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Microsoft Xbox One S vs. Microsoft Xbox One X: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 3, 2024
Microsoft Xbox One S is a slimmer, more energy-efficient version of the original Xbox One, whereas Xbox One X is a more powerful version, offering enhanced performance and 4K gaming.

Key Differences

Microsoft Xbox One S is a revision of the original Xbox One, offering a slimmer design and support for HDR gaming. It was introduced as a more compact and slightly improved version in terms of processing power. Microsoft Xbox One X, on the other hand, is a more significant upgrade over the original model, boasting much higher processing power and designed specifically for 4K gaming and high-fidelity graphics.
In terms of visual performance, Microsoft Xbox One S supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for richer colors but does not natively support 4K gaming. It can upscale games to 4K but does not play them in true 4K resolution. Conversely, Microsoft Xbox One X offers native 4K gaming and is equipped with more robust hardware to support these higher resolutions and enhanced visual effects.
The storage options vary between the two models. Microsoft Xbox One S typically comes with lower storage options, suitable for casual gaming and multimedia purposes. Microsoft Xbox One X often includes larger storage capacities, catering to more intensive gaming needs and accommodating larger 4K game files.
Regarding physical size and design, Microsoft Xbox One S is smaller and more compact than its predecessor, making it a more space-efficient option. Microsoft Xbox One X is slightly larger and heavier, due to its more powerful internal components, but still maintains a sleek design.
Price-wise, Microsoft Xbox One S is generally more affordable, targeting a broader market segment, including casual gamers and those looking for an entertainment system. Microsoft Xbox One X is priced higher, reflecting its advanced gaming capabilities and targeting hardcore gamers who prioritize graphical performance and speed.

Comparison Chart


Slimmer, more compact
Larger, more robust


Improved over original, not for 4K gaming
Significantly higher, 4K gaming capable

Storage Options

Typically lower storage capacities
Larger storage options for 4K games

Visual Capabilities

Supports HDR, upscales to 4K
Native 4K support and HDR

Target Audience/Price

More affordable, casual gamers
Higher price, hardcore gamers

Microsoft Xbox One S and Microsoft Xbox One X Definitions

Microsoft Xbox One S

Entry-level gaming console.
I bought an Xbox One S as my first gaming console.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Designed for intensive gaming.
My Xbox One X handles all the latest games with ease.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Supports HDR gaming.
Games on my Xbox One S look vibrant with HDR.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Larger storage capacity.
I store more games on my Xbox One X due to its large hard drive.

Microsoft Xbox One S

More energy-efficient model.
I prefer the Xbox One S for its lower power consumption.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Targeted at hardcore gamers.
As a serious gamer, the Xbox One X was my choice.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Slimmer version of Xbox One.
The Xbox One S fits perfectly in my small TV stand.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Offers native 4K gaming.
Playing games in 4K on my Xbox One X is stunning.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Upscales games to 4K.
My Xbox One S upscales games to 4K on my new TV.

Microsoft Xbox One X

High-performance Xbox model.
The Xbox One X runs games smoothly with its powerful hardware.


Can the Xbox One S play all Xbox One games?

Yes, it's compatible with all Xbox One games.

What is the Microsoft Xbox One S?

A slimmer, more energy-efficient version of the original Xbox One.

Is the Xbox One S good for casual gaming?

Yes, it's ideal for casual gamers.

Is there a storage difference between the S and X?

Yes, the X typically offers larger storage options.

What is the Microsoft Xbox One X?

A high-performance version of the Xbox One, designed for 4K gaming.

What's the main advantage of the Xbox One S?

Its compact design and energy efficiency.

Does the Xbox One S support 4K?

It can upscale to 4K, but doesn't support native 4K gaming.

Is the Xbox One S smaller than the original Xbox One?

Yes, it's more compact and slimmer.

Does the Xbox One X support true 4K gaming?

Yes, it offers native 4K gaming.

Can the Xbox One X play older Xbox games?

Yes, it supports backward compatibility.

Does the Xbox One S have HDR support?

Yes, it supports High Dynamic Range.

Can I use Xbox One accessories with the Xbox One S?

Yes, it's compatible with Xbox One accessories.

What's the main target audience for the Xbox One X?

Hardcore gamers who prioritize graphics and performance.

Is the Xbox One X bigger than the S?

Yes, it's slightly larger to accommodate more powerful hardware.

Does the Xbox One X have a better processor than the S?

Yes, it has a more powerful processor.

Are there exclusive games for the Xbox One X?

No, but some games perform better on the X.

How do Xbox One S and X differ in power consumption?

The S is more energy-efficient than the X.

Is the Xbox One X much more expensive than the S?

Generally, it's priced higher due to its advanced features.

Is the Xbox One S suitable for a home entertainment system?

Yes, it's great for gaming and multimedia.

Can the Xbox One X play Blu-ray discs?

Yes, it can play 4K Blu-ray discs.
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