Difference Between Cheetah and Tiger


Main Difference

The main difference between Cheetah and Tiger is that Cheetah is tan with round black marks, whereas Tiger is a black stripes animal at all his body.

Cheetah vs. Tiger

Cheetah is an Acinonyx animal, but Tiger is a Panthers animal. Cheetah is known as tan with round black spots on his skin. Tiger has black stripes on his skin. Cheetah has single and big spots that look like the thumbprints. Tiger is the biggest wild cat animal. Cheetah is the largest cat that cannot roar. Tiger has a large muscular body of strong forelimbs. Large cheetahs are the quickest animal in this world. Tiger uses its muscular body to hunt and climb. Cheetah cannot ascend the trees, and cannot see clearly in the night. Tigers have a mustache and round pupils. Cheetahs felt thirst one time in three to four days. Tigers are well known due to their long swimming.


Comparison Chart

A Cheetah is a wild animal that looks like a big cat with black spots on his body.A large fierce animal belongs to the cat family and is orange with black stripes.
They mostly founded in Africa and the middle east.Tigers founded in Nepal, Tibet, India, south China, and Asia.
More than 35 to 65 kgMore than 306 kg

What is Cheetah?

They have tall legs, body, and tail. They are alarmed, more careful, and always keep watching. Cheetahs also hunt individually and as a group. Cheetahs process several characteristics according to the situation. As when it wants to get the highest speed, he develops his unique abilities. Cheetah is a smaller animal but tall with a big tail. Their body length is almost from 110 to 150 cm. Their normal height is from 66 to 94 cm. Cheetahs have little heads and large eyes. They could easily cover 120 kilometers in one hour. Their big nostrils help them to get extra oxygen while they are running. With the survey of 2016, the Cheetah’s population in the wild is 7, 100. They have a deep chest and large smarter legs. When their new creation becomes able to pray for themselves, then they spend some time with each other. In 2017, the southern African survey of Cheetah’s population was 5,000. This cat family has totally different claws than other cat families.


What is Tiger?

Tigers mostly remain wet in steams and pool water to get cooling. All other animals are fearful of Tiger. Tiger eats the different sizes of animals. They like to hunt at night. His retractable claws support him to climb the trees and in other hunting. They are the flagship animals among other wild generations. The female Tigers are smaller than their miles as they have almost 170-kilogram weight. Tiger has a strong brain of 25% greater than the lion. Tigers hunt leopards, bears, deer, buffalo, wild pigs, monkeys, birds, and many others. Their life cycle is almost 15 to 20 years. They can east more than 40 kg of meat in a single time. There is an idea that one Tiger eats almost 50 deer-sized animals in a year. When the Tigers get old, they hunt little species. Their new Tigers come after 104 days. They almost have 100 stripes on their skins. They camouflage trait of Tigers supports them to hide from other animals. They like to live in Forests but also found in grassland places. For their survival, it is necessary to have large prey and continuous water.


  • Sumatran Tiger
  • Javan Tiger
  • Malaysian Tiger
  • Chinese Tiger
  • Siberian Tiger
  • Bengali Tigers

Key Differences

  1. Cheetah is the biggest feline, whereas Tiger is the quickest animal.
  2. Cheetahs are surprised hunters, on the other hand, are angry hunters.
  3. Cheetahs have nonretractable claws conversely tigers have retractable claws.
  4. Cheetahs hunts in group form on the flip side Tigers hunt individually but share his hunt after hunting.
  5. Cheetahs are rapid while Tigers are bigger than Cheetahs.
  6. Cheetahs are the habitats of Africa, whereas Tigers lived in Asia.
  7. Cheetahs cannot roar, but Tigers can roar.
  8. Cheetahs have black color tear marks on his face, but Tigers have not.


The key difference between Cheetah and Tiger is that both these animals belonged to different Genus. You can easily recognize them by their body shape.

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