easily taken from one location to another location. If somebody wants to take the rug positioned in another or new room, it is feasible. However, this is not feasible for carpets. If somebody wants to change room settings, he cannot carry carpets easily.

Rugs can utilize for a range of devotions apart from covering a segment of the floor. These also work for as a wonderful choice for bed and sofa throws. On the other hand, Carpets utilized as second or additional flooring. These are also an excellent choice for a huge entertaining area to go down the sofa set.

In regards to cleaning and removing, rugs are far easier to clean, which are every so often too simple for an individual to do itself, whereas carpets cannot be washed or cleaned regularly because it is very difficult for an individual to wash a carpet itself. Rugs do not need professional installation and removal, while carpet often needs professional installation and removal, a service that comes from at a substantial price.


Comparison Chart

The rug frequently used for a limited or partial covering of the floor.Carpet is frequently affixed down to the floor and commonly covers it extensive or wall-to-wall.
A rug is lesser in size.A carpet is bigger than a rug.
Rugs are simple and easy to put in or install.In the case of carpets, require expert help
for installation or set up.
Visibility of Floor
In the rugs, the floorboards are
very much visible.
In the carpets, the flooring beneath is not evident or visible.
Rugs are existing even in thinner materials giving them an elegant look.Mostly the carpets tend to be denser or thicker in size.
Rugs are very graceful and more costly.Carpets are normally hard and somewhat cheaper or low-cost.
Cleaning and washing rugs are easier and can simply clean at home.Professionals may be required to get the cleaning of carpets done.

What is the Rug?

Rugs are covering the tile, cement, or wood flooring. The rugs are designed to cover a definite part of the floor, such as the living or dining room or the kitchen. Due to this, the rugs have turned as the primary part of the interior home concepts. Most of the house decorators use the handmade rugs or modified rugs to add quality to your home. Rugs are multi-purpose; they come in different patterns, shapes, designs, and textures.

Advantages of Rugs

  • It is effortlessly washed and dried out when dirty.
  • It assists in describing a space.
  • Facility to easily change the color pattern and design of a room.
  • A well or right positioned section or zone rug can familiarize arrangement to a spread area floor idea or disparate link provision or furnishings.
  • The good choice for persons with dust allergies as rugs more easily cleaned. Polypropylene area rugs will be the top choice for such persons.

Disadvantages of Rugs

  • Rugs are a strong possibility to let people slip up or trip on their boundaries, even if they are slip-opposition. This is serious distress for the aged who may be harshly injured by a collapse or fall.
  • Rugs do not form a similar integrated appearance or look.
  • Persons who liked to walk about their entire home barefooted deprived of undergoing the sudden starting of the put foot upon cold, tough floors should not select an area rug.

What is Carpet?

The carpets typically cover floors spread through the entire and marked extensive or from wall-to-wall. Carpets prepared by materials like wool, cotton, jute, and hemp, and also they come in diverse or different designs and textures. Usually, carpets are denser or thicker, and they give a comfortable feel when they are denser.

Advantages Of Carpets

  • Flooring by carpet protected to the floor or bottom with cement, glue, or stick-on, although elementary by pillow stuffing to raise the gentleness or softness. Hence, they are excursion and slip-resistant, getting them an enhanced selection in aging homes.
  • Carpeting can make unity all over the color design and scheme of the home. It can be especially beneficial in homes with several small rooms.
  • Wall-to-wall or extensive flooring by carpet retains the floorboards fully protected — no worries by the baby creeping through the cold hardwood floorboards.

Disadvantages Of Carpets

  • Carpeting is well-known to take a high portion of off-gassing or gas evolution.
  • Carpeting or floor covering is hard and expensive to clean.
  • Carpets must not utilize in great moisture regions, because humidity can get stuck in the threads or fibers, which discharges poisonous mycotoxin into the atmosphere.
  • Carpets are a wrong decision for a person that devours allergies or hypersensitive, as dirt and house dust mites can gather in the yarns and stuffing, causative to reaction indications.

Key Differences

  1. The rugs are the floor covering of area or zone-specific, and the carpets are commonly floor covering of wall to wall in the whole area.
  2. Rugs can be easily taken from one point or location to another. But in the case of carpet, this is not possible.
  3. Rugs are very fragile or graceful and very exclusive and costly, while carpets are by and large crude or hard and cheaper as compared to rugs.
  4. Cleaning rugs is very easy; however, carpets are very large, and it is hard to clean them.
  5. The rugs do not deal with anti-fouling or stain-resistant substances, and the spots or marks once made on the rugs are tough to be detached from not going to instantly; on the other end, carpets are deal with stain-resistant substances and therefore come to be lesser spots.
  6. Interchanging a rug is a much cheaper process; just unravel it in your chosen location over an anti-slip mat, and you’re ready to go, while carpet often requires professional removal and installation, a service that comes at a considerable price.
  7. Rugs can bring with you, although shifting or moving home. Conversely, the similar is not conceivable in case of carpets as they are static with the floorboards with bonding agents and will get spoiled if attempted to do away with, and not used again.


A rug or carpet, also made out of artificial materials and together are frequently utilized to decorate or enhance offices and homes throughout the world. Both are floor covers, with the dissimilarity being in how large or sized they are. Although rugs and carpets are lenient and contented flooring choices and are better ways to retain your home conveniently.

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