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Domestic Tourism vs. International Tourism: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 25, 2024
Domestic tourism involves traveling within one's own country, while international tourism entails traveling to a different country.

Key Differences

Domestic tourism refers to people traveling within their own country, exploring local attractions, and often understanding their national heritage better. International tourism involves crossing national boundaries, experiencing different cultures, and often dealing with language barriers.
Domestic tourists usually have better knowledge of their own country's customs and language, making travel easier and more comfortable. International tourists, however, experience a sense of adventure and discovery in navigating unfamiliar customs and languages.
Domestic tourism can be more affordable, with shorter travel distances and no currency exchange concerns. In contrast, international tourism can be more expensive due to factors like airfare, currency exchange, and travel insurance.
Domestic travel often requires less planning and documentation compared to international travel, which often involves passports, visas, and sometimes vaccinations.
Domestic tourism supports local economies and promotes national pride, while international tourism fosters global understanding and economic exchange between nations.

Comparison Chart


Within traveler's own country
In a different country

Cultural Familiarity

Familiar culture and language
Exposure to different cultures and languages


Generally less expensive
Often more expensive due to travel costs

Planning and Documentation

Usually less complex
Requires more planning, visas, passports


Supports local economies and national pride
Promotes global understanding and economic exchange

Domestic Tourism and International Tourism Definitions

Domestic Tourism

Travel within one's own country for leisure or business.
They enjoyed domestic tourism by visiting the national parks across their country.

International Tourism

Involves experiencing different cultures and languages.
International tourism gave him the opportunity to learn about diverse cultural practices.

Domestic Tourism

Usually requires less travel time and expense.
Opting for domestic tourism, they saved on international travel costs.

International Tourism

Traveling to a different country for leisure or business.
Her international tourism experiences included a trip to Italy.

Domestic Tourism

Can be a way to understand and appreciate one's national heritage.
Through domestic tourism, they gained a deeper appreciation for their country's history.

International Tourism

Often involves longer travel distances and higher expenses.
Despite the costs, they loved the adventure of international tourism.

Domestic Tourism

Often easier due to no language barriers.
They preferred domestic tourism for its ease of communication and familiarity.

International Tourism

Requires planning for travel documents and understanding foreign exchange rates.
Preparing for international tourism, they applied for visas and exchanged currency.

Domestic Tourism

It involves exploring local attractions and culture.
Domestic tourism led them to discover hidden gems in their own country.

International Tourism

Promotes global understanding and connections.
Through international tourism, she made friends from various parts of the world.


What documents are needed for international tourism?

Passport, possibly a visa, and sometimes vaccination records.

What is domestic tourism?

Traveling within one's own country for leisure or business.

What defines international tourism?

Traveling to a different country for leisure, business, or cultural experiences.

Is domestic tourism cheaper than international tourism?

Generally, yes, due to shorter distances and no currency exchange.

How does international tourism impact the environment?

It can have a significant impact due to increased travel, especially air travel.

What are popular domestic tourism activities?

Visiting national parks, beaches, and local festivals.

Can domestic tourism boost the local economy?

Yes, it supports local businesses and attractions.

What are common challenges in international tourism?

Navigating visa requirements, language barriers, and cultural differences.

Is domestic tourism sustainable?

It can be more sustainable due to shorter travel distances.

Do I need travel insurance for domestic tourism?

It's recommended but not always necessary as for international travel.

Are language barriers a concern in international tourism?

Yes, language differences can be a challenge in international travel.

How do currency exchange rates affect international tourism?

They can significantly impact the cost of travel and spending in a foreign country.

What role does technology play in international tourism?

Technology aids in planning, booking, and navigating foreign destinations.

What is the impact of international tourism on global relations?

It fosters international goodwill and cultural exchange.

What are the benefits of international tourism?

It fosters global understanding, cultural exchange, and economic benefits.

Can domestic tourism help preserve cultural heritage?

Yes, by promoting and investing in local traditions and sites.

How can domestic tourism promote national pride?

By exploring and appreciating the history and natural beauty of one's own country.

What are the trends in domestic tourism?

Increased interest in local experiences and eco-tourism.

Can domestic tourism be done on a budget?

Yes, it often offers affordable options compared to international travel.

How important is local cuisine in international tourism?

Local cuisine is a key aspect of cultural exploration in international travel.
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