Difference Between Creativity and Innovation


Main Difference

The main difference between creativity and innovation is that creativity is thinking of something new and innovation is the implement of something new.

Creativity vs. Innovation

Creativity is the feature of a person to generate new ideas, alternatives, solutions, and possibilities uniquely and differently. Innovation is an act of petition of new ideas to which creates some value for the business organization, government, and society as well. Creativity refers to conceive a fresh idea or plan, whereas the innovation implies initiating something new to the market, which not initiated earlier. Creativity is the capability or act of inventing something original or unusual whereas Innovation is the implementation of something new. If you dream up dozens of new ideas, then you have displayed creativity, but there is no innovation until something gets implemented. Creativity solves issues or problems whereas innovation is the application and problem solving of creative thinking. Creativity is the capacity to develop a new idea, product or service for the improvement of society but innovation is when an outcome is recognized as new by a potential adopter. Creativity is the operating force behind innovation and the integration of looking at things from a different point of view and freedom of restrictions by rules and written or unwritten norms. Creativity is the arrangement of several ideas into a new physical outlook whereas innovation is the process of commodification a service, product and new goods that never existed before. Creativity deals with original thought, while innovation is all about improving things that established. Creativity cannot be measured on the other hand innovation can be measured. Creativity can produce a work that stands on its own or is useful in an isolated instance whereas innovation is implemented and re-used. Creativity is divergent in the process, often producing many viable options for the sake of evaluation and innovation is convergent in purpose. Creativity is a fresh way of looking at things whereas innovation is a fresh way of doing things.


Comparison Chart

Creativity is the introduction of creating new ideas, attention, and prospects.Innovation is the introduction of something latest and successful in the market.
Related to
Thinking something newIntroducing something new
Creativity is short term in nature.Innovation is futuristic.
Creativity is being more original and less effective.Innovation is being more effective and less or no original at all.
Creativity requires expression.Innovation requires manufacture or implementation.
In creativity, no risk is involved.In innovation, the risk is involved.
No huge investment needed.Huge investment is needed.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a fact whereby something new and somehow valuable formed. It is a mental characteristic that allows a person to think out of the box, which results in creativity or different approaches to a particular task. Creativity certainly plays a crucial role in organizations at all levels. Following the same old techniques might not yield results every time. Creativity is the ability to explore the brain and coming up with classic ideas which will solve certain problems. Creativity is inspecting and communicating ideas in ways that are unique, compelling, and unexpected. It is the ability to connect the seemingly unconnected and meld existing knowledge into new insight. Creativity leads to good things in the world that diversely would not exist. It’s a noble act of pushing back the darkness and giving hopes to despair. Creativity is conveying your ideas in a full-contact, full-color way. It is using as many sensibilities as possible to express an idea. Creativity is one of the essential aspects of the human being. It is one of the main traits that make us successful as individuals and as a species.


Creativity is one of those features that people seem to have an intrinsic understanding of, but if you ask them to define it, they get tripped up. Creativity is the ability to transform traditional ways of thinking or acting and to develop new and original ideas, methods or objects. So creativity is an art that is specific to an individual. Creativity defined as the affection to generate or perceive ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in entertaining ourselves and others. It’s something we know, yet we treat it like some magic spectral, allowing people to become smarter and have “brighter” thoughts. It is very subjective. What one person thinks as a creative idea need not be the same for a different person. Creativity is an expedition within the mind. Some of us have it; most use more of it. Although creativity is almost essential to startups, it’s not everything. Ways that “creativity” is generally used:

  • Persons who express different thoughts, who are interesting and refreshing – in short, people who occur to unusually intense.
  • People who experience the world in innovative and original ways. These are (personally creative) individuals whose perceptions are fresh, whose judgments are insightful, who may make important discoveries that only they know.
  • Individuals who have changed our culture in some important way. Because their achievement is by definition public.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is any creative idea, getting implemented or realized successfully. Innovation is all that is new, useful, and amazing. Innovation in its contemporary meaning is a “new concept, creative thoughts, new imaginations in the form of device or method. Innovation is often also considered as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, articulated needs, or existing market needs. Innovation is action; innovation is applying. Every step you take to appliance all those awesome ideas you mustered up represents innovation. An invention might be a creation or device or method that has never existed before. Innovation not just represented by recommending or achieves new ideas or methods. The definition of innovation can be described as a process that involves multiple activities to uncover new ways to do things. Innovations create bigger opportunities and are critical for survival. Innovation is the application of ideas that are novel and useful. It is fresh thinking that creates value. Technically, “innovation” is defined merely as “introducing something new. Innovation is converting ideas to numbers. It is a new combination of means and ends, which are new for a creating and adopting a unit, are developed and produced and implemented and transferred to old and new. Innovation is not the conclusion of thinking differently. It is the result of thinking deliberately. It is is the embodiment, combination, and synthesis of knowledge in novel, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services. Innovation is the exertion of a new or automatically improved product, service or process that creates value for society. It is the action of doing something improved for the first time, which was not already done by any entity. It can also be described as a change which can bring a new circumference to the performance. A better and smarter way of doing anything is innovation. It could be the introduction of:

  • New technology.
  • New product line or segment.
  • A new method of production.
  • An improvement in the existing product.

Key Differences

  1. Creativity in the concept-creating sense but innovation in the action-producing sense.
  2. Creativity is related to ‘imagination,’ but innovation is related to ‘implementation.
  3. Creativity does not require money. On the other hand, innovation requires money.
  4. The aspect of thinking about new ideas and putting them into reality is creativity. The act of executing creative ideas into practice is innovation.
  5. Creativity can never be consistent or measured, but Innovation can be measured.
  6. There is no possibility involved in creativity, whereas the possibility is always attached to innovation.
  7. Creativity happens in your head and innovation happens in the world.


The presence of both can lead to achievement. After an enormous analysis, let’s learn about how can we be inventive – by querying investigation, sketch conclusions, analyzing & exploring new ideas and expanding the range of thinking. For being innovative, a person must have the strength to take possibility, exploring, asking queries and observing things.