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Celestial vs. Extraterrestrial: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Harlon Moss || Updated on May 28, 2024
Celestial refers to objects in the sky like stars and planets, while extraterrestrial pertains to life forms or objects originating outside Earth.

Key Differences

Celestial objects are those found in space, such as stars, planets, and moons. They are natural objects visible in the sky. Extraterrestrial, on the other hand, refers to anything originating beyond Earth, typically focusing on life forms or unidentified objects, like aliens or UFOs.
Celestial bodies are studied in astronomy and include well-known entities like the Sun and the Moon. These objects have defined characteristics and predictable orbits. Extraterrestrial life is a subject of astrobiology and science fiction, with much speculation and ongoing research but no confirmed evidence of existence.
Celestial phenomena, like eclipses and meteor showers, can be observed and predicted using scientific methods. Whereas extraterrestrial phenomena often involve reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or signals that suggest the possibility of non-Earthly origins, which are less predictable and not yet scientifically verified.
Celestial terms often describe observable, physical entities within our solar system or beyond. Extraterrestrial concepts encompass theories and potential discoveries about life or technology from other planets, which remain largely theoretical and part of popular culture.

Comparison Chart


Related to objects in the sky
Related to life or objects outside Earth

Field of Study

Astrobiology, Ufology


Stars, planets, moons
Aliens, UFOs


Predictable phenomena
Unpredictable, speculative phenomena


Observed and documented
Theoretical, speculative, no confirmed evidence

Celestial and Extraterrestrial Definitions


Positioned in or relating to the sky.
Astronomers study celestial objects through telescopes.


Found or occurring beyond Earth's atmosphere.
The spacecraft sent back images of extraterrestrial landscapes.


Of or from outer space.
Meteorites are celestial rocks that fall to Earth.


Originating from outside Earth.
Scientists are searching for extraterrestrial life.


Related to the sky or outer space.
The celestial bodies include the sun, moon, and stars.


Objects or phenomena not from Earth.
The strange signal was thought to be of extraterrestrial origin.


Of or relating to the sky or physical universe as understood in astronomy
Planets are celestial bodies.


Speculative life forms outside Earth.
Extraterrestrial intelligence is a major topic in science fiction.


Of or relating to heaven; divine
Celestial beings.


Relating to hypothetical beings from other planets.
The movie depicted an extraterrestrial invasion.


Supremely good; sublime
Celestial happiness.


Originating, located, or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere
Intelligent extraterrestrial life.


Celestial Of or relating to the Chinese people or to the former Chinese Empire.


An extraterrestrial being or life form.


A heavenly being; a god or angel.


Originating from outside of the Earth's atmosphere, from space, or from another planet; alien to Earth or its environment.


Syn of heavenly: of or related to Heaven and the divine.


A being originating from outside of the Earth's atmosphere, from space, or from another planet; an alien


Relating to the sky or outer space, regarded as the realm of the sun, moon, planets, and stars.


Originating or located or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere; as, there is no clear evidence for extraterrestrial life.


(Mormonism) Of or pertaining to the highest degree of glory.


A hypothetical form of life existing outside the Earth or its atmosphere, especially intelligent life on other planets or in other solar systems; as, what would you say to an extraterrestrial?.


Extremely good, pleasant, or blissful; heavenly.


A form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere


An inhabitant of heaven.


Originating or located or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere;
Is there extraterrestrial life?


A native of China.


By extension, an East Asian person.


Belonging to the aërial regions, or visible heavens.


Of or pertaining to the spiritual heaven; heavenly; divine.


Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, the Chinese, or Celestial, Empire, of the Chinese people.


An inhabitant of heaven.


A native of China; a Chinaman; a Chinese.


Of or relating to the sky;
Celestial map
A heavenly body


Relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven;
Celestial beings
Heavenly hosts


Of heaven or the spirit;
Celestial peace
Ethereal melodies
The supernal happiness of a quiet death


Pertaining to the heavens or divine.
Ancient cultures often worshipped celestial beings.


Supremely good or heavenly.
The dessert had a celestial taste.


What is a celestial body?

A celestial body is any natural object outside Earth's atmosphere, such as the Moon, Sun, or stars.

What does extraterrestrial intelligence refer to?

Extraterrestrial intelligence refers to potential intelligent life forms originating from planets other than Earth.

Are extraterrestrial beings proven to exist?

No, there is currently no confirmed evidence of extraterrestrial beings.

Do celestial events affect Earth?

Yes, celestial events like solar eclipses and meteor showers can have visible effects on Earth.

How do celestial phenomena differ from extraterrestrial phenomena?

Celestial phenomena are observable and predictable events in the sky, while extraterrestrial phenomena involve speculative events or objects from beyond Earth.

How are celestial and extraterrestrial studied?

Celestial objects are studied through astronomy, while extraterrestrial life is explored through astrobiology and related fields.

Is there any overlap between celestial and extraterrestrial concepts?

The overlap exists in the study of objects beyond Earth, but celestial focuses on known bodies, while extraterrestrial deals with unknown or speculative life.

Can celestial objects be artificial?

Typically, celestial objects are natural, but artificial satellites are also considered part of space study.

What is the role of UFOs in extraterrestrial studies?

UFOs are unidentified flying objects speculated to be of extraterrestrial origin, often central in discussions about potential alien life.

What is an example of a celestial event?

An example of a celestial event is a lunar eclipse, where the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon.

How do astronomers study celestial objects?

Astronomers use telescopes and other instruments to observe and analyze celestial objects.

What tools are used to search for extraterrestrial life?

Tools include radio telescopes, space probes, and astrobiology experiments.

What is an example of an extraterrestrial hypothesis?

An example is the hypothesis that Mars once had conditions suitable for life.

What is a celestial sphere?

The celestial sphere is an imaginary sphere that represents the sky as seen from Earth.

What impact do celestial objects have on astrology?

In astrology, celestial objects like planets and stars are believed to influence human destiny.

Why is the search for extraterrestrial life important?

It helps us understand if life exists beyond Earth and what conditions support it.

What is a common misconception about extraterrestrial life?

A common misconception is that all extraterrestrial life would be similar to humans or advanced civilizations.

What is the significance of celestial navigation?

Celestial navigation uses the positions of stars and planets to guide navigation.

Can celestial objects be part of extraterrestrial studies?

Yes, studying celestial bodies like Mars is part of searching for potential extraterrestrial life.

How does science fiction portray extraterrestrial life?

Science fiction often portrays extraterrestrial life as advanced civilizations with diverse forms and technologies.
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