Difference Between Drank and Drunk


Main Difference

The main difference between Drank and Drunk is that Drank is used as a simple past tense verb, whereas Drunk is used as a past participle verb in English grammar.

Drank vs. Drunk

Drank is the word which means to drink something, in which the verb is in the near past. Drunk is the farthest form of drink and it also gives the meaning to drink. Drank most commonly comes in written language by writers; on the other hand, drunk is being used in spoken language instead. The meaning of drank is something that has sucked in the simple past period of time. Drunk implies as in a state of drunken.


Comparison Chart

The word drank is a past tense verbA word drunk is a form of verb of a past participle
The past tense of drinkThe past participle of drink
It originated in the 14th centuryIt originated in the 17th century
Saleha drank three glasses of water in her breakfastI had drunk the lemon malt before my sister arrived

What is Drank?

The word drank is simply the past form of verb of drink. We can easily comprehend the meaning of drank by relating it with the drink. As the drink is to sip something, the same is the word drank giving the meaning to drink something.


Old books of English grammar took drank as past participle form of a drink. But modern books deny it, they do not find it suitable as a participle form of the verb. Drank has gained the level of acceptance in spoken language.

So, the word drank has gained more importance in written language as compared to the spoken language. When we want to tell that something we have gulped just a few hours ago, we choose the word drank to explain it. In a simple and most accurate sense, we can explain the word drank is the past form of a drink.


  • I drank two cups of chocolate coffee yesterday.
  • She drank a glass of milk just before taking her breakfast.
  • A happy customer drank a glass of cappuccino and praised the taste of our juice corner.
  • The child has drunk all the juices.
  • Aslam drank all the milk that her mother gave to him.
  • The people drank wine at the party.
  • In this marriage hall, French wine is served with a meal.
  • Malik drank wine, I drove the car.
  • He has a headache, he should drink tea.

What is Drunk?

Drunk is a form of the verb which implies to drink something in the past. It also means to be overcome by a strong feeling or emotion. Actually, the word drunk is to mean in a temporary state in which mental faculties are compromised with excessive use of alcohol.

Commonly, we use a drink, drank, drinking or sometimes, drunken also. But the word drunk is used rarely. This is the reason many are unfamiliar with this word. This word is related to intoxication. Writers of the early 20th century have made it clear that drunk should be used as a past participle form of verb drink, otherwise it could be criticized.

A past participle is the adjective or adverb form of a verb. Therefore, it only comes with the verb have. In the early period of time, the word drank becomes popular and it was being used widely. But, just with the start of the 18-19th century, English writers took the word drunk and started using it as a substitute for drank.

In fact, modern writers corrected the mistake of former writers and tried to make space for this new word. Now, drunk performs as a form of past. Drank mostly used in spoken language and has gained familiarity with it. As a verb, it comes as a past participle and nonstandard simple past tense of drink. When we relate it with intoxication, then it gives a negative impact. But when we simply relate it with drink, then it means something is gulped.


  • Two bottles of wine completely made him drunk
  • When she entered the home, she just looked drunk.
  • He found himself drunk of a good coffee, meanwhile, he was thinking it was just mixing of alcohol.

Key Differences

  1. Drank is a past form of the verb, whereas drunk is a past participle form of the verb
  2. Drank widely comes in written language; On the other side, drunk excessively comes in spoken language
  3. Drank is devoid of intoxication; conversely, drunk is associated with intoxication.
  4. Drank came into origin in 1300-50; on the flip side, drunk came into origin in the late 17th


Drank and Drunk both are the forms of verb drink. They are being used commonly, but they also got some appreciable differences between them. Hence, they come separately.

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