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Supermarket vs. Hypermarket: What's the Difference?

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Supermarket is a large store selling groceries and household items; hypermarket combines supermarket and department store, offering vast variety.

Key Differences

A supermarket is a large retail store primarily dealing with food and grocery items. On the other hand, a hypermarket is an even larger retail store that combines both the supermarket and a department store, providing a wide range of products.
While supermarkets focus on daily necessities, food items, and household goods, hypermarkets extend their offerings to include clothing, electronics, and even furniture in addition to supermarket items.
In terms of size, hypermarkets are typically much larger than supermarkets. This expansive space in hypermarkets is necessary to accommodate the vast variety of goods they offer, whereas supermarkets concentrate primarily on food and basic household goods.
Supermarkets are more common in urban and suburban areas where space might be limited, and customers are seeking specific grocery items. Hypermarkets, due to their larger size, are usually located in areas where land is more abundant and cheaper.
Supermarkets generally cater to the daily or weekly shopping needs of consumers. Hypermarkets, due to their vast variety, are designed for customers looking to shop for multiple categories, possibly reducing the need to visit multiple stores.

Comparison Chart

Primary Focus

Wide range of products, including groceries


Much larger

Location Preference

Areas with more space

Product Variety

Limited to groceries and household items
Extensive, includes electronics, clothing, etc.

Shopping Frequency

Less frequent but comprehensive

Supermarket and Hypermarket Definitions


An establishment primarily dealing in food and daily necessities.
The supermarket near my house has a great bakery section.


An extensive store offering a broad range of products beyond groceries.
You can buy furniture and clothing at that hypermarket.


A retail store where customers can buy food and other household items.
They found all the ingredients for the recipe at the supermarket.


A store combining features of a supermarket and a general merchandise store.
The hypermarket caters to both my weekly groceries and monthly shopping sprees.


A large store specializing in groceries and household items.
I do my weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarket.


A vast retail facility combining a supermarket and a department store.
The new hypermarket in town has everything from groceries to electronics.


A self-service store offering a variety of food and household merchandise.
She picked up some fresh fruits from the supermarket on her way home.


An establishment offering extensive product variety under one roof.
The hypermarket is a one-stop-shop for all my shopping needs.


A store that sells a wide range of consumable products.
We need to stop by the supermarket to grab some snacks.


A large-scale retail store that offers both food and non-food items.
I got a new TV and fresh vegetables from the same hypermarket.


A large self-service retail market that sells food and household goods.


A very large commercial establishment that is a combination of a department store and a supermarket.


A large self-service store that sells groceries and, usually, medications, household goods, and/or clothing.
I went to the supermarket to buy some food.


A combination of department store and supermarket.


A chain of such stores.


A huge supermarket (usually built on the outskirts of a town)


(figurative) A one-stop shop; a place offering a range of products or services.


A large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods


Are the prices lower in hypermarkets?

Hypermarkets may offer competitive prices due to bulk buying, but it varies by location and brand.

Can I find electronics in a supermarket?

Supermarkets primarily offer groceries. For a wider variety of products, including electronics, you might visit a hypermarket.

Why are supermarkets more common in cities?

Supermarkets, being smaller than hypermarkets, fit better in urban areas where space is limited.

What is a supermarket?

A supermarket is a large store specializing in groceries and household items.

Are hypermarkets bigger than supermarkets?

Yes, hypermarkets are typically larger in size than supermarkets.

Do supermarkets offer home delivery?

Many supermarkets now offer home delivery, especially with the rise of online shopping.

What's the primary focus of a supermarket?

The primary focus of a supermarket is groceries and household items.

Is it possible to get all my shopping done at a hypermarket?

Yes, hypermarkets are designed to be a one-stop-shop for various shopping needs.

Do supermarkets have fixed operating hours?

Yes, like most retail stores, supermarkets have fixed operating hours, though some might operate 24/7.

Why might someone prefer a supermarket over a hypermarket?

Someone might prefer a supermarket if they're looking for specific grocery items without the overwhelm of a vast store.

Which is more eco-friendly, a supermarket or hypermarket?

Both can implement eco-friendly practices, but the impact varies based on their operations, size, and policies.

Can I buy clothing in a supermarket?

Typically, supermarkets focus on groceries, but some may offer limited clothing options. Hypermarkets, however, often have a clothing section.

Where are hypermarkets commonly found?

Hypermarkets are usually located in areas with abundant space due to their large size.

Do hypermarkets offer more discounts?

Hypermarkets might offer more discounts due to the vast range of products, but it varies by store and location.

Can I find fresh produce in a hypermarket?

Yes, hypermarkets usually have a grocery section similar to supermarkets.

Are hypermarkets a western concept?

While hypermarkets are popular in the West, they exist and are popular in many parts of the world.

How does a hypermarket differ from a supermarket?

A hypermarket combines features of a supermarket and a department store, offering a broader range of products.

Do hypermarkets also sell cars or large appliances?

Some hypermarkets may offer large appliances, but selling cars is not typical for them.

How often do people typically visit supermarkets?

People usually visit supermarkets for daily or weekly shopping needs.

Can I find luxury brands in hypermarkets?

While hypermarkets offer a broad range, luxury brands are not commonly found in them.
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