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IndiGo vs. Air India: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 25, 2024
IndiGo is a privately-owned, low-cost Indian airline known for its efficiency and punctuality, while Air India is the flag carrier of India, known for its extensive network and full-service flights.

Key Differences

IndiGo, established in 2006, is India's largest airline by passengers carried and fleet size, known for its low-cost, no-frills service and high operational efficiency. Air India, in contrast, is the national flag carrier, founded in 1932, and is known for its full-service experience, providing more amenities and a wider range of international flights.
IndiGo operates with a single type of aircraft to maintain cost-effectiveness and simplicity in its operations, Air India boasts a varied fleet, including wide-body aircraft, catering to long-haul international routes. IndiGo's focus remains on domestic and short international routes.
IndiGo's business model revolves around quick turnaround times, high frequency of flights, and keeping operational costs low. Air India, on the other hand, has a focus on providing a more luxurious and comprehensive flying experience, including business and first-class cabins on many flights.
In terms of branding and market position, IndiGo is recognized for its youthful and vibrant image, with a focus on timely performance. Air India carries the legacy of Indian aviation history, with its iconic Maharajah mascot symbolizing a more traditional and prestigious air travel experience.
Customer service approaches also differ significantly. IndiGo is known for its straightforward, efficient customer service, in line with its low-cost model. Air India, being a full-service carrier, offers a more personalized and extensive customer service experience, including lounges and additional baggage allowances.

Comparison Chart

Year of Establishment


Type of Airline

Low-cost, no-frills
Full-service, flag carrier

Fleet Composition

Single aircraft type (Airbus)
Varied, including wide-bodies

Route Focus

Domestic and short international
Extensive domestic and international

Customer Service Approach

Efficient and straightforward
Personalized and comprehensive

IndiGo and Air India Definitions


IndiGo is a major Indian airline known for its low-cost services.
I usually fly IndiGo for domestic travel due to their affordable fares.

Air India

Air India provides a full-service flight experience with various amenities.
On Air India flights, passengers enjoy complimentary meals and in-flight entertainment.


IndiGo is renowned for its punctuality and efficient operations.
IndiGo flights are often preferred by business travelers for their on-time performance.

Air India

Air India offers premium services like business and first-class cabins.
Traveling in Air India's first-class cabin provides a luxurious experience.


IndiGo offers a no-frills flying experience focused on affordability.
Flying IndiGo is cost-effective, as they charge extra only for the services you use.

Air India

Air India is the national flag carrier airline of India.
Air India operates numerous international routes, connecting India with the world.


IndiGo operates with a simple fleet, primarily using Airbus aircraft.
IndiGo's decision to use a single type of aircraft streamlines their maintenance processes.

Air India

Air India's mascot, the Maharajah, symbolizes Indian hospitality.
The Maharajah mascot of Air India is iconic, representing the airline's rich heritage.


IndiGo's corporate color is a distinctive deep blue.
The IndiGo aircraft are easily recognizable by their deep blue livery.

Air India

Air India has a historic legacy in Indian aviation.
Air India has been a pioneer in Indian aviation since its inception in 1932.


Any of various shrubs or herbs of the genus Indigofera in the pea family, having pinnately compound leaves and usually red or purple flowers in axillary racemes.


What is the fleet composition of IndiGo?

IndiGo primarily uses Airbus aircraft in its fleet.

What amenities does Air India provide?

Air India provides amenities like meals, entertainment, and premium cabins.

How is the customer service in IndiGo?

IndiGo offers efficient and straightforward customer service.

When was IndiGo founded?

IndiGo was founded in 2006.

What type of airline is Air India?

Air India is a full-service, flag carrier airline.

Does Air India fly to the USA?

Yes, Air India operates flights to several cities in the USA.

Is Air India government-owned?

Air India was originally government-owned but has undergone ownership changes.

Does Air India offer a frequent flyer program?

Yes, Air India has a frequent flyer program called Flying Returns.

What is IndiGo's policy on flight cancellations?

IndiGo has specific policies for flight cancellations, often involving fees.

What is the main color of IndiGo's livery?

The main color of IndiGo's livery is deep blue.

Who is the mascot of Air India?

The Maharajah is the mascot of Air India.

Does IndiGo offer international flights?

Yes, IndiGo operates short international routes.

Are pets allowed on Air India flights?

Yes, Air India allows pets under certain conditions.

How does IndiGo maintain low operational costs?

IndiGo maintains low costs through efficient operations and a simplified fleet.

Does Air India provide special meals?

Yes, Air India offers special meals on request for dietary or religious reasons.

Can you book extra baggage on IndiGo flights?

Yes, passengers can book extra baggage on IndiGo for an additional fee.

What classes are available on Air India flights?

Air India offers economy, business, and first-class cabins.

What is the in-flight entertainment like on Air India?

Air India provides various in-flight entertainment options, including movies and music.

Can I select seats in advance on IndiGo?

Yes, IndiGo allows advance seat selection for an additional fee.

How does IndiGo handle customer complaints?

IndiGo handles customer complaints through its customer service channels.
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