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Valued vs. Valuated: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Harlon Moss || Updated on May 30, 2024
"Valued" refers to being highly regarded or esteemed, while "Valuated" means having been assessed for monetary worth.

Key Differences

"Valued" refers to something or someone being highly regarded or appreciated. For instance, a valued employee is one who is considered important and respected within a company. This term focuses on the emotional or subjective appreciation of worth. "Valuated," on the other hand, means having been assessed for its financial worth or market value. A property that has been valuated has undergone a formal process to determine its monetary value. This term is more technical and objective, relating to financial evaluation.
In a workplace context, a valued team member contributes significantly to the team’s success and is recognized for their contributions. Conversely, a valuated asset, such as equipment or real estate, has been appraised to determine its financial worth.
When discussing personal relationships, someone who is valued is cherished and respected. Meanwhile, valuated is rarely used in this context as it pertains to financial assessments rather than personal appreciation.
In legal and financial documents, "valuated" appears frequently to indicate that an asset has been appraised. "Valued" is more common in everyday language to express appreciation or high regard.

Comparison Chart


Highly regarded or esteemed
Assessed for monetary worth

Usage Context

Personal, emotional, subjective
Financial, technical, objective

Example Context

Valued employee
Valuated property

Common Settings

Everyday language, personal relationships
Legal and financial documents

Nature of Assessment

Subjective appreciation
Objective financial evaluation

Valued and Valuated Definitions


Highly regarded or esteemed.
She is a valued member of our team.


Assessed for monetary worth.
The property was valuated at $500,000.


Considered with respect and admiration.
Their contribution is greatly valued.


Having undergone a formal appraisal.
The company's assets were valuated by experts.


Important or significant.
His advice is highly valued.


Determined in terms of financial value.
All inventory must be valuated annually.


Having a high personal worth.
Her friendship is deeply valued.


Assigned a market value.
The jewelry collection was valuated for insurance purposes.


Recognized for positive qualities.
He felt valued at his new job.


Judged in terms of economic worth.
The artwork was valuated before the auction.


Having a value, esteemed.


To set a value for; appraise.


Simple past tense and past participle of value


Simple past tense and past participle of valuate


Highly regarded; esteemed; prized; as, a valued contributor; a valued friend.


(usually used in combination) having value of a specified kind;


Held in great esteem for admirable qualities especially of an intrinsic nature;
A valued friend


What does "valued" mean?

It means highly regarded or esteemed.

What does "valuated" mean?

It means assessed for monetary worth.

Is "valuated" used in everyday language?

No, it is more commonly used in financial and legal contexts.

Can a person be valuated?

No, typically objects or assets are valuated, not people.

Can "valued" refer to monetary worth?

No, "valued" generally refers to emotional or subjective appreciation.

Is "valued" subjective or objective?

Subjective, as it relates to personal appreciation.

What type of documents use "valuated"?

Financial and legal documents.

Does "valuated" imply emotional worth?

No, it implies financial worth.

Is "valuated" subjective or objective?

Objective, as it involves financial assessment.

What is a common synonym for "valuated"?

Appraised or assessed.

Can you be a valued employee?

Yes, it means you are highly regarded by your employer.

Is "valuated" more common in professional contexts?

Yes, especially in finance and law.

Does "valued" imply financial worth?

No, it implies emotional worth.

How do you valuate a property?

By assessing its market or monetary value.

Is "valued" more common in personal contexts?

Yes, it is more common in personal and informal contexts.

How do you value a relationship?

By appreciating its emotional significance.

Can a relationship be described as valuated?

No, relationships are described as valued.

What is a common synonym for "valued"?

Cherished or esteemed.

Can a car be valued?

Yes, if referring to its importance or worth to someone.

Can a car be valuated?

Yes, if referring to its assessed monetary value.
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