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Harman Onyx 3 vs. Harman Onyx 4: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 11, 2024
Harman Onyx 3 is an older Bluetooth speaker model with standard features, while Harman Onyx 4 offers advanced connectivity and sound enhancements.

Key Differences

The Harman Onyx 3 boasts a distinctive design with a durable build, making it a robust portable speaker. In contrast, the Harman Onyx 4 features a more refined design with improved material quality, offering a sleeker and more modern aesthetic.
The sound output of Harman Onyx 3 is commendable for its size, delivering clear and balanced audio. However, Harman Onyx 4 takes this a step further by providing enhanced sound quality with deeper bass, crisper highs, and overall richer audio performance.
Harman Onyx 3 offers decent battery life suitable for moderate use, making it a reliable choice for portable audio. The Harman Onyx 4, on the other hand, improves upon this with a longer battery life, ensuring extended playback time for users on the go.
Connectivity in Harman Onyx 3 is straightforward, supporting standard Bluetooth connections. Harman Onyx 4, meanwhile, introduces advanced connectivity options, including better Bluetooth range and possibly features like voice assistant integration.
Considering its features, the Harman Onyx 3 presents a good value for its price, especially for those needing basic portable audio. The Harman Onyx 4, although priced higher, offers significant upgrades in sound quality and features, justifying the extra cost for audiophiles.

Comparison Chart

Model Name

Harman Onyx 3 (Third in the Onyx series)
Harman Onyx 4 (Fourth in the Onyx series)


Standard Bluetooth
Advanced Bluetooth with extended range

Sound Enhancement

Standard audio quality
Enhanced audio with deeper bass

Battery Life


Additional Features

Basic features, less integration
Advanced features, possible voice control

Harman Onyx 3 and Harman Onyx 4 Definitions

Harman Onyx 3

It's a budget-friendly option for those seeking quality sound without advanced features.
As a student, the Harman Onyx 3 was an affordable choice for me.

Harman Onyx 4

Harman Onyx 4 is an advanced Bluetooth speaker with superior sound quality and features.
The Harman Onyx 4 filled my room with rich, high-quality sound during the party.

Harman Onyx 3

This speaker is valued for its durable build and reliable audio performance.
My Harman Onyx 3 fell off the table, but it still works perfectly, testament to its durability.

Harman Onyx 4

This model represents the fourth generation in the Harman Onyx series, with enhanced connectivity.
Streaming music through my Harman Onyx 4 is seamless thanks to its improved Bluetooth.

Harman Onyx 3

It's a third-generation model in the Harman Onyx series, offering standard wireless connectivity.
Connecting my phone to the Harman Onyx 3 was quick and easy.

Harman Onyx 4

Known for its sleek design, the Harman Onyx 4 combines aesthetics with performance.
The sleek look of my Harman Onyx 4 complements my modern living room decor.

Harman Onyx 3

Harman Onyx 3 has moderate battery life, suitable for everyday use.
I charged my Harman Onyx 3 in the morning, and it lasted all day at the park.

Harman Onyx 4

It features extended battery life, ideal for long listening sessions.
I used my Harman Onyx 4 during a weekend camping trip without needing a recharge.

Harman Onyx 3

Harman Onyx 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker known for its robust design and balanced sound.
I took my Harman Onyx 3 to the beach for a picnic, and it provided great background music.

Harman Onyx 4

The Harman Onyx 4 is perfect for audiophiles seeking a blend of style, functionality, and advanced audio.
As an audiophile, the Harman Onyx 4 meets my needs for both style and sound quality.


What type of speaker is Harman Onyx 3?

Harman Onyx 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker.

How does the sound quality of Harman Onyx 4 compare to Harman Onyx 3?

Harman Onyx 4 offers superior sound quality with enhanced bass and clearer highs.

Can I connect multiple devices to Harman Onyx 4?

Yes, Harman Onyx 4 supports connections to multiple devices.

What is the battery life of Harman Onyx 3?

Harman Onyx 3 offers moderate battery life, suitable for daily use.

Can Harman Onyx 3 connect to other Harman speakers?

Harman Onyx 3 may have limited connectivity with other Harman speakers.

Is Harman Onyx 3 water-resistant?

Harman Onyx 3 is not typically marketed as water-resistant.

Is there a significant price difference between Harman Onyx 3 and 4?

Generally, Harman Onyx 4 is priced higher due to its advanced features.

Can I use Harman Onyx 3 outdoors?

Yes, Harman Onyx 3 is suitable for outdoor use.

Can Harman Onyx 3 be used for hands-free calling?

Yes, Harman Onyx 3 supports hands-free calling.

Are there any accessories included with Harman Onyx 4?

Harman Onyx 4 typically comes with a charging cable and user manual.

How user-friendly is the setup for Harman Onyx 3?

Harman Onyx 3 is known for its easy setup and user-friendly interface.

Does Harman Onyx 4 have a better Bluetooth range compared to Harman Onyx 3?

Yes, Harman Onyx 4 generally offers a better Bluetooth range.

Does Harman Onyx 4 have an integrated voice assistant?

Some versions of Harman Onyx 4 may have voice assistant integration.

Is Harman Onyx 4 easy to carry around?

Yes, Harman Onyx 4 is designed for portability.

Is the Harman Onyx 4 compatible with all smartphones?

Harman Onyx 4 is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

Does Harman Onyx 3 have any color options?

Harman Onyx 3 is available in various colors.

Does Harman Onyx 4 support Wi-Fi connectivity?

This depends on the specific model of Harman Onyx 4.

What is the warranty period for Harman Onyx 3?

The warranty period varies, so it's best to check with the retailer.

What makes Harman Onyx 4 stand out from Harman Onyx 3?

Harman Onyx 4 stands out due to its enhanced audio quality and features.

Is there a noticeable difference in the build quality between Harman Onyx 3 and 4?

Harman Onyx 4 tends to have a slightly more premium build quality.
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