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UberGo vs. UberX: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on February 27, 2024
UberGo offers compact, cost-efficient rides, ideal for short distances; UberX provides standard sedans for more comfort and space.

Key Differences

UberGo is designed for budget-conscious riders, offering smaller, fuel-efficient cars. In contrast, UberX is a step above in terms of vehicle size and comfort, catering to those who prefer a standard sedan.
The cost of UberGo is generally lower than UberX, reflecting the smaller vehicle size and lower operating costs. UberX, while more expensive than UberGo, offers greater value for those seeking a more spacious ride.
In terms of passenger capacity, UberGo is ideal for up to two people, focusing on solo travelers or couples. UberX can comfortably accommodate up to four passengers, making it suitable for small groups or families.
UberGo is often chosen for short, quick trips within the city due to its compact size and maneuverability. On the other hand, UberX is preferred for longer, more comfortable journeys or when carrying more luggage.
Availability of UberGo varies and is more common in specific regions where smaller cars are in demand. UberX, being a more standard offering, is widely available in most regions where Uber operates.

Comparison Chart

Vehicle Type

Compact, fuel-efficient cars
Standard sedans


Generally lower
Slightly higher

Passenger Capacity

Ideal for 1-2 people
Comfortably fits up to 4 people

Ideal Usage

Short, city trips
Longer, more comfortable rides


Specific regions
Widely available

UberGo and UberX Definitions


UberGo offers compact car rides.
I used UberGo for a quick trip downtown.


UberX is slightly more expensive than budget options.
UberX is worth the extra cost for added comfort.


UberGo cars are smaller and nimbler.
UberGo easily navigated the busy streets.


UberX is ideal for longer journeys.
For our city tour, we booked an UberX.


UberGo is budget-friendly.
UberGo is my choice for cost-effective travel.


UberX accommodates up to four passengers.
Our family used UberX for our weekend outing.


UberGo is suitable for up to two passengers.
We booked an UberGo for our short ride.


UberX provides standard sedan services.
I chose UberX for a comfortable ride to the airport.


UberGo operates in select cities.
UberGo was available throughout my vacation in the city.


UberX is widely available.
I can always find an UberX, no matter where I am in the city.


Can UberGo accommodate luggage?

UberGo has limited space for luggage, less than UberX.

How does UberGo differ from UberX in cost?

UberGo is generally cheaper than UberX due to smaller vehicle size.

What is UberX?

UberX is an Uber service featuring standard sedans for up to four passengers.

Is UberX more comfortable than UberGo?

Yes, UberX offers more space and comfort compared to the compact UberGo.

What is UberGo?

UberGo is a ride option offering compact, fuel-efficient cars for short trips.

What kind of cars are used for UberX?

UberX uses standard sedans, larger than UberGo's compact cars.

Are UberGo cars air-conditioned?

Yes, UberGo cars typically have air conditioning.

Can I request an UberX for a single passenger?

Yes, UberX can be booked even for one person.

Can I book UberX for a long-distance trip?

Yes, UberX is suitable for longer distances.

Is UberGo available in all cities?

No, UberGo availability varies and is region-specific.

Is UberGo suitable for airport trips?

UberGo can be used, but space limitations might make UberX a better choice for airport rides with luggage.

Does UberX cost more during peak times?

Yes, UberX, like other Uber services, can have surge pricing during peak times.

Is there a difference in the waiting time for UberGo and UberX?

Waiting times can vary based on availability and demand for each service.

Are pets allowed in UberGo?

Pet policies for UberGo vary by region and driver discretion.

How do I identify my UberX car?

The Uber app provides car details and license plate numbers for identification.

How many people can ride in an UberGo?

UberGo is ideal for one or two passengers.

Are UberGo drivers professional?

Yes, UberGo drivers meet the same professional standards as other Uber services.

Is UberX good for group travel?

Yes, UberX is suitable for small groups or families of up to four.

Can I cancel an UberGo ride?

Yes, but cancellation fees may apply.

Are UberGo and UberX available 24/7?

Yes, generally both services operate around the clock, subject to local availability.
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