Difference Between Laptop and Notebook


Main Difference

Laptop and Notebook both are the portable types of modern computers. Both are quite similar regarding shape and usage but different by price, smartness, size and portability. Laptops are precisely better regarding stronger hardware and overall performance whereas a notebook is often focused towards moreover on the entertainment and portability. The major difference between a laptop and a notebook computer is that laptop weighs more in size than the notebook and is thicker too. Another difference is of performance as laptops are configured more powerful hardware than the notebooks.

Comparison Chart

A laptop is a modern form of computer that has high processing power along with portability and can be used by placing on the lap.Notebook computers are the modern form of computer that is quite thin and small in size that they can be easily carried in a briefcase or bag.
Size and Weight
Laptops usually weigh 4 to 12 pounds and are thick as compare to the notebook.Notebook computers weigh less than 5 pounds. They are thick up to 3 inches max.
Strong and Professional high in performance.Simple and Stylish low in performance.
Processing Capacity
High processing power.Low processing capacity.
Used for
Professional computing work and other things also.Mostly used as PDA and for entertainment purpose.
Optical Drive Option
Peripherals Option

What is Laptop?

The laptop is portable for of modern computers that can be used by placing them on the lap. The name of the laptops is originated from the concept of placing them on the lap and using with convince and durability. Nowadays laptops have replaced the desktops and another traditional form of computers. The laptop has power similar to the desktop computers and can be used according to the user convenient. Laptops are often regarded as modernized form of computer. Along with the portability factor, a laptop is powerful enough to be treated as a full-fledged computing machine. Normally laptops weigh from 4 to 12 pounds, and their thickness depends upon their models and mainly on the vendor company that is producing it. Laptops vary the display size that is the part of their portability factor. Usually, the modern laptops have 11 inches, 13 inches, 15 inch and 17-inch screen sizes depending on personal preference and usage. The cost of the laptops increase and decrease regarding their hardware specification, screen size, additional functionality and mainly on the vendor company that is developing them. Most laptops have optical DVD drive functionality along with a variety of ports for attaching USB drives and other peripheral devices etc. The best thing about the laptop is that it is powerful enough to be replaced as full-fledged desktop computer and at the same time it is quite portable and handy to use anywhere anytime.


What is Notebook?

Notebook computers are a modern form of hand-held and PDA computers. Notebook computers are of the size of notebooks so that they can be easily carried in the bags and briefcases. They have small size than the usual briefcase size. Notebook computers by their shape and style are often referred, and laptops and are thought to be the same, whereas they are different by their specification and functionality. Normally the notebook computers weigh less than 5 pounds are quite thin even as compare to the standard kind of laptops. The basic concept behind the notebook computer is to provide the maximum portability options along with durability and functionality. The Notebook computers usually have low or limited hardware specification as compare to the laptops and can never be used as an alternative to a full-fledged desktop computer. A notebook computer is built primarily more for the entertainment purpose and limited use. They are most probably a form of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Notebook computers are thicker up to 3 inches, which is quite more thin and portable than the laptops. Notebook computers have low processing capacity as compare to laptops as they are not that much powerful regarding hardware specifications and more focus is on style and portability of size and handling. Most of the notebook does not have optical drive options in them and usually, external peripherals can also not attached to them.

Laptop vs. Notebook

  • Laptops are the modern form of desktop computer that is portable and can be used by placing on the lap.
  • Notebook computers are the stylish and portable form of computers that can be easily placed inside and bag or briefcase and can be carried
  • Laptops are powerful and can be used as an alternative to the desktop computers.
  • Notebooks are not technically that much powerful and are usually for entertainment and assistance purpose.
  • Laptops usually weigh 4 to 12 pounds and thicker than notebooks.
  • Notebook computers usually weigh less than 5 pounds and have a thickness of maximum 3 inches.
  • Laptops do have the option of the optical
  • Notebooks do not have the optical drive option.
  • Peripherals can be attached externally to the laptops.
  • Peripherals cannot be attached to notebook computers.
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