Difference Between Quoting and Paraphrasing


Main Difference

We all have been using these techniques since long but still many are confused to differentiate or tell the real idea of both these words. Rather than to jump straightly on to these words, we would like you to know from where these words came in and since when we have been using both these techniques. In some way we can call Quoting and Paraphrasing as two of the techniques to get our academic tasks done. This all was to done avoid the plagiarism and prove our own capabilities with some known facts in mind. In quoting we exactly write someone, mostly widely known person’s saying in inverted commas. While doing this task, the citation is also done, telling that to whom this quote belongs and when it was said. Whereas, paraphrasing is a way ward different thing from quotation, as in this the general idea is taken out of the context and is narrated in our own words having different structure and vocabulary.

What is Quoting?

Using this in an academic writing, gives a gesture to the checker that person holds sound knowledge and has know the interference of the famous person or the related person to the context. While paraphrasing the writers name is kept bold or sometimes the whole of the quotation is kept bold to tell that it is the important point and is interlinked with all of the content written. Most often, the quotations added while writing academic post are of the legends of the field and are given to give reference to the context and make the writing more durable and factual.


What is Paraphrasing?

As it is numerous times you might have heard that copying the whole content while doing academic writing makes your content thin and is even considered futile, as being part of the work getting self generated work from your side is also one of the aim of your teachers. The best way to get this done is just not just to opt the synonyms and get them interchange as it is a kind of just spinning of content. In real means of paraphrasing, you change the rhythm, style and structure or even narrate it as you have perceived. In some stages while paraphrasing writers also show their own creativity, which is many times ‘ok’ as this is all to rewrite the written thing in a better way, even penning down the idea you get from there.


Key Differences

  1. In quoting the famous saying or relevant saying is written exactly the same as it is said, whereas in paraphrasing the actual idea is same but it is written in a different way means change in vocabulary, structure or with any other option.
  2. While quoting someone’s saying and not citing it might hurl you in danger as it may breach any of the law, whereas in paraphrasing no citation is mark as this is regarded as writer’s own content.
  3. Quoting is mostly done of the famous people’s sayings, whereas paraphrasing can be done from anyone’s content which gives you complete idea and posses some logic.
  4. Quotation is written in inverted commas as it is exactly the same saying of a person, whereas paraphrasing is not written in inverted commas as it is your take over the matter.
  5. Mainly, quoting is used sparsely in the content; on the other hand maximum of your writing is paraphrasing while you are doing an academic task.

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