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PayPal Here vs. iZettle: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 13, 2024
PayPal Here and iZettle are mobile payment solutions; PayPal Here is a service by PayPal for card transactions, while iZettle, owned by PayPal, offers a wider range of payment solutions including POS systems.

Key Differences

PayPal Here is a mobile payment system that allows businesses to accept card payments on the go using a mobile device and a card reader. It is designed for ease of use and mobility, targeting small businesses and freelancers. iZettle, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) solution, offering features like inventory management and advanced reporting, catering to both small and larger businesses.
In terms of hardware, PayPal Here focuses on simplicity with its compact card readers that connect to smartphones or tablets. These devices are geared towards merchants who need a portable and straightforward solution for card payments. iZettle, however, offers a range of hardware options, including card readers and complete POS systems, which are suitable for diverse business environments, from retail shops to restaurants.
The fee structure of PayPal Here typically involves a flat percentage per transaction, which is beneficial for businesses with varying transaction sizes. iZettle, while also charging per transaction, may offer more tailored pricing plans, especially for businesses with higher volumes or specific needs, reflecting its broader service scope.
PayPal Here is part of PayPal's broader ecosystem, which can be an advantage for businesses already using PayPal's online payment solutions. This integration allows for seamless financial management. iZettle, while also under PayPal’s umbrella, operates somewhat independently, offering a distinct set of features that can integrate with various business software, making it versatile for different operational needs.
User experience is a key difference. PayPal Here offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface, ideal for quick and easy transactions. iZettle, in contrast, provides a more feature-rich interface, which may require a learning curve but offers greater functionality, including detailed sales analytics and customer relationship management tools.

Comparison Chart

Target Audience

Small businesses and freelancers
Small to medium-sized businesses

Hardware Offered

Compact card readers
Variety of hardware including card readers and POS systems

Pricing Structure

Flat transaction fees
Varied, may include tailored pricing plans


Part of PayPal's ecosystem
Operates independently with broader integration options

User Interface

Simple and user-friendly
Feature-rich and customizable

PayPal Here and iZettle Definitions

PayPal Here

A mobile payment solution by PayPal.
With PayPal Here, I can accept credit card payments anywhere at my food truck.


IZettle, owned by PayPal, specializes in tools for electronic commerce and mobile card readers.
Since we started using iZettle's mobile card reader, our market stall sales have increased.

PayPal Here

A tool for freelancers to accept card payments.
As a freelancer, PayPal Here makes it easy for me to get paid for my services.


IZettle is a financial technology company providing mobile payment solutions and point-of-sale systems.
Our café uses iZettle to process customer payments quickly and efficiently.

PayPal Here

A part of PayPal's suite for small business transactions.
Integrating PayPal Here has streamlined our online and in-person sales.


IZettle is a digital platform offering small businesses tools for managing sales, inventory, and payments.
With iZettle, tracking our inventory and sales has become much more streamlined.

PayPal Here

A portable card reader system.
I use PayPal Here to process customer payments at craft fairs.


IZettle is a service that facilitates small business financing through its easy-to-use app.
IZettle helped us secure financing to expand our product line.

PayPal Here

A mobile app-based payment system.
I downloaded the PayPal Here app to quickly start accepting payments at my pop-up shop.


IZettle provides a comprehensive point-of-sale ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
IZettle's ecosystem has revolutionized how we handle point-of-sale transactions at our bookstore.


Can PayPal Here integrate with other PayPal services?

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with PayPal's online payment solutions.

Does PayPal Here require a card reader?

Yes, it requires a mobile card reader to process payments.

Can I use PayPal Here for online payments?

PayPal Here is primarily for in-person transactions, not online payments.

What is iZettle?

iZettle is a POS and payment processing solution, offering a range of services including card readers.

What is PayPal Here?

PayPal Here is a mobile payment service from PayPal, allowing businesses to accept card payments using a mobile device.

Is PayPal Here suitable for small businesses?

Yes, it's designed for small businesses and freelancers for easy card transactions.

What fees are associated with PayPal Here?

PayPal Here charges a flat percentage fee per transaction.

Is iZettle suitable for larger businesses?

It's designed for both small and medium-sized businesses.

Can PayPal Here accept credit card payments?

Yes, PayPal Here can process credit and debit card payments.

What makes iZettle unique compared to PayPal Here?

iZettle offers a more comprehensive set of features for business management.

Is PayPal Here available globally?

Its availability varies by country, so it's best to check PayPal's website.

Is there a monthly fee for using PayPal Here?

Typically, there's no monthly fee, just transaction fees.

What hardware does iZettle offer?

iZettle provides card readers and complete POS systems.

Can iZettle integrate with other business software?

Yes, it offers broad integration options with various business software.

Can I use iZettle for online sales?

iZettle is mainly for in-person transactions, but may offer some online solutions.

Can I track sales with PayPal Here?

Yes, it offers basic tracking and reporting features.

Can iZettle handle different payment types?

Yes, it can process various payment types, including contactless.

How does iZettle's pricing work?

iZettle has transaction-based fees, with potential for tailored pricing plans.

Is iZettle a part of PayPal?

Yes, iZettle is owned by PayPal but operates with a degree of independence.

Does iZettle offer more than just payment processing?

Yes, it includes features like inventory management and advanced reporting.
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