Difference Between Fox and Wolf


Main Difference

The main difference between Fox and Wolf is that a Fox has piercing muzzle, erect, trilateral eared plus elongated facial hair. It also has a lengthy, hairy extension or tail that habitually stops, whereas a Wolf has a big, well-developed body, broad muzzle, and minor, less sharp ears.

Fox vs. Wolf

A fox is middle-sized and comes along a slim muzzle, and feathery tail as compared to wolves as well as is even small-sized over all of the others in the Canidae family. On the other side, a wolf is enormous, and a large animal is having a broad and heavy muzzle. Foxes never like to exist in packs except merely with two or three buddies or partners because they have a little frame of body, while wolves survive in backpacks of 6 to 10.


Foxes just chase miniature animals and never kill on larger animals, and foxes also consume fruits, insects, and berry. While the wolf kills on big animals. Foxes are amicable to humans. On the other side, the wolves very frightened by humans since they contain an extra carnivorous or predator character.

Fox has a sharp nose, vertical, trilateral, and lengthy facial hair, it too, has an extensive, thick train that frequently ends with pasty tip; while a wolf has a full-size, beefy body, open nose, and slighter, less piercing ears in contrast to a fox. Foxes are present all over the globe, whereas wolves are particularly found in the north of the equator.


When measuring the size, a fox weighs approximately 30 pounds and might be around 1 foot tall. On the other hand, wolves are bigger and superior. A fully-fledged wolf weighs about 150 pounds and might be around 3 feet tall. The puppets of the fox are recognized as kits. On the other hand, the babes of the wolf are identified as pups.

Comparison Chart

Foxes are recognized for their strategic and shrewdness ways.Wolves are referred to as social animals.
Foxes are little to average-sized.Wolf is a great canine, inhabitant to North America or Eurasia.
Foxe’s howl, bark, or purr when communicating or chatting between them.Wolves yowl when chatting and communicating among them.
Foxes favored journeying in lesser figures (2-3).Wolves take a trip and chase in packs, comprising of 5-11 of them.
The puppets of the fox are recognized as kits.The babes of the wolf are identified as pups,

What is Fox?

Foxes are tiny to medium-sized, starved predators belonging to numerous species of the family Canidae. Foxes have a trampled cranium, erect trilateral spikes, a sharp, a little overturned muzzle, and an extended shaggy brush(or tail ).

Twelve types belong to the monophylogenetic “factual foxes” set of class Vulpes. Roughly additional 25 present or wiped out type is occasionally called foxes; these foxes are also the element of the paralyzed assembly of the South American foxes, or else of the faraway assembly, which comprises of the gray fox, bat-eared fox, and islet fox.

Foxes exist on all mainland or continent, excluding Antarctica. The worldwide allocation of foxes, mutually with their prevailing status for shrewdness, has to assist in their importance in admired ethnicity and myths.

The chasing or hunting of foxes through packs or groups of dogs, absolute a predictable pursue in Europe, particularly in the British Islands, was forwarded by European pilgrims to several areas or the places of the world.

What is Wolf?

Wolves are huge tusks or canines that come long, scared by humans owing to their ferocious and carnivorous aptitudes. Wolves construct backbone tickly screams. Since their mass and because they pursue a group of 6 to 10 animals, they contain no troubles of the large contagious victim. Because of scare and hunting, wolves went chased for a number of years, thus ensuing in its quick turn down in numbers. Both grey wolves and red wolves are at risk kind. Grey wolves might be established in Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Red Wolves live in the southeast of the United States.

The wolf is nevertheless connected intimately as much as necessary to slighter Canis class, for instance, the golden jackal and coyote, to create productive bastards using them. The curved fleece of a bolt is typically spotted white, gray, brown, and black.

Wolves include extended times past of communications with humans, having been detested and necessary in most countrified societies since of its attacks on farm animals, even as equally being appreciated in some farmer and hunter harvester communities. Wolf stroke humans are uncommon since wolves are moderately little, live absent from populace and contain urbanized a terror of humans since of their experiences with ranchers, trappers, and shepherds.

Key Differences

  1. A fox weighs around 30 pounds and can be around 1.5 feet tall. On the other hand, an adult wolf weighs around 150 pounds and might be around 3 feet tall.
  2. A fox has a slim muzzle and feathery train while a wolf has extensive and deep muzzle or snout.
  3. Foxes do not prefer to survive in packs or groups but merely through two or three buddies. On the other hand, wolves exist in a group of 6 to 10.
  4. Foxes merely pursue little animals and do not hunt on superior animals. They too eat fruits, insects, and berry. On the contrary, wolves victims on fat animals.
  5. Fox is friendlier to human beings, while wolfs are feared by human beings due to their carnivores nature.
  6. .The babes or kids of fox are called kits, while that of the wolf are called pups.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Fox is recognized for its strategic and shrewdness ways, while Wolf is referred to as social animals.

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