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14K Gold vs. 14KT Gold: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 3, 2024
14K Gold is a gold alloy with 58.3% gold purity, denoted as '14K'. 14KT Gold is another notation for 14K gold, 'KT' standing for karat.

Key Differences

14K Gold refers to a gold alloy consisting of 58.3% pure gold, with the 'K' indicating 'karat', a measure of purity. 14KT Gold is essentially the same as 14K Gold, with 'KT' also signifying 'karat', but is just a different notation used by some jewelers or regions.
Both 14K and 14KT Gold contain the same proportion of gold, mixed with other metals for durability. The remaining 41.7% is a combination of metals like copper, silver, zinc, or nickel, which add strength and can affect the color.
14K Gold and 14KT Gold can come in various colors like yellow, white, and rose, depending on the mix of alloying metals. The terminology (K or KT) doesn't affect the color or appearance of the gold.
The choice between using '14K' or '14KT' is mostly a matter of regional preference or jeweler's tradition. Both terms are used interchangeably in the jewelry industry, with no difference in value or quality.
Some brands or regions might prefer using '14KT' to emphasize the karat purity, but it's purely a marketing or labeling choice. Consumers should understand that both 14K and 14KT Gold offer the same quality and properties.

Comparison Chart


'K' stands for Karat
'KT' also stands for Karat

Gold Purity

58.3% gold purity
Same, 58.3% gold purity

Alloy Composition

Mixed with metals for durability
Same composition

Color Variations

Available in yellow, white, rose
Same, available in various colors

Market Usage

Common in some regions and brands
Preferred in other regions or brands

14K Gold and 14KT Gold Definitions

14K Gold

14K Gold can be yellow, white, or rose, based on alloying metals.
I chose a 14K gold ring in a beautiful rose hue.

14KT Gold

14KT Gold denotes a gold alloy with 58.3% gold content.
Her bracelet is crafted from high-quality 14KT gold.

14K Gold

14K Gold is an alloy with 58.3% pure gold.
My necklace is made of durable 14K gold.

14KT Gold

14KT Gold is mixed with metals like copper or silver for strength.
This 14KT gold pendant has a perfect blend of purity and durability.

14K Gold

14K Gold offers a balance of durability and affordability.
I prefer 14K gold for everyday wear due to its strength.

14KT Gold

14KT Gold is used for various types of jewelry.
We have an exquisite collection of 14KT gold necklaces.

14K Gold

14K Gold is a popular choice in the jewelry market.
Most of the wedding bands here are crafted in 14K gold.

14KT Gold

14KT Gold is more commonly used in certain regions.
In Europe, you'll often find jewelry marked as 14KT gold.

14K Gold

14K Gold is widely used in making various jewelry pieces.
These 14K gold earrings are both elegant and strong.

14KT Gold

14KT Gold is often preferred for its clarity in labeling.
Our store labels all jewelry with the 14KT gold mark for clarity.


Can 14K Gold be white gold?

Yes, with the addition of metals like nickel or palladium.

What does 14K Gold mean?

Gold alloy with 58.3% gold purity.

Does 14KT Gold imply a higher quality than 14K?

No, the quality and gold content are the same.

Does 14K Gold tarnish over time?

It can, but less so than lower karat gold.

Why use different notations, 14K and 14KT?

It's a matter of regional preference or marketing.

Is 14K Gold good for sensitive skin?

Generally, yes, but depends on the specific alloy metals.

Is 14KT Gold the same as 14K Gold?

Yes, they both denote the same gold purity.

What's the best way to clean 14K Gold jewelry?

Gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Is 14KT Gold more expensive than 14K?

No, the price is based on gold content, not the notation.

Can 14KT Gold jewelry be resized?

Yes, like 14K Gold, it can be resized by a jeweler.

Does 14K Gold contain nickel?

It can, especially in white gold alloys.

How does 14K Gold compare to 18K Gold?

14K Gold has less gold content and is more durable than 18K Gold.

Are 14K and 14KT Gold both used in engagement rings?

Yes, both are popular choices for engagement rings.

How can I tell if my jewelry is 14K or 14KT Gold?

Check for a '14K' or '14KT' hallmark on the piece.

Can I find 14KT Gold in different colors?

Yes, it's available in yellow, white, and rose variants.

Is 14KT Gold hypoallergenic?

Not always, as it depends on the other metals used in the alloy.

Are 14K and 14KT Gold suitable for daily wear?

Yes, their durability makes them suitable for everyday use.

Can 14KT Gold be used in antique jewelry?

Yes, it's possible, especially in vintage pieces.

Why do some jewelers prefer using 14KT over 14K?

It may be a branding choice or to provide clarity in marking.

Are 14K Gold watches durable?

Yes, they offer good durability due to alloy composition.
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