Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine


Main Difference

The main difference between newspaper and magazine is that newspaper is shorter in length whereas magazine is larger in length.

Newspaper vs. Magazine

A newspaper is not a time-consuming process, while magazines required our free time. The newspaper contains several news; on the other hand, the magazine has a specific story. Advertisements in the newspaper are not as costly as compared to an advertisement in magazines.

A magazine writer can practice his or her writing craft more openly than a newspaper writer. A newspaper cannot describe the much more faction update, but the magazine explains everything about everyday faction.

People can read the newspaper in traditional hard copy or online. Mostly the magazine is written on literary and philosophical subjects. Newspaper gives us the material of all ages and interests.


Comparison Chart

The newspaper contains the current news.The magazine has completed information about any topic.
Catchy headlineBaseline concept
17th century1663
Fast,slow speed

What is a Newspaper?

The newspaper has a categorical printed session. It can be printed as weekly newspapers, daily newspapers, monthly newspapers and weekend or Sunday editions. Newspapers have Interference of local Geographical Scope, regional or national.

Mostly the newspaper consists of specific subjects for children, young, old and especially for the businessman. Newspapers are also known as informative material, and some of them called serial publications. Newspapers consist of the current news and happenings.


They are the consistent and main source of information. Firstly, Europe published a newspaper of name ‘Barrow’s Worcester Journal.’ This newspaper was the first English newspaper in history. Usually, a newspaper printed on low-grade paper.

The newspaper’s structure is black and white without the limitation of the special font. Newspaper has two main sources of spreading information about print media and digital media. The printed newspaper does not require our much or specific time. We can easily read it at any place at a y time.

As we can read the newspaper while we are eating, watching television or on our traveling. While digital newspapers require our specific time. Because when there is bulletin time on television we have to watch and understand it to get a complete story.

If we miss a piece of news, we cannot back it for ourselves. The printed newspaper allows us to read it again and again to get its complete understanding. On the other hand, we cannot read the news again and again, as once it passes, there is the next news.


  • ‘Jang newspaper.’
  • ‘Time of India’
  • ‘Indian newspaper.’
  • ‘Yomiuri Shimbun’ Japan newspaper
  • ‘Blind’ the Germany newspaper
  • ‘The sun’ United Kingdom newspaper
  • ‘The Wall Street Journal’ united states newspapers.

What is Magazine?

Usually, the magazine is known as a periodical publication. Magazine uses different colors and has a specific font style. Magazines mostly consist of interesting and attractive pictures. Magazine consists of science, technology, medicine, sports, and finance, etc.

The magazine is also a reliable source of information. In 1663 first published magazine named ‘Erbauliche Months Unterredungen.’ Mostly, a magazine printed on high-grade paper and are more colorful and glossy. The magazine is also published on a weekly and monthly basis. Like newspapers, people also read them in traditional hard copy or online.


  • He has a set of magazines in front of him.
  • She sold a rough stock of magazines.

Key Differences

  1. A newspaper mostly consists of a short article whereas; the magazine is a long article.
  2. Usually, a newspaper consists of at least 900 words; on the other hand, the magazine has at least 2000 words.
  3. A newspaper cannot be written on a specific subject; conversely, the magazine can be written on any special area or topic.
  4. The newspaper has a simple and easy structure; on the flip side, the magazine has a beautiful, attractive, and complicated structure.
  5. Newspaper content has simple wording, whereas the magazine uses difficult words to convey meaning.
  6. A newspaper is not a free form of writing; on the other hand, a magazine is a free form of writing.
  7. Any person raises questions about the news in the newspaper agency; conversely, no one can ask about the magazines.
  8. Newspaper known as hard news, on the flip side Magazine news called soft news.
  9. A newspaper cannot be published on reader interest, whereas Magazine published on the reader’s interest.


Both newspapers and magazines are the crucial modes of communication of print and digital media. We can differentiate the newspaper and magazine from their content.

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