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Ivory vs. Ecru: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 20, 2024
Ivory is a creamy white color, resembling the material of elephant tusks, while ecru is a pale, grayish-yellow resembling unbleached linen.

Key Differences

Ivory is often associated with a sense of luxury and is a creamy, soft shade of white. It carries a warmth and richness, often used in home décor for a feeling of elegance. Ecru, on the other hand, is more muted and natural. It reflects an earthy, organic aesthetic, making it popular in minimalist and natural designs.
When it comes to fashion, ivory is a preferred choice for wedding dresses, symbolizing purity and sophistication. It pairs well with a range of colors, offering a softer alternative to pure white. Ecru is favored in casual wear, bringing a relaxed and understated elegance to outfits. It's versatile, blending well with both bright and subdued colors.
In art, ivory is often used to convey softness and subtlety, ideal for highlighting and shading. It's a common choice in paintings for depicting light and delicate textures. Ecru, with its neutral tone, serves as a perfect background, allowing other colors to stand out, and is frequently used in canvas and paper backgrounds.
In interior design, ivory creates a sense of spaciousness and light, often used on walls and fabrics for a luxurious feel. Ecru introduces a rustic, organic charm, popular in linens, upholstery, and wall colors, especially in spaces embracing natural elements.
Regarding symbolism, ivory often represents purity, cleanliness, and calmness, used in spaces and designs aiming for a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. Ecru, symbolizing naturalness and simplicity, is chosen to create a grounded, calming environment, often in eco-friendly and sustainable designs.

Comparison Chart

Color Shade

Creamy white, like elephant tusks
Pale, grayish-yellow, like unbleached linen

Use in Fashion

Elegant and formal, common in wedding attire
Casual and earthy, favored in everyday wear

Interior Design

Luxurious and spacious feel
Rustic and organic atmosphere


Purity, cleanliness, calmness
Naturalness, simplicity, grounding

Art and Design

Softness and subtlety, ideal for highlights
Neutral background, emphasizes other colors

Ivory and Ecru Definitions


Material historically used for piano key surfaces.
The old piano had yellowed ivory keys.


Undyed or unbleached linen or cotton.
The tablecloth was made of natural ecru linen.


Representing purity and luxury.
The ivory accents in the room added a touch of elegance.


Used to denote simplicity and organic quality in interiors.
The ecru curtains brought a warm, earthy feel to the room.


Hard, creamy-white substance from elephant tusks.
The antique sculpture was carved from genuine ivory.


A color choice for a natural, understated look.
Her ecru sweater complemented her autumn outfit.


The buying and selling of elephant tusks.
Ivory trade is illegal to protect elephants from poaching.


A light beige or fawn color.
The walls were painted in a soothing ecru shade.


A soft, creamy shade of white.
She chose an ivory dress for the ceremony.


Describing a natural, unaltered state.
The artist's ecru canvas was ready for painting.


A hard, smooth, yellowish-white substance composed primarily of dentin that forms the tusks of the elephant.


A grayish to pale yellow or light grayish-yellowish brown.


A beige colour.


Of a beige colour.


Having the color or appearance of unbleached stuff, as silk, linen, or the like.


A very light brown


What is the main color difference between ivory and ecru?

Ivory is a creamy white, while ecru is a pale, grayish-yellow.

Are ivory and ecru suitable for all skin tones in fashion?

Generally, yes, but ivory flatters cooler undertones, ecru suits warmer tones.

Can ivory and ecru be used in minimalist designs?

Yes, both can complement minimalist aesthetics in different ways.

Can ivory and ecru be used interchangeably in design?

No, they offer different aesthetics; ivory is elegant, ecru is natural.

Do ivory and ecru have the same symbolic meanings?

No, ivory symbolizes purity and luxury, ecru represents naturalness and simplicity.

Do these colors have any environmental implications?

Ivory's association with elephant tusks raises conservation concerns.

Is ecru a good choice for a wedding dress?

It's unconventional but can be elegant for a rustic or bohemian theme.

Is ivory color exclusive to luxury items?

Not exclusive, but commonly associated with luxury and elegance.

What is the origin of the word 'ivory'?

It comes from the ancient Egyptian word 'ab', referring to elephant tusks.

Are ivory and ecru popular in modern fashion?

Yes, both are timeless and versatile in fashion.

Are there any cultural significances to these colors?

Ivory is often linked to purity in Western cultures, ecru to earthiness.

Can ecru be dyed easily?

Yes, its natural state accepts dyes well.

Is ivory a natural color?

Yes, it naturally occurs in elephant tusks and other materials.

Does ecru show dirt easily?

Less so than pure white, but more than darker colors.

What about maintaining ecru fabrics?

Similar care, with attention to avoiding bleaching agents.

Can ivory and ecru be used in all types of lighting?

Yes, but they reflect light differently; ivory brightens, ecru softens.

How do interior designers use these colors?

Ivory for elegance and light, ecru for warmth and organic feel.

And the origin of 'ecru'?

It's French, meaning 'raw' or 'unbleached'.

How do you maintain ivory-colored fabrics?

Gentle washing and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

Is ivory still used in piano key manufacturing?

No, due to conservation laws, synthetic materials are now used.
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