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Sweetest Day vs. Valentine’s Day: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 3, 2024
Sweetest Day, observed in October, is a day to express love and kindness, especially in the Midwest, while Valentine's Day, celebrated in February globally, is a day dedicated to romantic love.

Key Differences

Sweetest Day, celebrated on the third Saturday of October, originated in the Midwestern United States, focusing on showing love and affection to friends and family. Valentine's Day, observed on February 14th, is globally recognized as a day to celebrate romantic love, often between couples.
Sweetest Day was initially created in the 1920s to distribute sweets and tokens of affection to the underprivileged. Valentine's Day, with roots in an ancient Roman festival, has evolved into a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romance.
The observance of Sweetest Day is primarily regional, with its most significant presence in the Midwest. Valentine's Day, however, is celebrated worldwide, with numerous cultures adding their unique traditions.
Sweetest Day emphasizes kindness and charitable acts, often extending beyond romantic relationships to include friends and relatives. Valentine's Day primarily focuses on expressions of love, such as gifts, romantic dinners, and intimate gestures, typically between romantic partners.
Both Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day revolve around expressing affection, Sweetest Day has a broader focus including charitable acts, and its celebration is more localized compared to the globally observed Valentine's Day.

Comparison Chart

Date of Celebration

Third Saturday of October
February 14


Midwestern United States, 1920s
Ancient Roman Festival, widely adopted globally

Geographic Popularity

Primarily in the Midwest of the United States
Celebrated worldwide

Focus of Celebration

Kindness and affection to friends and family
Romantic love, primarily between couples


Distributing sweets, acts of charity
Exchanging gifts, romantic gestures

Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day Definitions

Sweetest Day

A day to express affection and perform kind acts, celebrated in October.
On Sweetest Day, I volunteer at the local shelter to spread kindness.

Valentine's Day

A day marked by romantic gestures, such as dates and marriage proposals.
Valentine's Day is popular for marriage proposals and renewing vows.

Sweetest Day

A regional holiday in the United States emphasizing caring gestures.
For Sweetest Day, we bake cookies for our neighbors.

Valentine's Day

A day celebrating romantic love observed on February 14.
On Valentine's Day, couples often go out for a romantic dinner.

Sweetest Day

A Midwest tradition of spreading love and care beyond romantic relationships.
On Sweetest Day, I make it a point to call my friends and express my appreciation for them.

Valentine's Day

An occasion for expressing love, often through gifts and flowers.
He surprised her with roses on Valentine's Day.

Sweetest Day

A day to acknowledge friends, family, and loved ones with sweet gestures.
We celebrate Sweetest Day by sending cards to our family members.

Valentine's Day

A global celebration of love and affection between intimate partners.
They exchanged handmade valentines on Valentine's Day.

Sweetest Day

An observance promoting charitable acts and thoughtfulness.
Sweetest Day is an opportunity to donate to charity and help those in need.

Valentine's Day

An annual celebration of love, traditionally involving the exchange of cards and chocolates.
Every Valentine's Day, stores are filled with chocolates and heart-shaped cards.


Is Sweetest Day similar to Valentine's Day?

Both days celebrate affection, but Sweetest Day has a broader focus including kindness and charity.

What are common Sweetest Day activities?

Giving sweets, performing acts of kindness, and recognizing friends and family.

Is Sweetest Day celebrated outside the United States?

It's primarily a regional celebration in the U.S. Midwest.

What is Sweetest Day?

A day to express kindness and affection, particularly in the Midwest.

When is Sweetest Day celebrated?

On the third Saturday of October.

How is Valentine's Day celebrated?

Through romantic gestures, gift-giving, and special dates.

Do people celebrate Valentine's Day worldwide?

Yes, it's celebrated globally, with various cultural adaptations.

Is Valentine's Day only for couples?

Primarily, though some people use the day to express affection to friends and family.

Are Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day commercialized?

Yes, both have significant commercial aspects, especially Valentine's Day.

What's the historical significance of Sweetest Day?

It began as a day to distribute sweets to the underprivileged.

What is the most popular Valentine's Day symbol?

The heart is the most recognized symbol of Valentine's Day.

What is the origin of Valentine's Day?

It has roots in an ancient Roman festival and Christian martyrdom.

Can Sweetest Day be celebrated by couples?

Yes, couples can celebrate it, but it's not limited to romantic relationships.

Does Sweetest Day have traditional symbols like Valentine's Day?

Not as specific as Valentine's Day, though sweets and heart motifs are common.

Can Sweetest Day be an alternative to Valentine's Day for single people?

Yes, as it focuses on general affection and kindness, not just romantic love.

Can Sweetest Day be used to show appreciation to coworkers or friends?

Absolutely, it's an appropriate occasion for such gestures.

What is Valentine's Day?

A day celebrating romantic love on February 14.

What are typical Valentine's Day gifts?

Common gifts include flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.

Is it common to dine out on Valentine's Day?

Yes, dining out is a popular Valentine's Day activity for couples.

Are there special Sweetest Day or Valentine's Day events?

Yes, many businesses and communities host events for both days.
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