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Appendix vs. Appendices: What's the Difference?

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"Appendix" is a supplementary material at the end of a book or document, while "Appendices" is its plural form.

Key Differences

"Appendix" refers to a section at the end of a book or document that provides additional information, which, while not essential to the main text, complements it. This might include tables, charts, raw data, or detailed explanations. In contrast, when a document contains multiple such sections, they are collectively referred to as "Appendices."
The inclusion of an "Appendix" is especially common in academic papers, where authors may want to provide readers with further evidence or in-depth analyses without interrupting the flow of the main content. When there are several of these supplementary sections, differentiating between them becomes necessary. Thus, multiple "Appendices" are usually labeled with letters or numbers for easier reference.
Using the term "Appendix" signifies the presence of a singular supplementary section. For instance, a single survey or a detailed methodology might be provided in an appendix. "Appendices," being plural, suggests the presence of multiple supplementary sections, perhaps various data sets, or distinct methodologies pertaining to different chapters.
It's essential for writers and readers alike to recognize the distinction between "Appendix" and "Appendices." While both offer extra content that supplements the primary document, understanding whether there's one or multiple additional sections can shape the reader's approach to the material. For instance, a document might mention "see Appendix A," indicating a specific section among several "Appendices."

Comparison Chart



Refers to

One supplementary section
Multiple supplementary sections

Common Usage

In documents with a single supplementary section
In documents with multiple supplementary sections

Labeling in Documents

Might be labeled as "Appendix"
Usually labeled as "Appendices A, B, C..."


A book with just raw data at the end
A thesis with data sets, charts, and methodologies

Appendix and Appendices Definitions


A supplementary section in a document.
The raw data can be found in the Appendix.


Multiple supplementary sections.
The research paper has detailed Appendices.


Positioned at the end of a document.
Consult the Appendix for the methodology.


Each section labeled for reference.
See Appendices A, B, and C for further information.


Provides additional details or explanations.
For an in-depth analysis, refer to the Appendix.


Often used in lengthy or detailed documents.
The book's Appendices are comprehensive.


May contain charts, tables, or figures.
The Appendix contains the complete list of sources.


Provides various sets of additional information.
All the questionnaires are found in the Appendices.


Complements the main content.
Survey results are provided in the Appendix.


The plural form of Appendix.
The three Appendices cover data, charts, and interviews.


An appendage.


A plural of appendix.


A collection of supplementary material, usually at the end of a book.


Plural of appendice


(Anatomy) Any of several supplementary or accessory parts of a bodily organ or structure, especially the vermiform appendix of the large intestine.


Something attached to something else; an attachment or accompaniment.


A text added to the end of a book or an article, containing additional information.


(anatomy) The vermiform appendix.


(anatomy) Any process, prolongation, or projection.


Something appended or added; an appendage, adjunct, or concomitant.
Normandy became an appendix to England.


Any literary matter added to a book, but not necessarily essential to its completeness, and thus distinguished from supplement, which is intended to supply deficiencies and correct inaccuracies.


The vermiform appendix.


Supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book


A vestigial process that extends from the lower end of the cecum and that resembles a small pouch


Is an Appendix always at the end of a document?

Generally, yes, an "Appendix" is positioned at the conclusion of a document.

Are Appendices essential to understand the main content?

No, "Appendices" provide supplementary information, but the main content should stand on its own.

What types of documents often have Appendices?

Research papers, theses, manuals, and some books frequently contain "Appendices."

Where is the Appendix located in a book?

The "Appendix" is usually found at the end of a book or document.

Why include an Appendix instead of integrating the content?

An "Appendix" keeps supplementary details separate, ensuring the main content flows smoothly.

Can a document have both an Appendix and Appendices?

Typically, a document will use either "Appendix" (for one) or "Appendices" (for multiple).

How are different sections in Appendices labeled?

They're often labeled as "Appendices A, B, C..." or "Appendix 1, 2, 3..."

Can an Appendix contain images?

Yes, an "Appendix" can contain images, diagrams, or any relevant supplementary material.

Is the word Appendix singular or plural?

"Appendix" is singular, while "Appendices" is plural.

Can Appendices be in different formats?

Yes, "Appendices" can include text, tables, figures, charts, etc.

Is there a difference in meaning between Appendix and Appendices?

No, the core meaning is the same; it's a matter of number.

Can a novel have Appendices?

Yes, some novels may have "Appendices" for character lists, maps, or other supplementary details.

How is the presence of Appendices indicated?

Usually via a table of contents or a reference within the main text.

Is an Appendix the same as a bibliography?

No, while both are supplementary, a bibliography lists sources, while an "Appendix" provides additional details or data.

Can Appendices be interactive in digital documents?

Yes, in e-books or online publications, "Appendices" might have interactive elements.

Are Appendices peer-reviewed in academic journals?

It depends on the journal, but "Appendices" are generally subjected to the same review process.

Is there a standard length for an Appendix?

No, the length of an "Appendix" varies based on the content it covers.

Do all academic papers require an Appendix?

Not all. Only if there's supplementary information that the author wants to include separately.

Should each Appendix have its own title?

Yes, it's helpful for clarity if each "Appendix" has a descriptive title.

How do authors decide what to put in Appendices?

Authors typically include material that complements but isn't essential to the main content in "Appendices."
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