Difference Between Pub and Club


Main Difference

The main difference between Pub and Club is that Pub is a place where food, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages served, whereas a Club is a public place for discussion, music, and dance floors.

Pub vs. Club

The pub is also known as minibars. A club is a social place for people. The pub is for boozing. The club is for almost all social activities. Different interests of people visit in the pub. The club is for people having the same interest and characteristics. There are no rules for entering in pubs. In clubs, there are some rules and regulations for entering clubs.


However, pubs are not offering membership cards. Clubs usually offer membership cards. Different people visit the pub. Groups or members join the club together. There are some restrictions regarding the establishment of pubs. There are no such restrictions regarding the establishment of clubs. The pub is generally for the drinking business. The club is also contemplating entertainment settings. The pub aims to provide customers with alcohol. The club aims to provide a pleasant environment for the people to socialize.

To enter a pub, you need to be over a certain age. The club doesn’t regulate such restrictions. The pub is a type of public house and offers a home-like atmosphere. The club offers a dance floor or a stage and a more upbeat atmosphere. Pubs don’t have dance floors and here dancing is not common, while background music, live music or DJ would be played in pubs. Clubs are typically for dancing with a live band or a DJ.


Pubs also have separate smoking rooms. Clubs are of different type’s party club, sports club, dance club, or social club. Pubs is the place where human move for relax, leisure and boozing. In pubs, you go for a licensed beer. In the club, you go to have a good time with your friends. To visit the pub you have to 18 years old. There is no age restriction to visit the club.

Comparison Chart

Place for drinkingA place for entertainment and discussion
Specifically in Australia, UK, New Zealand, and CanadaIn many countries
Dance Floors
Have Dj booths but don’t have dance floorsHave dance floors for fun
Not open in late nightStay open in late night
Less securityHigh security
Food and beveragesDon’t serve food

What is Pub?

The word pub obtained from the word “Public House.” The public house is a licensed house to serve alcoholic or different alcoholic drinks to the people. Pubs are introduced in the world by major well-developed countries, i.e., the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. Although in some countries pubs are also reasoned as a meeting place for different societies. Pubs seem to be interesting for a new generation. Most of the pubs also offer some food products such as fish, chips, prawns, other seafood, sandwiches, brownies, and pastries, etc. Pubs also provide a vast range of wines, soft drinks, spirits, and beer, etc., but usually, they don’t sell cocktails. However, pubs also regulate some rules and restrictions regarding the age limit for serving alcohol or other alcoholic drinks.

There are different kinds of pubs like theme pubs, Rock pubs, Irish pubs, Country pubs, Goth pubs, Micropubs and Red-houses, etc. Pubs also have some entertainment setup, e.g., comedians, magicians, musicians, and even strippers. The establishment of pubs is being restricted near educational and religious places. They generally located near to working places. Usually, a pub is a place for local hangouts. It derived from a culture of the British region. In some places, pubs are a focal point for the community gossips, discussions, conversations enjoying with drinks and food. Pubs generally introduced to the darts team or a trivia night (quiz night). Pubs also have a billiard table and a card table. Pubs also have separate rooms for smoking. In 1393, King Richard of England introduced to regulate pubs outdoors.

What is Club?

Clubs are established mainly for an entertainment venue. The club also called as disco, discotheque and dance club. Clubs have both DJ booths and dance floors as well. Usually, clubs are open late at night, and drinking is also allowed in clubs. The specialty of the club is to serve cocktails and other beverages to their customers. There are some restrictions for the minors and underage visitors. There are different types of clubs established, e.g., college clubs, laughing clubs, school clubs, hobby clubs, sports clubs, and private clubs, etc. Another main feature of attraction of club is loud music, drinking, or dancing. Generally, clubs charge a flat fee for entry into the club.

However, many clubs also have a VIP guest list from which selected clients will get an entry pass for free of cost and couldn’t have to wait in the entry line. VIP guests’ list consists typically of famous and rich people, Family or friends of the club owner, financier of the club, or other local regular clients. Some clubs also arrange host themed nights, which may or may not have a proper dress theme and play special music according to theme night.

The various themes are hip-hop night theme, technology night theme, cultural night theme, salsa night theme, Halloween night theme, 70’s night theme, 80’s night theme, 90’s night theme, and favorite character night theme, etc. The primary purpose of a club is to boost up or encourage people, to being social and friendly to their mates, to help others who are in trouble and other miserable situations. A club is a social place where people meet and hold a discussion about their occupation, activity, and interests. The environment of the club is liberal, social, and friendly.

Key Differences

  1. The pub is for boozing whereas the club is for other social activities.
  2. A pub is a place for locals to hang out on the other hand; a club is a place for youngsters.
  3. Pubs are not allowed to open near-religious or any educational institute; conversely, there are such regulations for the opening of clubs.
  4. Different people visit the pub on the flip side club is the place for people having similar interests.
  5. Alcohol is openly served in pubs inversely; it is not served in clubs.
  6. Membership facilities are not available in pubs, whereas membership facilities are available in clubs.
  7. Pubs have certain age barriers on the converse clubs that don’t have such age barriers.


Pub and club are the two different areas having the pub for drinking purposes, and the club for discussion, chitchat, and music.

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