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Devisal vs. Devival: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson || Updated on May 22, 2024
Devisal refers to the act of creating or planning something, while devival is a term associated with the Church of the SubGenius, denoting a satirical religious gathering.

Key Differences

Devisal is the process of creating, planning, or devising something. It involves the conception and formulation of ideas, strategies, or plans, often used in legal and business contexts to describe the drafting of documents or the development of strategies. Devival, on the other hand, is a term used by the Church of the SubGenius, a parody religion. It refers to their satirical religious gatherings, which are characterized by humorous and irreverent rituals, performances, and social events. Devivals are designed to mock conventional religious ceremonies and promote the group's satirical worldview.
While devisal is a serious and formal activity focused on the creation and planning of something tangible or strategic, devival is a playful, comedic event rooted in satire and parody. Devisal is common in professional and legal contexts, whereas devival is specific to the subculture of the Church of the SubGenius.
In terms of context, devisal is used in various fields such as law, business, and academia to describe the act of devising plans or documents. Devival, however, is niche and specific to the satirical practices of the Church of the SubGenius, often involving performances and gatherings aimed at entertainment and social commentary.
Devisal involves intellectual effort and creativity to develop something new or solve a problem. Devival involves theatrical and comedic elements to entertain and convey satirical messages.

Comparison Chart


The act of creating or planning something
Satirical religious gathering by the Church of the SubGenius


Legal, business, academic
Satirical, cultural


Serious and formal
Humorous and irreverent

Common Usage

Drafting documents, developing strategies
Parody events, performances


To create, formulate, or strategize
To entertain and satirize religious practices

Devisal and Devival Definitions


The process of formulating ideas or strategies.
The devisal of the legal document required careful consideration.


A parody of conventional religious ceremonies.
The devival poked fun at traditional religious practices.


The act of creating or planning something.
The devisal of the new marketing strategy took several weeks.


An event characterized by humorous and irreverent rituals.
The devival included mock sermons and performances.


The drafting or designing of plans.
Her role involved the devisal of business proposals.


A satirical religious gathering by the Church of the SubGenius.
They attended a devival for a night of comedy and satire.


The act of inventing or devising.
The devisal of the software application was a collaborative effort.


A social event organized by the Church of the SubGenius.
The devival attracted a crowd of fans and curious onlookers.


The creation of a new concept or method.
The team's devisal of an innovative solution impressed the client.


A gathering that promotes the satirical worldview of the Church of the SubGenius.
Devivals are known for their lively and entertaining atmosphere.


An act of devising.


In the Church of the SubGenius parody religion, an event including sermons, music, etc.


A devising.


The act of devising something


What is a devival?

A devival is a satirical religious gathering organized by the Church of the SubGenius, featuring humorous rituals and performances.

Is devisal a formal activity?

Yes, devisal is typically a formal activity involving serious planning and creation.

In what contexts is devisal commonly used?

Devisal is commonly used in legal, business, and academic contexts to describe the creation or planning of ideas, strategies, or documents.

What is the purpose of a devival?

The purpose of a devival is to entertain and satirize conventional religious practices through humorous and irreverent events.

What does devisal mean?

Devisal refers to the act of creating, planning, or formulating something, such as a strategy or document.

Can devisal be part of an innovation process?

Yes, devisal can be a critical part of innovation, involving the creation of new ideas and solutions.

Can devisal involve collaboration?

Yes, devisal often involves collaboration, especially in contexts like business or academia where team efforts are common.

How often are devivals held?

The frequency of devivals varies, often depending on the activities of the Church of the SubGenius and its community.

Are devivals considered serious religious events?

No, devivals are satirical and are not meant to be taken seriously as religious events.

Do devivals attract a large audience?

Devivals can attract a diverse audience, including fans of satire and those curious about the Church of the SubGenius.

What kind of performances occur at a devival?

Performances at a devival can include mock sermons, comedic acts, and other satirical rituals.

What skills are required for effective devisal?

Effective devisal requires creativity, strategic thinking, and attention to detail.

Who organizes devivals?

Devivals are organized by the Church of the SubGenius, a parody religion.

Is devisal limited to any specific field?

No, devisal can occur in various fields, including law, business, and academia, wherever planning and creation are needed.

What is the origin of the term devival?

The term devival is derived from the Church of the SubGenius's parody of religious revivals.

What are the outcomes of successful devisal?

Successful devisal results in well-formulated plans, strategies, or documents that meet specific objectives.

What type of humor is featured in devivals?

Devivals feature irreverent, satirical humor that mocks traditional religious practices.

How does devisal impact business strategies?

Devisal impacts business strategies by enabling the development of detailed and effective plans that guide organizational decisions.

What motivates people to attend devivals?

People attend devivals for entertainment, social interaction, and to experience the unique satire of the Church of the SubGenius.

Is devisal a common term in everyday language?

While not extremely common in everyday language, devisal is frequently used in professional and academic contexts.
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