Difference Between Hypnotism and Mesmerism


Main Difference

You might have heard about taking over the other person and get the actual things out from it. There are many techniques of doing so and this practice is organized for several reasons, as mainly it is being applied on the patients to deal with some issues, whereas some criminals are also taken over with these procedures to unveil some top secrets from them. Hypnotism and Mesmerism are the two types of such practices, although they can be differentiated quite easily as sounds and hand movements play pivotal role in landing one in trance-state, whereas Mesmerism is a way different from the mechanism of traditional mesmerism. This process is kind of transfer of energy from practionter to the patient , whiuch makes the client to get in the self-concious or trance state.

What is Hypnotism?

The whole of the process to deal with the therapeutic purpose is called hypnotherapy. Although, here it should also be mentioned that it can be used for multiple as for acquiring any secret and it can’t be ignored that people also use this for their personal beneficial by hypnotizing other and getting done the whatever task they wanted the other person to do so. The main function of hypnotism is to get the client in a relax or un-conscious situation, where he/she could clearly follow the commands of the hypnotizer. The whole of this process totally depends upon the sound and the atmosphere provided while carrying on this process.


What is Mesmerism?

This type of hypnosis was laid by the Franz Manger a German doctor in 18th century, although he didn’t collected success over his idea of exertion of natural force by the animals and in relevance to it mesmerism is also called Animal Magnetism. But later his followers believed and successfully practiced to different clients. The person who carries on this process is called magnetizer. As mentioned above this works on the principal of transfer of natural energy from the magnetizer to client and lands the client into trance state. Where, different psycho somatic conditions and other behavior programs are looked after.

Key Differences

  1. In mesmerism no single word is spoken to get client in the trance state , whereas in Hypnotism the whole of the process is dependent on the voice and sounds around the client.
  2. Both of them gets the client in trance state, but in hypnotism the full orders and coomands of hypnotizer are readily observed.
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