Difference Between Bleu Cheese and Gorgonzola


Main Difference

It gets difficult for people to tell the main difference in the type of cheese since they are almost similar in taste and look the same as well but there are few differences in Gorgonzola and Bleu Cheese which can help in differentiating and the main one is the way they are prepared. Gorgonzola is made with cow milk which is not skimmed while Bleu Cheese is ready by a goat, cow or sheep milk that is skimmed.

Comparison Chart

Bleu CheeseGorgonzola
It is prepared by a goat, cow or sheep milk that is skimmed.It is Prepared with cow milk which is not skimmed.
Sharp and saltier that produces a pungent smell.Shape, saltier in taste but less smelly.
Originated during random experimentation.Produced originally by natives of Italy.
Mostly produced around the world especially in the United States.Created primarily in Gorgonzola, a town in Italy.
Blueish gray in color.Greenish blue in color.

Bleu Cheese

This is the type of cheese in which there are spots on the external and internal surface. This will be the simplest of definitions for this kind, but there are many other factors involved which actually turn out to be the reason this cheese is different from others. The primary factor here is that Penicillium is added to it so that the end product can have different dotted or small lined symbols on the cheese which can be blue, blueish gray or dark gray in color. It also has an altering kind of smell which helps in distinguishing it from others. This can be from Penicillium or the bacteria which is produced. There are two types within it, the first one is in which spores are added before the mixture is made ready and the second one, in which spores are mixed when the curd form is available. They are placed in an atmosphere where the temperature is controlled and let to dry so that the spores can be formed on the surface. There is some confusion with the name, although it is commonly known as bleu cheese, the actual word has been originated from the blue color dots which are formed on the surface. Therefore it is also known as Blue Cheese. It has a flavor which tends to be similar to other cheese types in a way that it is salty, but the taste is relatively sharp. It is therefore eaten with spread or melted into different foods to get a close look and salty color, though it can also be eaten on its own.



This type of cheese has some absorbing things related to it and therefore is more famous around the world. The primary factor is that it is Italian cheese which is one of the most famous places and countries which utilize cheese a lot. The another factor is the name, Gorgonzola which is originated from the Town in Italy where more than 20,000 people live. Tit is a place where most people are into farming and cow, goats and sheep and goat’s milk is frequently available. This type of cheese was introduced in the market by people of this town in Milan way back in 879 AD. There are many forms in which it is available such as buttery, firm and crumbly. The fact that it is made from the milk of a cow which is not skimmed makes it a lot healthy and mostly is used by people who love cheese in their daily lives. It has a salty taste and once eaten, anyone can see the blue texture on the inner surface which makes the taste even better. Mostly it will be considered in the blue color, but the real color is greenish blue which will tell how authentic the cheese is. Mostly produced in Italy, and not just restricted to one region it has been generated by adding some kind of starter bacteria in the milk which is not skimmed at all, Penicillium can also be used for this purpose but is avoided to give a distinct taste to the main form. It can be eaten in various forms but is mostly utilized with risotto, polenta, and even pizza.

Key Differences

  1. The taste of Bleu Cheese is sharp and saltier that produces a pungent smell, on the other hand, Gorgonzola is the type of cheese that is crumbly in shape, saltier in taste but less smelly.
  2. Bleu Cheese is mostly produced around the world especially in the United States while Gorgonzola is the cheese which is produced primarily in Gorgonzola, a town in Italy.
  3. Bleu Cheese has a particular type of spotting on the internal surface which is bluish-gray in color while Gorgonzola is the cheese which has spots on the external and interior surface that are greenish blue in color.
  4. Bleu Cheese was originated during random experimentation back in the middle ages while Gorgonzola is the type of cheese which is produced initially by natives of Italy.
  5. Bleu Cheese is produced by skimmed milk and placing it in the furnace at a particular temperature while Gorgonzola is produced by cow’s milk which is not skimmed and placed in original conditions.
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