Difference Between Hog and Pig


Main Difference

The main difference between hog, and pig is that a hog is a mature swine, while a ‘pig’ is an immature swine.

Hog vs. Pig

Hog refers to an older and bigger domesticated pig that weighs more than 54 kilograms or 120 lbs. Pig belongs to the Sus genus under the Suidae family. Some of the hunters also call a wild boar a hog. The hog is also a British term for a fully-grown castrated male pig. Pig refers to ten currently known living species, also including domesticated pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus), babirusas, warthogs, forest hogs, red river boars and bush pigs. Hogs are omnivores. They eat both plant and animal including grasses, forbs, mast (acorns), roots and tubers, browse, fruits, bulbs and mushrooms. Pigs, and hogs all wallow in mud, root around, and can destroy vegetation in their path. A hog is a name to describe larger pigs and boars. They are biologically very similar and belong to the Sus scrofa species. A pig usually refers to the barnyard variety. A hog is any of the various mammals from the family Suidae. Pig also refers to the members of the Suidae family, but they usually have short legs, bristle hair, cloven hooves, a cartilaginous snout.


Comparison Chart

The mature version of the swineUncastrated male domestic/wild pig, of any gender
120 lbs. (54 kilograms)Lesser than 120 lbs
Stout body, small eyes, short and slender legs, long, pointed head, a short neckShort legs, bristly hairy, cloven hooves, a cartilaginous snout

What is Hog?

A hog is one of the various mammals from the family Suidae. It is a classification that includes the domesticated pig and some other wild species of swine (boar and the warthog). A hog refers to an older swine (those that are more than a few years old). Hog farmers use to call an older, bigger domesticated pig that weighs more than 54 kilograms (120 pounds) a hog. The word pig describes all species under the Suidae family. It includes hogs and boars. Wild pigs are also sometimes called wild hogs. The difference becomes more obvious when we talk about farms, farmers, or farming. Hogs have separate farms. A hog is a swine that is being or will be slaughtered. It is a swine greater than 120 pounds or 50 kilograms. Any swine less than this weight will not be classified as a hog. Also, hog-older swine is a swine that is ready to be sold in the market.


What is Pig?

Pigs are the mammals with stocky bodies, small eyes, large ears, and flat snouts that can move independently of their heads. They are highly intelligent, social animals that can be trained to do any tasks. Pig describes a swine that is young and usually domesticated. If a swine is quite young and a few years old, it is a pig. Pigs are found all over the world. Pig belongs to the Suidae family. This family includes eight genera and 16 species that are wild boars, warthogs, pygmy hogs, and domestic pigs. Pig, hog, and boar describe the same animal, but there are some distinctions. The term pig denotes a genus, and this term is also interchangeable with swine. It is a young, domesticated swine that is not yet ready for breeding. The most species of pigs are seen and found in Europe, Asia, and a few in Northern Africa. Pigs include wild boars, warty pigs, and bearded pigs. Pigs have short legs, bristly hairy, cloven hooves, a cartilaginous snout (used for digging). Their unique shaped snout is very useful. Such domesticated pigs are very useful in terms of meat. The prepared meats of the pig are ham, bacon, gammon, and pork. Small pigs are called ‘piglets.’ Pigs can also be massive in size and are usually pink in color. They can also be brown, black, grey, or with mixed combinations.

Key Differences

  1. A hog is a mature version of the swine whereas a ‘pig’ is an immature swine.
  2. Feral hogs are all medium‑to‑large-sized animals, with a barrel-like stout body, small eyes, short and slender legs, and a long, pointed head supported by a short neck while pigs have short legs, bristle hair, cloven hooves, a cartilaginous snout.
  3. A hog weighs more than 120 lbs. (54 kilograms) Conversely, a pig is lesser than 120 lbs.


Hog, and Pig are not so many different swine. The farmers, hunters, and regular folk use these terms interchangeably.

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