Difference Between Cabin vs. Cottage

Main Difference

The difference between cabin and cottage is that cabin is a small living place that is made of only wood whereas cottage is a small living place that can be made of many other materials.

Cabin vs. Cottage

Most of the people do not understand the difference between cabin and cottage; they think that both the terms are almost the same, but this is not true there is a lot of difference between cabin and cottage. The cabin is a mostly small place that is used for storage and living purpose whereas cottage may or may not be significant and is used for living, the cottage can also be called a house. Whenever we go to the lake for hunting, we usually find there small cabins that are called hunting cabins. Often, people store things in cabins like tools, logs, generators and other stuff. Cabins are not comfortable place whereas cottage is a comfortable place to stay. Cottages have restrooms and washrooms in them they look beautiful. You also find TV, internet, showers etc. in a cottage that are not found in cabins. You can also invite your friends to a cottage; the cottage is usually made in hill stations and near lakes to have a good time. The cabin can use for animals and pets. Cottages and cabins are mostly made of wood. Cottages are ideal for groups, families and couples. Cottages are vast, and they look lovely whereas cottages are not built for living purpose, they are prepared to store things that cannot be stored in cottages. Cabins can be very useful sometimes.

Comparison Chart

MeaningA cabin is a small living place that is made of only wood.A cottage is a small place where people live and can be made from any material.
MaterialCabins are mostly made of wood.Cottages are made of woods, bricks and stones.
LooksCabins are made simple.The cottage is not made simple.
FacilitiesDo not have all the facilitiesThe cottage has all the facilities.
UseThe cabin is used for storage purpose.The cottage is made for living.

What is Cabin?

A cabin is a small place what is constructed for living and storage purpose. Cabins are mostly made of woods. Cabins can be built in round or square for different purposes. Cabins are also built from logs. If we talk about square cabins, they are rectangular. Square cabins are very famous and can be constructed easily. On the other hand, round cabins are angular cabins they stay warmer than square cabins. Cabins in most cases are used to store things; they are used to store extra household things, parts of cars, generators, logs and other stuff that people find hard to store in their house. People usually make a cabin in their home for extra space. Followings are the types of cabins:

  • Inside cabins
  • Oceanview cabins
  • Balcony cabins
  • Mini-suites
  • Suites

What is Cottage?

A cottage is a place that is made to live; the cottage is also known as a small house. Cottages are mostly made from wood and bricks. Cottages are known for their great architectures. England cottage architecture is very famous. An old fashion building is usually called a cottage. Cottages are generally in rural an semi-rural locations. In history, Britishers typically construct cottages; they use to request that cottages ‘mock cottages’.

Cottages are also called segregated houses, or terraced, for example, those worked to house specialists in mining towns.

Cottages in Britain are most beautiful, they are built so correctly and gives you romantic world feelings. Followings are some great cottage:

  • Suffolk

Suffolk is the lovely cottage that is made from bricks and stones. Suffolk is a gorgeous church cottage in the shadow of St Mary’s Cavendish.S

  • The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is the excellent cottage that is made from honey-coloured bricks.

  • Somerset

Somerset is in the west of Cheddar Gorge; Somerset is made from limestone.

  • West Country

West Country is a typical Devon cottage that has timber-mullioned windows. West country has big and beautiful windows.

  • Norfolk

Norfolk is a cottage in Burnham market. Norfolk is one of the most traditional cottages in the world.

  • Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is the beautiful cottage in the hilly area of Survey. This cottage is protected with paint and limewash.

  • Hebrides

The Hebrides is a beautiful cottage that is along byre at Sollas on North Uist, overlooking the Valley strand.

Key Differences

  1. A cabin is a small place for the storage for logs, and construction materials. A cottage is a place where people live.
  2. Cabins are mostly made of wood. Cottages are made of woods, bricks and stones.
  3. The cabin can also be used for storage purpose whereas cottages are made for living.
  4. The cabin is smaller as compared to cottages.
  5. Internet and other facilities are found in cottages whereas these


In this article we see the clear difference between cottage and cabin, cottage and cabin are thought to be the same thing, but they are different in many ways.

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