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Musician vs. Singer: What's the Difference?

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A musician is anyone who plays, composes, or conducts music, while a singer specifically uses their voice to produce music.

Key Differences

A musician is a broad term that encompasses anyone involved in the creation, performance, or composition of music, utilizing various instruments including voice. A singer, however, is a type of musician who exclusively uses their voice as their primary instrument to perform music.
All singers are musicians, not all musicians are singers. Musicians may play instruments like piano, guitar, or drums, or even compose music, but singers focus solely on vocal performance, using techniques like pitch, tone, and rhythm to create music.
The training and skills required for a musician can vary widely, from mastering a specific instrument to understanding music theory. Singers, on the other hand, often focus on vocal techniques, breath control, and performance skills to enhance their singing.
In the realm of musical genres, musicians can specialize in a wide range, from classical to electronic. Singers also span various genres, but their specialization is defined by their vocal style and range, like opera or pop.
Musicians and singers often collaborate, with musicians providing instrumental accompaniment to a singer's vocal performance. However, a singer can also perform a cappella, showcasing their vocal abilities without instrumental support.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Playing, composing, or conducting music.
Vocal performance.

Skills Required

Instrument proficiency, music theory.
Vocal technique, breath control.


Can be instrumental or vocal.
Exclusively vocal.

Genre Specialization

Diverse, based on instrument or style.
Based on vocal style and range.


May accompany singers or other musicians.
Often accompanied by musicians.

Musician and Singer Definitions


A musician is someone skilled in playing one or more musical instruments.
The musician captivated the audience with her masterful violin performance.


A singer is a person who uses their voice to produce musical sounds.
The singer’s voice soared above the orchestra, captivating everyone in the hall.


A professional musician performs music for a living, in concerts or recordings.
The renowned musician toured the world, performing in prestigious concert halls.


A versatile singer is capable of performing across different genres.
The singer amazed her fans by effortlessly transitioning from jazz to pop music.


A versatile musician is adept at playing multiple instruments or styles.
The musician amazed the audience by switching effortlessly between the piano and guitar.


Singers often interpret and convey the emotional content of a song.
The singer expressed the song's deep emotions with every note she sang.


A musician can also be a composer, creating original pieces of music.
As a musician, he spent hours composing a symphony that reflected his emotional journey.


A singer may perform solo, leading the musical performance with their voice.
The singer took center stage, her solo performance leaving the audience in awe.


A musician might be a band member, contributing to a group's collective sound.
The musician played the drums, providing the rhythm for her rock band.


Professional singers may record their vocals in studios or perform live.
The singer spent the day in the studio, perfecting her vocals for the new album.


One who composes, conducts, or performs music, especially instrumental music.


(Music) One who sings, especially a trained or professional vocalist.


A composer, conductor, or a performer of music; more specifically, it's a person who sings and/or plays a musical instrument as a hobby, an occupation, or a profession.
Jenny is a talented musician, playing the cello, saxophone, piano and guitar.


One skilled in the art or science of music; esp., a skilled singer, or performer on a musical instrument.


Someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)


Artist who composes or conducts music as a profession


Are all singers musicians?

Yes, all singers are considered musicians as they create music with their voice.

Do singers need to play an instrument?

No, singers primarily use their voice, though some may also play instruments.

Can a musician be a singer?

Yes, a musician can be a singer if they use their voice as their primary instrument.

What is a singer?

A singer is a musician who uses their voice to produce music.

What skills do musicians typically have?

Musicians often have skills in playing instruments, music theory, and sometimes composition.

What skills are important for a singer?

Singers need skills in vocal technique, pitch control, and often performance artistry.

Can a musician specialize in a certain genre?

Yes, musicians can specialize in genres based on their instrument or style preference.

Are musicians and singers educated formally?

Both can be formally educated, but it's not a requirement for success in their fields.

Can anyone become a musician?

Yes, with practice and dedication, anyone can develop the skills to become a musician.

Is singing a natural talent or a learned skill?

Singing can be a natural talent, but it often requires training and practice to excel.

Do singers specialize in genres?

Singers specialize in genres often defined by their vocal style and range.

What defines a musician?

A musician is someone who plays, composes, or conducts music, possibly using various instruments.

Do musicians write their own music?

Some musicians compose their own music, but not all do.

Can singers perform without musicians?

Yes, singers can perform a cappella, without instrumental accompaniment.

What role does a singer play in a band?

A singer in a band typically leads the vocal aspect of the performance.

Can musicians have multiple roles?

Yes, musicians can play multiple roles, like instrumentalist, composer, and conductor.

How do singers maintain their voice?

Singers maintain their voice through regular practice, vocal exercises, and proper care.

What role does a musician play in a band?

Musicians in a band contribute to the collective sound through their specific instruments.

Is stage presence important for singers?

Yes, stage presence is crucial for singers to engage and connect with their audience.

Can musicians perform without singers?

Yes, musicians can perform instrumentally without a singer.
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