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TubShroom vs. ShowerShroom: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 26, 2024
TubShroom is a drain protector designed for bathtub drains to catch hair, while ShowerShroom is specifically for shower stall drains.

Key Differences

TubShroom is a drain protection device designed for use in bathtubs. It fits inside the bathtub drain and catches hair and other debris to prevent clogs. ShowerShroom, on the other hand, is designed specifically for shower stall drains, with a different size and shape to fit these drains effectively.
The design of the TubShroom is such that it allows water to flow freely while catching hair, and it typically fits standard bathtub drains. ShowerShroom has a similar function but is adapted for the typically narrower and different styled drains found in shower stalls.
TubShroom is often larger in size compared to ShowerShroom, as bathtub drains are usually bigger than shower drains. ShowerShroom is more compact and designed to fit the smaller diameter of shower drains.
The installation process for a TubShroom involves placing it inside the bathtub drain, and it's easy to remove and clean. ShowerShroom also offers easy installation and maintenance, with a design that suits the specific type of drain found in showers.
Both TubShroom and ShowerShroom are effective solutions for preventing hair clogs, but their usage is based on the type of drain in your bathroom, whether it's a bathtub or a shower stall.

Comparison Chart

Designed For

Bathtub drains
Shower stall drains


Generally larger for bathtub drains
Smaller, suited for shower drains


Catches hair and debris in tubs
Catches hair in shower stalls


Fits inside bathtub drains
Designed for the narrower shower drains


Ideal for bathtubs
Ideal for shower stalls

TubShroom and ShowerShroom Definitions


Designed to catch hair and debris in tub drains.
The TubShroom effectively caught all the hair after her bath.


Designed for the narrower shower drains.
The ShowerShroom fit snugly into the smaller drain of his shower.


Fits standard bathtub drains.
Installing the TubShroom was easy due to its compatibility with her bathtub drain.


Catches hair to prevent shower drain clogs.
The ShowerShroom was effective in stopping hair from clogging her shower drain.


Easy to clean and maintain.
Cleaning the TubShroom weekly helps maintain a clear drain.


Suited for different styled shower drains.
Despite the unique style of her shower drain, the ShowerShroom fitted well.


A drain protector for bathtubs.
She installed a TubShroom to prevent hair clogs in her bathtub.


A drain protector specifically for shower stalls.
He found the ShowerShroom perfect for his stand-alone shower.


Prevents bathtub drain clogs.
Since using the TubShroom, she hasn't had any issues with clogged drains.


Offers easy installation and cleaning.
He appreciated how simple it was to clean and reinstall the ShowerShroom.


Can TubShroom fit in any bathtub?

TubShroom is designed to fit most standard bathtub drains, but it's advisable to check drain size for compatibility.

Is ShowerShroom compatible with all shower drains?

ShowerShroom is designed for a wide range of shower drains, but verifying drain size and style for compatibility is recommended.

Can ShowerShroom prevent all types of clogs?

ShowerShroom is primarily designed to catch hair, which is a common cause of clogs, but may not prevent all types of clogs.

Do TubShroom and ShowerShroom come in different colors?

Yes, both TubShroom and ShowerShroom are available in various colors to match different bathroom styles.

How often should I clean my TubShroom?

It's recommended to clean the TubShroom regularly, depending on the frequency of bathtub usage and hair accumulation.

What is a TubShroom?

TubShroom is a drain protector designed to catch hair and prevent clogs in bathtub drains.

Can ShowerShroom help in reducing plumber visits?

Yes, by preventing hair clogs, ShowerShroom can reduce the need for frequent plumbing maintenance.

What materials are TubShroom and ShowerShroom made from?

Both TubShroom and ShowerShroom are usually made from silicone, which is durable and easy to clean.

How does TubShroom affect water flow in the bathtub?

TubShroom is designed to allow water to flow freely while catching hair, without significantly affecting drainage.

What is a ShowerShroom?

ShowerShroom is a drain protector tailored for use in shower stall drains to catch hair and prevent clogs.

Is ShowerShroom environmentally friendly?

Using ShowerShroom can be considered environmentally friendly as it helps reduce the use of chemical drain cleaners.

Does ShowerShroom require any maintenance?

Regular cleaning to remove accumulated hair is the primary maintenance needed for ShowerShroom.

Is ShowerShroom easy to install?

Yes, ShowerShroom is designed for easy installation without the need for tools.

Can TubShroom be used in bathroom sink drains?

TubShroom is specifically designed for bathtub drains and may not be suitable for the smaller drains of bathroom sinks.

Is TubShroom safe for kids' bathtubs?

Yes, TubShroom is safe for use in bathtubs and does not have sharp edges or hazardous materials.

Can TubShroom handle long hair effectively?

Yes, TubShroom is designed to catch long hair and prevent it from going down the drain.

Are TubShroom and ShowerShroom available online?

Yes, both TubShroom and ShowerShroom can be purchased from various online retailers.

How durable is TubShroom?

TubShroom is made from durable materials, but its lifespan can depend on usage and maintenance.

Does ShowerShroom affect shower water pressure?

ShowerShroom is designed to not significantly affect water pressure in the shower.

How to clean TubShroom and ShowerShroom?

Both can be easily cleaned by removing them from the drain, wiping away the caught hair, and rinsing under water.
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