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BDrip vs. BRrip: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 3, 2024
BDrip is a video file ripped directly from a Blu-ray disc, while BRrip is a compressed version of a BDrip, often smaller in size and lower in quality.

Key Differences

BDrip, short for Blu-ray Disc rip, refers to a video file that has been copied (ripped) directly from a Blu-ray disc. BRrip, or Blu-ray Rip, is a compressed file of a BDrip, typically reduced in size and quality to facilitate easier downloading and sharing.
A BDrip retains most of the quality of the original Blu-ray disc, including high resolution and audio quality. On the other hand, a BRrip is a more compressed version, which means it may have lower resolution and reduced audio quality compared to a BDrip.
BDrips are larger in file size due to their higher quality, making them less suitable for quick downloads or streaming. BRrips, being smaller in size, are more convenient for users with limited bandwidth or storage space.
The process of creating a BDrip requires a Blu-ray drive and software capable of bypassing the disc's copy protection. In contrast, creating a BRrip involves additional compression, usually using software like Handbrake or similar.
BDrips are preferred by users who prioritize high-quality video and audio, while BRrips are chosen for their balance of decent quality and smaller file size, suitable for casual viewing or on devices with lower display resolutions.

Comparison Chart


Directly ripped from a Blu-ray disc
Compressed version of a BDrip


Higher resolution and audio quality
Lower resolution and audio quality

File Size

Larger due to higher quality
Smaller, more compressed


Preferred for high-quality viewing
Suitable for quick downloads, limited storage

Creation Process

Requires Blu-ray drive and ripping software
Involves additional compression after ripping

BDrip and BRrip Definitions


Requires specific software for ripping from Blu-ray.
I used advanced ripping software to create a BDrip from my Blu-ray collection.


May have reduced resolution and audio quality.
The BRrip was good, but the audio wasn't as crisp as the original BDrip.


A high-quality video file ripped from a Blu-ray disc.
I downloaded a BDrip of my favorite movie for the best visual experience.


Suitable for viewers with limited bandwidth or storage.
On my limited data plan, downloading a BRrip is more feasible.


Larger file size due to minimal compression.
The BDrip took longer to download because of its larger size.


Often used for online sharing and streaming.
Most movies available for streaming are in BRrip format due to their smaller size.


Retains the original resolution and audio of the Blu-ray.
The BDrip maintained the stunning 1080p resolution of the original film.


Offers a balance between quality and file size.
I chose a BRrip for its decent quality and faster download time.


Ideal for users seeking high fidelity to the original source.
As an audiophile, I always prefer BDrips for their superior sound quality.


A compressed video file derived from a BDrip.
The BRrip was more manageable in size but slightly lower in quality.


Can BDrips include extra features from Blu-ray discs?

Yes, BDrips can include extra features if they are encoded into the file.

Are BDrips legal?

Creating or distributing BDrips without permission is illegal in many countries.

What is the resolution of a typical BDrip?

BDrips often have resolutions of 720p or 1080p.

What file sizes are typical for BDrips?

BDrip file sizes vary, typically ranging from 700MB to several GB.

Can BDrip files be played on standard DVD players?

No, BDrips require media players that support their file formats.

Is a BDrip the same as a DVDrip?

No, a BDrip comes from a Blu-ray disc, while a DVDrip comes from a DVD.

Do BDrips support surround sound audio?

Many BDrips support surround sound, depending on the encoding.

What is a BRrip?

A BRrip is a video file compressed from a Blu-ray release.

How does BDrip quality compare to the original Blu-ray?

BDrip usually offers high quality, close to the original Blu-ray, but it depends on the ripping process.

What is BDrip?

A BDrip is a video file ripped directly from a Blu-ray disc.

What resolutions are common for BRrips?

BRrips are commonly found in 720p or 1080p resolutions.

Is downloading a BRrip legal?

Downloading BRrips without appropriate rights is illegal in many jurisdictions.

How does BRrip differ from BDrip?

BRrip is usually more compressed and of slightly lower quality than BDrip.

Are BRrips smaller in size compared to BDrips?

Yes, BRrips are generally smaller in size due to more compression.

Can BRrips include subtitles?

Yes, BRrips can include subtitles if they are encoded into the file.

Are BDrips compatible with all devices?

Compatibility depends on the device's ability to play the specific file format and codec of the BDrip.

Are BRrips suitable for large screens?

While suitable, BRrips may lose some quality on very large screens compared to BDrips or original Blu-rays.

Do BRrips maintain the original aspect ratio?

Most BRrips maintain the original aspect ratio, but it can vary.

Can BRrips be converted to other formats?

Yes, BRrips can be converted to other video formats using suitable software.

What devices can play BRrips?

Devices that support the file format and codec of the BRrip can play it, including computers, smartphones, and certain media players.
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