Difference Between Memoir and Biography


Main Difference

Many of us like to peep through the lives of our stars, celebrities and national heroes, although to make them immortal for us the memoir s and biographies play pivotal role. This is the matter of the fact these both are the narration and story of live of that person. The main difference in both of them is that Memoir is the self-experience of that person over any special event and even though if any writer wrote Memoir it is the complete thought of that person on specific topic or any important event. This is also set by that person to clear the idea and eradicate the concerns if any in the minds of people whereas, biography is a story written by any writer after getting a detail study and gathering facts about that personality. This occupies around all the life events of that person.

What is Memoir?

It is a important note which is organized by the personality himself as a memory and is thorough revelation about any special event. As mentioned above that it is written by the person himself and is written in first person ‘I’ although, professional writers also wrote these over the request of that person to enhance the curiosity and flair in writing. The main aim of writing memoir is to make others people look in the specific matter from the writers’ eye. This is not 100% percent sure that it is based on true events as it is also to make readers satisfy with this by showing them the brighter side of that certain aspect.


What is Biography?

It is written by a writer about that famous personality after keenly looking at his/her life for days, months or even for years. This can even be written when that person is alive or can be launched posthumously but its main aim is generally cover up all the life events of one’s life from his birth to his brought up to his study. A biography keeps everything and most often didn’t possess the thoughts or views of the writers. The biopics over the famous personalities are also taken off from the well written and reliable biographies.

Key Differences

  1. Memoir is mostly written by the person himself and if it is requested to be written from any writer it is still written in first person ‘I’, whereas biography is always written by the writer and is always denoted in third person he/she.
  2. Biography is about the all important life events, whereas memoir is an elaborated note over a specific event.
  3. Biography is about confirmed facts, although memoir is self written by the writers to clear the dust over some material so there might be any fakeness added up in it.
  4. Commonly, the memoir is unveiled by the person in his life time whereas biography can be done during that person’s life time or posthumously.
  5. Example: Biography of Nelson Mandela and Memoir Out of Africa by Karen Blixen.
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