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Hair Gel vs. Hair Paste: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 24, 2023
Hair gel is a styling product that offers a shiny, wet look, while hair paste provides a matte finish and pliable hold.

Key Differences

Hair gel is typically a clear, jelly-like substance that hardens on hair, giving it a wet appearance. Hair paste, on the other hand, is often thicker, creamier, and provides a matte or natural finish to hairstyles.
Hair gel is known for its strong hold and is perfect for sleek hairstyles or spikes. Hair paste provides a flexible, reworkable hold, making it ideal for casual, tousled looks or textured styles.
Hair gel is generally applied to damp hair to create a sculpted or defined style. Hair paste is best used on dry hair, allowing for reshaping and restyling throughout the day.
While hair gel often leaves a crunchy texture that lasts all day, washing it out requires shampooing. Hair paste, being milder, can often be rinsed out with just water, leaving hair soft and manageable.
Hair gel can contain alcohols that might dry out hair with frequent use. Hair paste usually has moisturizing agents and is less likely to cause hair dryness or damage.

Comparison Chart


Shiny, wet look.
Matte or natural finish.


Strong, can harden on hair.
Flexible, pliable hold.


Typically on damp hair.
Usually on dry hair.


May require shampoo to remove.
Often rinses out with just water.

Effect on Hair Health

Can dry out hair if used frequently.
Generally milder, less likely to cause hair damage.

Hair Gel and Hair Paste Definitions

Hair Gel

A cosmetic used to hold hair in a specific shape or style.
For his spikes, he always reached for the strongest hair gel.

Hair Paste

A thick styling product offering flexible hold.
He used hair paste to add texture to his short cut.

Hair Gel

A viscous liquid or jelly styling product for hair.
She used hair gel to achieve a sleek ponytail.

Hair Paste

A creamy substance giving hair a natural or matte appearance.
Unlike gels, the hair paste left her hair looking effortlessly tousled.

Hair Gel

A product that provides hair with shine and a wet appearance.
The model's hair had a glossy finish thanks to hair gel.

Hair Paste

A malleable substance used for casual hairstyles.
A little hair paste helped tame her frizz and flyaways.

Hair Gel

A gelatinous substance used for sculpting hair.
Hair gel gave his mohawk the perfect upright shape.

Hair Paste

A product that allows hair restyling throughout the day.
Before the evening party, he reshaped his hair using the same hair paste.

Hair Gel

A haircare item that offers lasting hold once dried.
After a long day, her hair gel kept every strand in place.

Hair Paste

A hairstyling agent ensuring a soft and manageable hold.
For his daily office look, he preferred the subtle touch of hair paste.


Does hair paste provide a flexible hold?

Yes, hair paste generally provides a flexible, movable hold.

What is the main difference between hair gel and hair paste?

Hair gel typically has a wetter, shinier finish, while hair paste provides a more natural, matte finish.

What is hair paste?

Hair paste is a pliable styling product that adds texture and hold to hair.

What is hair gel?

Hair gel is a styling product that provides hold and allows for shaping and sculpting hair.

Can hair gel be used on dry hair?

Yes, hair gel can be applied to both wet and dry hair.

How do you remove hair gel from hair?

Hair gel can be removed by washing the hair with shampoo.

Does hair gel provide a shiny finish?

Most hair gels provide a shiny, wet-looking finish.

Is hair paste good for thick hair?

Yes, hair paste is well-suited for thick hair as it provides hold without weighing hair down.

Can hair gel be used to create spikes or defined curls?

Yes, hair gel is great for creating spikes or defining curls due to its strong hold.

How much hair paste should be used at a time?

The amount of hair paste needed depends on the desired effect and hair length, but a pea-sized amount is typically a good starting point.

Can hair gel and hair paste be used together?

Yes, hair gel and hair paste can be used together to achieve a desired style, but it's important to avoid using too much product to prevent buildup.

Is hair gel suitable for all hair types?

Hair gel can be used on most hair types, but it may be too heavy for fine or thin hair.

Can hair gel cause dandruff?

Some people may find that certain hair gels can contribute to dandruff if not washed out thoroughly.

Does hair paste provide a matte finish?

Most hair pastes provide a natural, matte finish.

Can hair gel make hair hard or stiff?

Yes, some hair gels can make hair feel hard or stiff once they dry.

Can hair paste cause buildup in hair?

If not washed out thoroughly, hair paste can cause buildup in the hair.

How much hair gel should be used at a time?

The amount of hair gel needed depends on the desired hold and hair length, but it's generally best to start with a small amount and add more if needed.

How do you remove hair paste from hair?

Hair paste can be removed by washing the hair with shampoo.

Can hair paste be used to add texture to straight hair?

Yes, hair paste is ideal for adding texture and movement to straight hair.

Can hair paste be used on wet hair?

Yes, hair paste can be applied to wet or dry hair, but it may provide a different finish depending on the hair's dampness.
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