Difference Between Hospital and Clinic


Main Difference

The main difference between Hospital and Clinic is that a Hospital can be an isolated or public sector structure where patients admitted for cure or treatment, and a Clinic is a medical center where patients visit a doctor for short-run, non-threat-to-life care.

Hospital vs. Clinic

Hospital is an association which can offer to all the necessities of the patient as it has equipment or skill, team, and infrastructure whereas clinics is a place where a specialist propagates his or her services in his specific or specialized capacity. In hospitals, patients consume means or resources until discharge, and that doesn’t happen when tests and treatments are remaining. In clinics, patients are free to go while tests are outstanding or treatment outcomes are still pending. Hospitals need test results instantly, where clinic patients can wait until their next appointment days or weeks later. Hospitals generally have strong rules in place about in what way medicine can be practiced, and also how it recorded or documented, whereas, in clinics, doctors make their specific rules. Hospitals normally run by a broad spectrum of experts or professional leaders, comprising boards of directors, the business expects lawyers and many other investors. Clinics, usually, retained by doctors who practice there, and are liable for care, documentation, and eventually, responsibility for all that takes place. Hospitals typically give 24/7 care.; on the other hand, a clinic usually runs for about 4 to 5 hours a day. We go to hospitals in the case of emergencies while we go to clinics for routine or regular medical appointments or checkups. The hospital hires many doctors, nurses, nurses subordinates, radiology specialists, laboratory specialists and people to carry the patients to the different extents of the hospital for their checks or tests while in clinics, there are limited doctors present that patient makes an appointment.


Comparison Chart

A hospital is an institute in which sick or injured or wounded persons treated with medical and surgical treatment.A clinic is a healthcare facility where patients often take routine, preventive care when they are healthy or take treatment when they are sick.
Hospitals have numerous units that are prepared to treat a wide range of medical issues and admit patients for the cure.There are no units in the clinic.
Hospitals are open 24 hours a day.Clinics are open almost 4 to 5 hours a day.
Emergency Kits
All hospitals have emergency kits.Clinics usually do not have emergency kits.
Treatment in the hospital is very expensive.As compared to the hospital, the clinic is cheaper.

What is Hospital?

Hospital is an organization that constructed, controlled, staffed and equipped for the analysis of disease, for the cure, both surgical and medical, of the ill and the injured; and for their coverage during this procedure. The recent hospital also often assists as a center for analysis or investigation and teaching. Hospitals broadly staffed by expert physicians, surgeons, nurses, and health club practitioners and also an operation theater is existing, and blood tests can do. The most well-known kind of hospital is the general hospital, which usually has an emergency unit to treat serious health problems running from fire and accident survivors to a sudden illness. Specialized or specific hospitals contain trauma centers, therapy hospitals, children’s hospitals, and hospitals to handle with definite medical needs. Hospitals categorized as general, special, or government reliant on the bases of income received.

What is the Clinic?

A clinic is a medical hub where you take routine defensive care when you are well or appointment your Doctor when you are ill. A clinic is where sufferers or patients are little sick and do not spend the night. You must plan an appointment for a visit to your doctor at the clinic. A clinic is usually much little or smaller than a hospital and has very little staff. Almost clinics feel like a doctor’s office with maybe more specified equipment and additional treatment rooms. Often, only one doctor existing in the clinic that with you fix an appointment. A clinic is inexpensive than going to the hospital because it is very small and does not have the apparatus or equipment and the team. A clinic is a right place to go if you do not have severe or threat to life indications. The doctor at the clinic may seek or treat you by giving a prescription for an antibiotic or antiseptic or whatever he perceives that is required to treat your indications.

Key Differences

  1. A hospital is interpreted to mean a greater health center that runs in-patient hospitalized care, though a clinic is a smaller health canter and consultation for out-patient.
  2. A hospital emergency department or ward is continuously open and is on the worst need basis; on the other hand, clinics are open only for specific or certain hours of the day.
  3. A hospital equipped and well-staffed to handle a large variety of patients with the tools or equipment that is required to do the cure or treatments that each patient needs whereas clinic lacking the equipment and the team or staff that a hospital has.
  4. Going to the hospital is much more expensive because they offer all facilities needed to take care of patients, on the other hand, a clinic is less expensive than a trip to the hospital as it is very small.
  5. In a hospital, many doctors and also an operating room exists, and blood tests can be performed, but there are about 3 to 4 doctors in a clinic, and such services or facilities are also not available.
  6. Hospitals usually offer higher basic salaries to their staff than clinics.


Therefore, hospital and clinic, both are for our cure and treatment. A hospital might be a private or state sector building where patients admit for care and treatment. A clinic is a medical hub where a doctor examines the patients and suggests medicines.

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