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Referral vs. Reference: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 24, 2023
A referral is a recommendation or direction to someone or something, especially for service, while a reference is a mention or citation of a source for information or evidence.

Key Differences

Referral often implies directing someone to a service or professional for specific needs or assistance. For example, a doctor might give a patient a referral to a specialist. Reference, in contrast, typically involves citing or mentioning a source of information, like a book or an article, to back up a statement or research.
In professional settings, a referral can be an endorsement of a person's skills or services, often leading to new opportunities or connections. While, a reference in this context could be a person who vouches for someone’s character or skills, usually in the process of a job application.
Referrals are active recommendations, often requiring action, like contacting a referred service provider. However, references are more passive, providing background information or evidence that can be consulted as needed.
In healthcare, a referral is a specific directive from a healthcare provider to see a specialist or get certain services. Whereas, a reference in medicine could refer to citing medical literature or research to support a clinical decision.
Referrals in the context of business can relate to customers being directed to a service or product by someone. Meanwhile, references in business might involve citing previous work, case studies, or testimonials to establish credibility or expertise.

Comparison Chart


A recommendation or direction to a service or individual
A mention or citation of a source for information or evidence


Often used in services, healthcare, and professional networking
Common in academic, professional, and information sourcing contexts


Active, often involves a direct action or contact
Passive, involves citing or consulting information


To direct someone for specific assistance or service
To provide background, evidence, or validation


Doctor referring a patient to a specialist
Citing a study in an academic paper

Referral and Reference Definitions


Directing someone to a specific resource or assistance.
The counselor provided a referral to a local support group.


A person who vouches for another’s qualifications or character.
His former manager acted as a reference during his job application.


A recommendation to use a particular service or consult a specialist.
Her doctor gave her a referral to a renowned dermatologist.


Referring to something for information or confirmation.
She made a reference to the company handbook for the policy.


In healthcare, a directive to consult a different healthcare provider.
The referral was necessary for her to see an orthopedic surgeon.


Citing or mentioning a source of information or evidence.
The research paper included several references to earlier studies.


Endorsement of a person's skills or services in a professional context.
He got his new job through a referral from a former colleague.


Using something as a guide or for comparison.
The architect used historical buildings as a reference for his design.


In business, recommending a product or service to others.
She received a discount for every successful customer referral.


In academics, a bibliographic citation of a document or source.
The thesis had a comprehensive list of references at the end.


To direct to a source for help or information
Referred her to a heart specialist.
Referred me to his last employer for a recommendation.


The act of referring to something
Filed away the article for future reference.


To submit (a matter in dispute) to an authority for arbitration, decision, or examination.


Significance for a specified matter; relation or relationship
Her speeches have special reference to environmental policy.


What does 'referral' mean?

A referral is the act of directing someone to a different person or entity for information, services, or help.

How is 'referral' commonly used?

It's often used in contexts like healthcare, where a patient is referred to a specialist, or in business, when a client is referred to another service provider.

What is a 'referral link'?

A hyperlink provided to promote a service or product, often with incentives for both the referrer and referee.

Can 'referral' be used in a casual setting?

Yes, such as referring a friend to a restaurant or a job opening.

Is a referral always person-to-person?

Not necessarily; it can also refer to directing someone to a resource or organization.

Can 'referral' have a negative connotation?

Rarely, but it can imply a need for specialized help, as in medical or disciplinary contexts.

What's a 'referral fee'?

A commission paid for directing someone to a service or product.

Is 'referral' a noun or a verb?

It's a noun; the verb form is "refer."

How is 'reference' used in a job application?

As a person or past employer who can vouch for an applicant's qualifications and character.

What is a 'reference book'?

A book, like an encyclopedia or dictionary, used for finding information.

What's a 'character reference'?

A testimonial to someone's personal qualities, usually provided by someone who knows them well.

Is there a plural form of 'referral'?

Yes, it's 'referrals'.

Can 'referral' be used in education?

Yes, like referring a student to a counselor or special education services.

Is there a plural form of 'reference'?

Yes, it's 'references'.

Can 'reference' be a verb?

Yes, it means to mention or cite a source of information.

What is a 'reference point'?

A basis or standard for evaluation or comparison.

Is 'reference' used in academics?

Yes, extensively for citing sources in research and writing.

Can 'reference' have a negative connotation?

Rarely, though it might imply dependence on external sources for information or validation.

How does 'reference' differ from 'referral'?

Reference is about citing or mentioning, while referral is about directing someone to a service, person, or resource.

What does 'reference' mean?

A reference is a mention or citation of a source of information or a person who can provide a testimonial.
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