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Gardenscapes vs. Homescapes: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 25, 2024
Gardenscapes is a puzzle game focused on garden restoration and decoration, while Homescapes revolves around renovating and decorating a family home.

Key Differences

Gardenscapes is set in a sprawling garden where players solve puzzles to restore and decorate the garden. In contrast, Homescapes takes place inside a family house, focusing on home renovation and interior decoration.
In Gardenscapes, players aim to rebuild and beautify a neglected garden through various levels of match-3 puzzles. Homescapes, while also utilizing match-3 puzzles, is more focused on home improvement tasks like fixing up rooms and choosing decor.
Gardenscapes introduces players to characters like Austin the Butler and his quest to refurbish the garden. Homescapes extends the story of Austin, taking players on a journey to help him renovate his parents' home.
Both games involve solving match-3 puzzles, but Gardenscapes often includes garden-related elements and power-ups, while Homescapes offers power-ups and challenges more aligned with home renovation themes.
Gardenscapes presents lush garden environments and outdoor decorations, offering players a green, vibrant aesthetic. Homescapes provides a cozy, homely atmosphere with various rooms and household items to decorate.

Comparison Chart


Garden restoration
Home renovation

Gameplay Objective

Beautify and restore garden
Renovate and decorate family house

Main Character

Austin the Butler in garden setting
Austin helping his family’s home

Puzzle Elements

Garden-themed match-3 puzzles
Home-themed match-3 puzzles


Green, outdoor garden visuals
Cozy, indoor home visuals

Gardenscapes and Homescapes Definitions


Gardenscapes provides a relaxing gameplay experience with its garden-building elements.
Playing Gardenscapes is my go-to activity for relaxation, especially when designing garden landscapes.


Homescapes offers home renovation challenges within its match-3 puzzle gameplay.
Fixing the stairs in Homescapes required completing several challenging levels.


Gardenscapes is known for its engaging storyline and charming characters.
I got attached to Austin the Butler's story in Gardenscapes.


Homescapes is a mobile puzzle game where players renovate a house through match-3 puzzles.
In Homescapes, I completed a puzzle to repaint the living room.


Gardenscapes allows players to design and decorate a virtual garden.
I chose a new fountain for my garden in Gardenscapes.


Homescapes extends the story of Austin the Butler, focusing on his family home.
Helping Austin's parents in Homescapes feels like being part of a family story.


Gardenscapes is a mobile game combining garden restoration with match-3 puzzles.
In Gardenscapes, I enjoyed combining different flowers to complete the level.


Homescapes provides a cozy, engaging atmosphere with its home-themed gameplay.
Decorating the home in Homescapes gives me interior design ideas for my own house.


Gardenscapes offers a series of challenging puzzles set in a garden theme.
Solving the latest puzzle in Gardenscapes let me add a new section to the garden.


Homescapes allows players to customize and decorate various rooms in a virtual home.
I chose elegant furniture for the dining room in Homescapes.


Plural of homescape


What is Homescapes about?

Homescapes is a puzzle game where players help renovate and decorate a family home.

Are Gardenscapes and Homescapes created by the same developer?

Yes, both games are developed by Playrix.

What type of puzzles are in Homescapes?

Homescapes primarily features match-3 puzzles linked to home renovation tasks.

What is Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a match-3 puzzle game centered around garden restoration and decoration.

Do I need to play Gardenscapes before Homescapes?

No, each game stands alone, but playing both offers a richer understanding of the character Austin.

Can you interact with characters in Gardenscapes?

Yes, Gardenscapes features interactive characters like Austin the Butler, adding depth to the gameplay.

What makes Gardenscapes unique?

Gardenscapes combines match-3 puzzles with garden design and an engaging storyline.

Is Gardenscapes a multiplayer game?

Gardenscapes is mainly a single-player game, but it includes social features for interaction with friends.

Is Homescapes only about interior design?

While interior design is a key element, Homescapes also includes a storyline and match-3 puzzles.

How do you progress in Gardenscapes?

Progress in Gardenscapes is made by completing match-3 puzzles and earning stars to unlock garden upgrades.

How do the power-ups work in Gardenscapes?

Power-ups in Gardenscapes are created by matching more than three pieces, helping clear levels faster.

Are there any in-game purchases in Homescapes?

Yes, Homescapes offers in-game purchases for items and boosts.

Does Gardenscapes have an end?

Gardenscapes is regularly updated with new levels and areas, so it doesn't have a fixed end.

How often are new levels added to Homescapes?

New levels and content in Homescapes are added regularly through updates.

Can players choose different styles for the garden in Gardenscapes?

Yes, Gardenscapes offers a variety of design options and styles for garden customization.

Is there a storyline in Homescapes?

Yes, Homescapes features a storyline that unfolds as players progress through the game, focusing on Austin and his family.

Can I play Homescapes without an internet connection?

Homescapes can be played offline, but some features require an internet connection.

What kind of rewards can you earn in Homescapes?

Players can earn in-game currency, boosters, and unique decorations as rewards in Homescapes.

Are there seasonal events in Gardenscapes?

Yes, Gardenscapes often features seasonal events with special levels and rewards.

Can you redesign rooms in Homescapes after completing them?

Players can choose to redo and redesign rooms in Homescapes.
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