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America vs. Canada

America and Canada are two gigantic countries of their respective continents, covering a big chunk of the West. Both, situated on the North of American Continent, these enormous countries are assumed and considered to be having the same culture, lifestyle, constitution, body of governance etc. It is due to a number of similarities shared by both of these giants. However, there are many elements which differentiate not only between these countries but also between the people as well. Here, we are going to highlight some of the major disparities. First of all, the United States of America (USA) is run under Federal presidential constitutional republic, while Canada has Parliamentary Democracy (federal constitutional monarchy). English is the official code in the US but Canadian English and Canadian French are the official set languages in Canada. Star-Spangled Banner is the National Anthem of the US played under the shelter of Red and White stripes flag having 50 white stars on a blue background on the upper left corner, while Canadians say ‘God Save the Queen’ for Royal Anthem and ‘O Canada’ for National Anthem, by hoisting a Red and White flag having Red Maple Leaf in the centre. In both countries, the literacy rate is similar at 99% and likewise life expectancy is also the same at 82. The population as estimated in 2013 is 321 million in the US (3rd highest in the world), while Canada stood on 36th spot with 35,141,542 people. As the US is a combination of number of states, it has 56 political divisions comprising of 50 Sates, 1 Federal District and 5 major overseas territories. Canada is consisted of 10 Provinces and 3 Territories. The total length of land of the US is 12,034 kms, while 8,893 km is that of Canada. As the people of these countries, their lifestyle and tenancies are much similar; however, with a slight difference in style, they are inclined to mock at each other with their peculiarities. As far sports is concerned, Football, baseball and basketball are the major and most liked games in the US, while Ice Hockey is dominant in the Canada, which is covered mostly by the snow. Canadian people have least inclination towards having arms, while it is a common practice in America where crime rate is also much higher as compared to Canada. Americans are observed to be more biased and prejudiced about race, colour, religion, nationality etc., while Canadians don’t seem to care about such petty things. Canadian national is considered to be a ‘soft power’ having sort of respect for politics and principles. Americans, on the other hand, are seen as ‘Hard power national’ who have been observed as always ready to plunge into fight and to wage war on other countries if they are opposing America. Canadian government takes care of operating education system to the post-secondary level, while there is a large private university sector dominant in the US.

Key Differences

In number of people, America secures the 3rd, while Canada stands on 36th spot
Harlon Moss
Feb 13, 2016
America is an anthology of number of States; Canada is a sole state
America’s governance system is the Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic; Canada follows Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Constitutional Monarchy)
Aimie Carlson
Feb 13, 2016
Both countries have the same 99% literacy rate
America and Canada are the major countries of the North American Continent
America is a land of 12,034 km; Canada consists of 8,893 km
Football, Baseball, and Basketball are popular in America; Canadians love to enjoy Ice Hockey
Harlon Moss
Feb 13, 2016

Comparison Chart


Biggest country of North America.
Second biggest country of North America.


Collection of several states
Just one state


12,034 kms
8,893 km


Third biggest country with regards to population
Thirty sixth biggest country according to population
Janet White
Feb 13, 2016

Government Type

Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Constitutional Monarchy)

America and Canada Definitions


48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776


A traditional Portuguese unit of liquid volume equal to 1.7–2.1 liters depending on the area of Portugal, used particularly for wine.


North and South America


Alternative form of cañada, a ravine, a gulley.


A small cañon; a narrow valley or glen; also, but less frequently, an open valley.


A country in North America, bordering the United States on the north. It is a federation which includes English-speaking provinces and the French-speaking Province of Quebec.


A nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada;
The border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world

What is America?

America is a surname of the United States of America, a country in the continent of North America comprising of 50 States, 1 Federal and 5 overseas territories. America has the 3rd topmost number of population in the world with 321 million people as estimated in 2013. The country is run under the Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic and English is the official language implemented across the country. Star-Spangled Banner is the National Anthem of the country and it has a Red and While Stripes flag containing 50 White Stars on the blue canvas on the upper left corner. The literacy rate in America is 99% and education is mostly acquired in privately run universities. The nation is seen as ‘Hard power’ due to the tendency of demonstrating power upon other nations. The Americans are more inclined towards playing and watching Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

What is Canada?

Canada, one of the biggest countries of the world, is also situated on the North of the American Continent. It is run under Parliamentary Democracy (Federal Constitutional Monarchy) and its official languages are Canadian French and Canadian English. The national anthem of the country is ‘O Canada’, which is sung under the shadow of Red and White Flag of the country that has a Red Maple Leaf in the pivot. With the life expectancy of 82, Canada has a literacy rate of 99% and it’s at the 36th spot for population, which is 35,141,542 as counted in 2013. The Canadian Dollar is the national currency and the people are mostly peace-loving and have the least tendency for battles. As most part of its land is frosty, Ice Hockey is popular sports among the Canadians.

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