Difference Between OTG and Microwave


Main Difference

The main difference between an OTG and Microwave is that an OTG is an oven toaster griller and helpful to bake, grill, and toast, whereas a Microwave is an oven that cooks food very rapidly.

OTG vs. Microwave

OTG is a small form of oven, toaster, and griller. Microwave has a large size and cooks different food items. OTG has no requirements for additional functions and has no auto cook ability. Microwave has auto cook ability. OTG uses metals, but Microwave has no use of metals. OTG prices start from a minimum of 1500. Microwave price starts from a minimum of 9 thousand.


You can easily carry and move an OTG as they are portable. Microwave has a large size and cannot quickly move from one place to another. OTG’s highest-capacity is almost about 60 liters. Microwave’s highest capacity is nearly 32 liters. OTG has tough mechanical controls and settings. Microwaves have a simple and easy process to configure recipes.

Comparison Chart

It changes electric energy into heat to produce high temperature, to bake the items.It cooks food rapidly through electromagnetic radiations rather than by heat.
OTG has heating rods and bakes food items.They absorb water, fats, and sugar, and change them to heat. They cook food items.
OTG has a small size and is portable.The microwave has a large size and is not portable easily.
Time Consumption
Take a lot of time because its heat depends on traditional heat waves.Cooks within a few minutes due to microwaves.

What is OTG?

OTG is an oven toaster griller and helpful to bake, grill and toast. OTG has the coils on its ceiling and roof of the oven. These coils have an extraordinary performance to bake food. If you have to grill something, you have to heat the highest coil for this. If you have to do normal baking, then you have to heat both roofing and ceiling coils.

The latest OTG has a direct timer and temperature knob. You can bake cakes, toast bread, and reheat small items of food. You can also bake cookies, cupcakes, croissants, pasta, and bread, etc. Having an OTG, there is no need to buy a toaster and a grill. OTG has the main entrance, detachable wire rack, and baking pan. The OTG coils are built up by nickel/chromium metal that changes electricity into heat. Bajaj 1603 TSS Majesty OTG is an example of OTG.

What is Microwave?

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave between radio waves and the infrared radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. The microwave will cook the food items within a few minutes. It normally uses a frequency of about 2.5 GHz. They cook pizza, chicken grills, popcorn, and muffins, etc. Microwave shape and put together the recipes in particular form with LCD view panel. You can also easily defrost and reheat your food with Microwave. It is the best selection to cook noodles, rice, meat, and curries.

The previous Microwave needs kindling, fire, manual heat settings, and cooking. With the new technology, it can perform all functions within a single touch of a button. Microwave frequency ranges from 300 MKZ, and 300 GHZ. Plastic or metal does not absorb Microwave. The microwave came based on radar technology that Percy Spencer introduced in World War II. At the first time after its creation, Microwave was known as ‘Radarange.’ Now, the latest Microwave called ‘Countertop microwave.’ When you put a food item in Microwave, it will throw microwaves at this item and changed to heat. IFB 20SC2 convection microwave is an example of Microwave.

Key Differences

  1. OTG is a time consumer oven, whereas a Microwave does not take much time.
  2. OTG is the latest invention; on the other hand, a Microwave is an old invention.
  3. OTG requires less money to buy. Conversely, Microwave is costly.
  4. OTG uses less energy on the flip side Microwave ovens require much electricity.
  5. OTG will bake food items quickly, whereas Microwave cook food items rapidly.
  6. OTG will take at least 15 minutes to heat it’s both coils, while a Microwave will take a maximum of 5 minutes to cook the items.
  7. OTG is standard for good tasty items; on the other hand, Microwave is perfect for a quick reheat.


Both OTG and Microwave are the important kitchen apparatus. They are highly used for baking and heating several food items. OTG use electric coils for heating, while Microwave needs an electrical switch.

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