Difference Between Approach and Method


Main Difference

The main difference between approach and method is that the approach is a way to deal with someone, and the method is a whole process to solve any issue or problem.

Approach vs. Method

The approach is a route that you are going to reach a project. The method is a process or steps that you use to complete the project. Word approach means to achieve something or someone. Word method means something is done. It is also said that approach is a cause while the method is an effect. The term approach depends on “tackling the problems.” The term method is depending on “solving the problems.”


The approach has a sense of how to deal with things or a person. A method is a manner of telling them how to accomplish work. A person needs an approach for a problem to tackle it. A method is required to solve any problem. The approach deals with the general philosophies. The method is used to deal with the practical. The approach is an idea or style to overcome a situation. The method is the overall justification of a situation.

The approach is related to the concept of facing a tough situation. The method is related to the procedure. The approach is informal and becomes a method as it attains proficiency by testing again and again. The method is organized and formal. Approach show direction or idea regarding a situation. The method is a whole process to handle the situation. The approach is a general term to do things. A method is a coherent or comprehensive tool to achieve a goal.


In Old French approach is written as “aprochier” and “aprochen” in Middle English. In French method is written as “methode.” Word approach is derived from the word “Prope” means “near. Word method is the combination of two words “meta” means “after” and “hodos” means “a way.” When you decide to complete a task first, you approach it; then, you look over the methods that you are using to finish it. A method is said to the practical implementation of an approach.

Comparison Chart

It is an ideaIt is a process
Refers To
Direction or angleProcess or steps
Based On
General theoretical frameworkGuide step by step
Decided before selecting the methodDecided after selecting approach
CasualScientific, organized and well-researched
GeneralSpecific and step by step

What is Approach?

The approach is said to be a scheme through which you can outlook a task or a project. Word approach is derived from the Latin word means “Go nearer to.” The approach is related to a specific direction or an angle to deal with your task. There could be more than two ways to approach any task. According to the academics, approach belongs to a theoretical set-up that you are going to use in your project. For instance, a professor gives some literature tasks to his students and asks them to write a review on it. There will be several approaches to fulfill the literature task. Some students finish their work by look over the language. However, some students approach their work by analyzing the structure or form, while other students focus on the theme.

Likewise, to analyze literature work, students use different angles and theories. To illustrate, Jean Rhys “White Saragossa Sea “can be approach by using a combination of two theories, i.e., “Postcolonial theories” and “Feminist theories.” Overall, the approach is an idea or design to defeat a problem and face a given situation. Generally, the approach is a concept that explains the style or way of a person and his reaction or behavior regarding face such a tough situation. The level of approach is just an idea, and it does not involve any steps that are tested or prove from time to time.

The intentional succession of actions in any situation or problem summarizes the approach of a person who is dealing with the situation. So the approach is defined as “Way to handle a situation, or a problem is known as an approach.” It changes from time to time, situation to situation, and with different individuals, although there is not a specific formula with such slight variations that can be measured as an approach.

According to Richards and Rodgers (1986), “approach belongs to a general presumption about how to learn a language” means the approach is a theoretical view of what language is and how it can learn. In short, the approach is a way to contemplate teaching and learning. The approach leads to the methods of the way of teaching. However, the communicative approach is known best current approach to teach language.

What is Method?

The method is a process or procedure of doing something. It is always schematic, structured, and in an organized form. The method is a step by step explanation to finish a task or to perform in a situation. When you are dealing with a mathematical problem, then first, we going to use an approach to look-over the basic theory and then indulge in its method or process. When we solve a problem step by step, it is its method.

Method refers to the procedure that has been tested and proves to help out and to overcome the problems. The method is always well organized, well mannered, and well researched to overcome a problem. The nature of the method is scientific and accomplished in a scheme having small steps. The method can be consummated according to the requirement of a specific situation. A method is a specific technique, tool, or procedure used to accomplish data, e.g., surveys, experiments and statistical analysis.

The method provides comprehensive steps that are required to finish a problem or to overcome a situation and to achieve a goal. For beginners of any field, the method is necessary to solve even minor problems. For instance, in literature, if you’re writing an essay or a novel and if you supervise research, you gather the data, analyze the literature and make a procedure this way of analyzing and the procedure is a method. The method illustrates how to do something or how to cope with a situation.

A method involves a specific syllabus, materials of choice to boost learning. A method is a type of organizing or plan that depends on the approach. The method is a systematic and theoretical analysis of data and applied in different fields of study. Typically, it covers the overall concept, paradigm, and theoretical overview, qualitative and quantitative techniques. Quantitative methods are usually related to sample size by simply collecting data and by analyzing. Qualitative methods are generally flexible and allow you to explore concepts and experiments properly and keenly.

Key Differences

  1. An approach is an act, whereas a method is a process to finish a task.
  2. The approach means to handle something, although the method refers to the system of doing something.
  3. The approach is just a concept conversely method is a step by step procedure.
  4. The approach is casual on the flip side method is organized and coherent.
  5. The method is a comprehensive technique, while the approach is general.
  6. The word method is more specific as compared to the approach.
  7. Approach refers to ideas; on the other hand, the method is a complete procedure.


It is concluded that the approach is an idea and method is the procedure to overcome a situation.

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