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Hypocritic vs. Hypocritical: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss & Janet White || Updated on May 22, 2024
Hypocritic refers to someone who is a hypocrite, while hypocritical describes the behavior of being hypocritical, insincere, or deceitful in actions or beliefs.

Key Differences

Hypocritic is a noun used to describe a person who practices hypocrisy. A hypocrite professes beliefs, feelings, or virtues that they do not truly hold or practice. For instance, a hypocritic might preach honesty while frequently lying. Hypocritical, on the other hand, is an adjective that describes actions or behavior that are hypocritical. If someone’s actions do not align with their stated beliefs, their behavior can be termed hypocritical. For example, it’s hypocritical for someone to condemn cheating but then cheat themselves.
A hypocritic embodies hypocrisy through their persona, while hypocritical qualifies the nature of the actions or words. A person can be labeled a hypocritic if they consistently engage in hypocritical behavior.
Whereas hypocritic directly labels a person, hypocritical pertains to specific instances or patterns of behavior. It's possible to describe someone’s statements or actions as hypocritical without necessarily calling the person a hypocrite.

Comparison Chart

Part of Speech



A person who practices hypocrisy
Actions or behavior marked by hypocrisy


Describes a person
Describes behavior or actions

Example Sentence

He is a hypocritic.
His promises were hypocritical.


The person themselves
The nature of actions or words

Hypocritic and Hypocritical Definitions


A person who claims to have moral standards but behaves otherwise.
The politician turned out to be a hypocritic, preaching family values while engaging in scandalous affairs.


Marked by insincerity or deceit.
Her hypocritical smile fooled no one.


An individual who deceives others about their true intentions.
His friends realized he was a hypocritic, as his kindness was a façade for personal gain.


Characterized by actions that are not genuinely reflective of one's beliefs.
His public persona was hypocritical compared to his private life.


Someone who pretends to be something they are not.
The leader was seen as a hypocritic for advocating environmentalism but investing in oil companies.


Having behaviors that contradict stated beliefs.
It's hypocritical to advocate for health while smoking.


A person exhibiting hypocrisy in their actions.
She was labeled a hypocritic for criticizing others' spending while living extravagantly.


Exhibiting behavior that does not align with claimed principles.
The company's hypocritical stance on labor rights was exposed.


Someone whose actions do not match their stated beliefs.
The teacher was a hypocritic, demanding punctuality but always arriving late.


Demonstrating a double standard.
Calling out others for gossiping was hypocritical, considering his own habits.


Synonym of hypocritical


Characterized by hypocrisy
Hypocritical praise.


A hypocrite.


Being a hypocrite
A hypocritical rogue.


See Hypocritical.


Characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite.


Of or pertaining to a hypocrite, or to hypocrisy; as, a hypocriticalperson; a hypocritical look; a hypocritical action.
Hypocritical professions of friendship and of pacific intentions were not spared.


Professing feelings or virtues one does not have;
Hypocritical praise


What would be a hypocritical action?

A hypocritical action could be criticizing others for not recycling while personally never recycling.

What is the main difference between hypocritic and hypocritical?

Hypocritic is a noun referring to a person who practices hypocrisy, while hypocritical is an adjective describing actions or behaviors that are hypocritical.

Can you give an example of a hypocritic?

A hypocritic might be someone who advocates for honesty but frequently lies themselves.

Can a person be both a hypocritic and hypocritical?

Yes, a person who consistently exhibits hypocritical behavior can be labeled as a hypocritic.

What does hypocritic imply about a person?

It implies that the person consistently practices hypocrisy.

Is hypocritical a commonly used term?

Yes, hypocritical is commonly used to describe insincere or deceitful behavior.

What is the adjective form of hypocritic?

The adjective form is hypocritical.

Can hypocritical behavior be unintentional?

Yes, sometimes people may act hypocritically without realizing it.

How does hypocritical relate to morality?

Hypocritical actions often involve a discrepancy between stated moral values and actual behavior.

Is hypocritical used to describe people or actions?

Hypocritical is primarily used to describe actions, behaviors, or statements.

How do you pronounce hypocritic?

Hypocritic is pronounced as /ˌhɪpəˈkrɪtɪk/.

What’s a synonym for hypocritical?

A synonym for hypocritical is insincere.

Is it correct to say someone is a hypocritic?

Yes, it is correct to say someone is a hypocritic if they exhibit hypocrisy.

How would you use hypocritical in a sentence?

e.g., It was hypocritical of him to advise frugality while splurging on luxury items.

Is being hypocritic considered a negative trait?

Yes, being hypocritic is generally viewed negatively as it involves deceit and insincerity.

What’s an example of a hypocritical statement?

e.g., A hypocritical statement could be someone claiming to value honesty while frequently lying.

Can an action be both hypocritical and hypocritic?

An action itself is hypocritical, while the person performing it may be labeled as hypocritic.

Can you use hypocritic in a formal context?

Yes, hypocritic can be used in both formal and informal contexts to describe a person exhibiting hypocrisy.

How do you pronounce hypocritical?

Hypocritical is pronounced as /ˌhɪpəˈkrɪtɪkəl/.

What’s a synonym for hypocritic?

A synonym for hypocritic is hypocrite.
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