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EPass vs. SunPass: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 20, 2024
EPass is a Florida electronic toll payment system primarily used in Central Florida, while SunPass is Florida's state-wide toll system.

Key Differences

EPass and SunPass both function as electronic toll collection systems in Florida, but their service areas differ. EPass is managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority and primarily serves Central Florida's toll roads. In contrast, SunPass, operated by the Florida Department of Transportation, covers a broader area, including toll roads, bridges, and tunnels across the entire state of Florida.
Regarding technology, EPass and SunPass both use transponders that communicate with toll booth sensors. However, the specific technology and features of the EPass transponder might vary slightly from those of the SunPass. EPass offers various transponder options, like portable and sticker types, tailored to local commuters. SunPass also provides similar types but is designed for state-wide compatibility.
The cost structure of EPass and SunPass may show some differences. EPass might have specific discount programs or toll rates for the roads it covers, catering to local users. SunPass, on the other hand, has its pricing and discount strategy that applies across Florida, potentially offering different benefits or discounts for frequent users of the state's larger toll road network.
Account management and customer service for EPass and SunPass are handled independently. EPass users have their customer service centers and account management systems, separate from SunPass. This means different processes for things like account setup, balance management, and dispute resolution.
Both EPass and SunPass allow for interoperability in many areas, meaning they can often be used interchangeably on many of Florida's toll roads. However, there might be specific roads or areas where only one of the systems is accepted, or where one of them might offer additional benefits or discounts.

Comparison Chart

Coverage Area

Primarily in Central Florida
State-wide in Florida

Operated By

Central Florida Expressway Authority
Florida Department of Transportation

Transponder Types

Portable and sticker types, local focus
Portable and sticker types, state-wide focus

Discounts and Pricing

Specific to Central Florida roads
Applies across all Florida toll roads

Account Management

Separate system from SunPass
Independent from EPass, with its own customer service

EPass and SunPass Definitions


A prepaid toll payment device.
I topped up my EPass before our road trip.


A universal toll payment solution in Florida.
Whether in Miami or Tampa, my SunPass is accepted everywhere.


A regional toll service in Central Florida.
In Orlando, the EPass is essential for daily commuters.


An efficient, cashless toll payment method.
Using SunPass saves me time at every toll booth.


A convenient alternative to cash toll payments.
With EPass, I no longer need to carry change for tolls.


A state-wide electronic toll collection system in Florida.
My SunPass works on all major highways across Florida.


A transponder-based toll payment method.
Mount the EPass transponder on your windshield for seamless toll payments.


A transponder-based system for automatic toll payments.
The SunPass lane allows for quick and easy toll processing.


An electronic toll collection system.
I use my EPass to automatically pay tolls on the expressway.


A prepaid device for toll transactions.
I check my SunPass balance online to ensure it's funded for my travels.


What is EPass?

EPass is an electronic toll collection system used primarily in Central Florida.

Is SunPass accepted throughout Florida?

Yes, SunPass is accepted on all toll roads across Florida.

Can I use EPass outside of Central Florida?

EPass is mainly for Central Florida, but it may be accepted on some other Florida toll roads.

Where can I use EPass?

EPass is accepted on toll roads in Central Florida.

How do I get an EPass?

EPass can be obtained online or at designated customer service centers in Central Florida.

What is SunPass?

SunPass is Florida's state-wide electronic toll collection system.

Can I manage my EPass account online?

Yes, EPass accounts can be managed online.

Does acquiring a SunPass transponder require a fee?

Yes, SunPass transponders come with a purchase fee.

Are EPass and SunPass transponders interchangeable?

In many cases, yes, they can be used on each other's networks.

Are there discounts available with EPass?

EPass offers discounts on certain Central Florida toll roads.

What types of transponders does EPass offer?

EPass offers both portable and sticker transponders.

Is there a fee to get an EPass transponder?

There may be a small fee for some types of EPass transponders.

What happens if I don’t have enough balance on my EPass?

You may receive a toll violation notice and additional fees.

How do I purchase a SunPass?

SunPass is available online, in toll plazas, and at various retail locations.

What are the SunPass transponder options?

SunPass provides portable and sticker transponder choices.

Does SunPass offer any discounts?

SunPass provides discounts on various toll roads across Florida.

Is online account management available for SunPass?

Yes, SunPass also offers online account management.

What are the reloading options for SunPass?

SunPass can be reloaded online, in-app, in stores, or at kiosks.

What occurs if my SunPass has insufficient funds?

Similar to EPass, you'll face a violation notice and possible extra charges.

How do I reload my EPass?

EPass can be reloaded online, via phone, or at service centers.
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