Difference Between Proxy War and Cold War


Main Difference

The nuclear possessed world might not be in condition to afford any war including severe atomic bombings, with this many of the rivals have changed the policy to damage the arch rivals. Although, they are also the type of wars but can’t be observed by your naked eyes. Cold War and Proxy War are also two types of the war, which can be easily differentiated as cold war is a war without violence, although the tense relations between two countries exist in it, whereas in Proxy War one might choose third party or set a monopoly to destabilize the rivals and the one carrying the attacks doesn’t commits the responsibility for it.

What is Cold War?

The War is pulled off to materialize the nation by damaging their economies with hurling them in different propaganda. The other thing is that in this war no use of arms or military is clearly seen as it is even termed as the war of harsh terms. As leaders from both the countries might threat each other and try to overcome by pressurizing . It should also be mentioned that this war further may lead to the hot war, which might be a long lasting one. Most commonly, the cold war is regarded as the tension between USA and USSR after the World War 2.


What is Proxy War?

It is a totally different war, organized by making up allies and organizing such activities without showing their hand behind these attacks or activities. The other point should be noticed that no state military or weapons are used in this regard, as the gathered team for these attacks might be from any other countries, and would have been teamed together over the basis of race, religion or due to any emotional attachments. This war is being set by somewhere else and is trained somewhere else with most chance of even people from somewhere else. In this war the state also doesn’t shows their activeness to the people to whom they are training, and this mission is just burdened to the top officials of the country and is kept as top secret.


Key Differences

  1. Cold War is the game of nerves and words as it is most specifically no arms war. Whereas, in proxy war heavy arms are used that might be bought from any other country or organization while, keeping it a secret.
  2. In Cold War, most important part is played by the politicians who just tryto slow down the voice and confuse the other country with their strategy, although in proxy war the country arranging the war on other might be having proper relations.
  3. The leads of proxy war are non-state players although in cold war some officials might emerge over the scene.
  4. Religion, racism and revenge might be the essence of proxy war but cold war is a matter of 1to1 with another country mainly without using weapons.
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