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Brainly vs. Chegg: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 3, 2024
Brainly is a social learning community for students seeking homework help, while Chegg offers comprehensive educational services including textbook rentals and online tutoring.

Key Differences

Brainly operates as a social learning network where students can ask and answer homework questions across various subjects. It fosters a collaborative environment where peers support each other's learning. Chegg, on the other hand, provides a wider range of educational services, not only including a Q&A platform but also textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other study aids.
Brainly emphasizes community-driven learning, encouraging students to participate in a knowledge-sharing community. Its platform is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer assistance, promoting a sense of mutual help and learning. Chegg, in contrast, offers professional services such as access to experts for homework help and personalized tutoring, catering to students who seek more structured support.
The accessibility of Brainly is marked by its free basic service, with optional premium subscriptions for additional features. This makes it easily accessible to a broad student base. Chegg requires a subscription for most of its services, including expert Q&A and textbook solutions, which may limit access to those who can afford these services.
Brainly's platform is primarily driven by user-generated content, where the accuracy and quality of answers can vary. It relies on community moderation to maintain standards. Chegg, with its expert-driven approach, generally ensures a higher consistency in the quality of educational content, albeit at a higher cost.
Brainly is more global in its outreach, supporting a diverse, international user base with services in multiple languages. Chegg, while also available internationally, is more U.S.-centric in its services, particularly with its textbook rental and sale services, which are primarily tailored for the U.S. educational system.

Comparison Chart

Service Focus

Peer-to-peer homework help
Comprehensive educational services

Learning Approach

Community-driven, collaborative
Expert-driven, structured


Free basic access, premium subscriptions
Subscription-based for most services

Content Quality

User-generated, varies in accuracy
Expert-generated, generally high quality

Global Reach

International, multilingual support
U.S.-centric, with international presence

Brainly and Chegg Definitions


A social learning platform for student collaboration.
I solved a tough math problem on Brainly with help from students worldwide.


Primarily subscription-based for its services.
I subscribed to Chegg for ongoing homework assistance.


Allows students to ask and answer homework questions.
When I was stuck on a history question, I found answers on Brainly.


Tailored more for the U.S. educational system.
Chegg was my go-to for resources specific to my U.S. college courses.


Offers a free basic service and premium options.
I use the free version of Brainly for daily homework help.


Known for high-quality, expert-generated educational content.
Chegg's reliable and expert solutions were crucial for my study sessions.


Promotes peer-to-peer educational support.
Brainly helped me understand complex topics through peer explanations.


Provides educational services including tutoring and textbook rentals.
I rented my semester textbooks through Chegg at a lower cost.


Supports a global, multilingual student community.
Brainly's diverse community includes students from different countries.


Offers access to expert answers and personalized tutoring.
Chegg's expert tutors helped me prepare for my finals.


Of, relating to, or typified by a brain; (by extension) proficient in intellectual matters; brainy


Is Brainly free to use?

Brainly offers free basic access, with optional premium subscriptions.

What is Brainly?

Brainly is a social learning network where students ask and answer homework questions.

What subjects does Brainly cover?

Brainly covers a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to social sciences.

How reliable are the answers on Brainly?

The reliability varies as the content is user-generated, but there's community moderation.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a company offering various educational services like textbook rentals and online tutoring.

Is Chegg only for college students?

While Chegg primarily caters to college students, it can be useful for high school students as well.

Can I earn points or rewards on Brainly?

Yes, users can earn points for contributing answers on Brainly.

Does Chegg have a mobile app?

Yes, Chegg offers a mobile app for accessing its services.

Can Brainly be used by students worldwide?

Yes, Brainly supports a diverse, international student base.

Can I get one-on-one tutoring on Chegg?

Yes, Chegg offers personalized tutoring services.

Are Brainly answers provided by experts?

Brainly answers are mostly provided by peers, not necessarily experts.

Does Chegg provide solutions to textbook problems?

Yes, Chegg offers step-by-step solutions for problems in many textbooks.

How does Brainly ensure answer quality?

Brainly relies on community moderation and a system of points and ranks to ensure quality.

Is Brainly a good tool for collaborative learning?

Yes, Brainly promotes collaborative learning through peer-to-peer interaction.

Can I access Brainly in different languages?

Yes, Brainly supports multiple languages to cater to its international user base.

How does Chegg’s textbook rental work?

Students can rent textbooks for a semester at a fraction of the purchase cost.

How expensive is Chegg’s subscription?

Chegg's subscription cost varies based on the services chosen.

Are Chegg's tutors certified?

Chegg tutors are subject matter experts, often with advanced degrees in their fields.

Can I use Chegg for exam preparation?

Yes, Chegg provides resources and tutoring that can be helpful for exam preparation.

Does Brainly offer textbook solutions like Chegg?

No, Brainly primarily focuses on Q&A support rather than textbook solutions.
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