Difference Between Attitude and Behavior


Main Difference

The main difference between attitude and behavior is that the attitude reflects our mind´s predisposition about certain people, values, ideas and system etc. while our behavior involves the actual action in response to a stimulus orally or in the form of body language.

Attitude vs. Behavior

Each person in this world is different from one another, not just physically but also in behavior and attitude. Attitude is the internal mindset, thoughts or ideas of a man about certain aspects while behavior is its action orally or through body language in response to a given condition.

Comparison Chart

Attitude is defined as a way of thinking or feeling about something.Behavior is defined as the action or reaction of someone in response to an external or internal stimulus.
Attitude affects a person’s thoughts.Behavior affects a person’s actions.
Based on
Man’s observation and experiencesStimulus or situation
Man’s feelings or thinkingAction in response to the condition
Human TraitHereditary trait
Depends upon
Education, life experiences and company of a personPerson’s attitude and condition
An attitude of a person is inner shelled and cannot be predictedBehavior can be predicted by knowing about the attitude of a person.

What is Attitude?

Simply, attitude is a hypothetical concept that depends on the internal mindset or feelings of a person on a certain idea or about someone and cannot be observed. A person’s attitude depends upon its observations and experiences during his life and reflects in his body language or behavior. It prepares us for the future by organizing our experiences. Attitude leaves a strong impact on our actions, decisions, and opinion etc. Stronger the attitude the more it will affect the behavior. There are different factors that affect a person’s attitude like environment, education, and experience etc. A person’s attitude may be positive, negative or neutral, so, reflects a message about him on the people living around. Knowing about the attitude of a person we can predict his behavior. Towards topics of interest, people have a strong attitude because they have more knowledge about that topic.


What is Behavior?

Behavior is the action or response of a person towards a particular condition or stimuli, whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious and voluntary or involuntary. It can be observed and depends on the situation, stimuli or circumstances surrounding it. A person expresses his behavior orally or through his body language in response to any condition which is the reflection of his attitude. Behavior is a hereditary trait, i.e., it is transferred from parents to offsprings. The nervous system controls the behavior.

Key Differences

  1. Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something while behavior is the actual action in response to any condition.
  2. Attitude is a human trait, but the behavior is a hereditary trait.
  3. Attitude cannot be observed while behavior can be observed in the form of actions.
  4. Attitude based on observation and life experiences however behavior based on the stimulus or condition.
  5. Attitude expresses man’s feelings and thoughts while behavior expresses his attitude.
  6. Attitude is inner shelled by a man and cannot be predicted while behavior can be predicted by knowing about his attitude.


According to the above discussion, it is clear that feelings, opinion or thoughts that cannot be observed are known as the attitude of a person while acting in response to a particular condition that can be easily observed is known as his behavior.

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