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Bubly vs. Spindrift: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 27, 2024
Bubly is a brand of flavored sparkling water with no sweeteners, while Spindrift is a sparkling water brand flavored with real squeezed fruit.

Key Differences

Bubly, a product of PepsiCo, is a flavored sparkling water beverage known for its variety of fruit flavors and absence of calories, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Spindrift differs as it is made with real squeezed fruit, which adds a small amount of sugar and calories to the beverage.
The flavor profile of Bubly is achieved using natural flavors, offering a subtle and refreshing taste without sweetness. Spindrift, on the other hand, provides a more pronounced fruit flavor due to the real fruit juice content, giving it a unique taste profile.
Bubly is marketed as a calorie-free, sparkling water alternative for consumers seeking flavor without added sugars or artificial ingredients. Spindrift caters to those who prefer a natural, lightly sweetened sparkling water with the essence of real fruit.
Packaging and branding for Bubly are vibrant and colorful, reflecting its wide range of flavors. Spindrift’s packaging emphasizes its use of real fruit, often displaying the type of fruit used on the can.
In terms of consumer appeal, Bubly targets those looking for a zero-calorie, unsweetened beverage option, whereas Spindrift appeals to those who don't mind a slight calorie and sugar intake for a more authentic fruit flavor.

Comparison Chart


Natural flavors, no sweeteners
Real squeezed fruit, contains natural sugars


Zero calories
Contains minimal calories

Sugar Content

No sugar
Contains natural sugars from fruit

Flavor Profile

Subtle, unsweetened
Pronounced, lightly sweetened

Target Consumer

Those preferring zero-calorie drinks
Those preferring natural sweetness and flavor

Bubly and Spindrift Definitions


Contains natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners.
Bubly is her favorite because it doesn't contain artificial sweeteners.


A sparkling water flavored with real squeezed fruit.
He enjoyed a raspberry-lime Spindrift with his lunch.


Marketed for those seeking flavorful but calorie-free drinks.
Bubly became popular among her friends who were diet-conscious.


Contains a small amount of natural sugars and calories.
Spindrift is her go-to for a slightly sweet, natural drink.


Offers a variety of fruit-flavored options.
They had a picnic with several different flavors of Bubly.


Focuses on using real ingredients for a genuine taste.
She appreciated Spindrift's commitment to real fruit ingredients.


A brand of flavored sparkling water.
She chose a can of strawberry Bubly to quench her thirst.


Offers authentic fruit flavors in a sparkling beverage.
The grapefruit Spindrift tasted like freshly squeezed juice.


Zero-calorie, unsweetened sparkling beverage.
For a healthy alternative, he picked Bubly over sugary drinks.


Targets consumers who prefer natural sweetness.
Spindrift was a hit at the party for those who liked a hint of sweetness.


Windblown sea spray. Also called spoondrift.


(nautical) Sea spray (clouds of water droplets) blown from the tops of waves by the wind and whipped along the surface of the sea.


(by extension) Clouds of sand, snow, etc., whipped along the ground by the wind.


Same as Spoondrift.
The ocean waves are broken up by wind, ultimately producing the storm wrack and spindrift of the tempest-tossed sea.


Spray blown up from the surface of the sea


What is Bubly?

Bubly is a flavored sparkling water brand with no added sweeteners.

What is Spindrift?

Spindrift is a sparkling water brand that uses real squeezed fruit for flavor.

Does Spindrift have added sugars?

No, Spindrift only contains natural sugars from the fruit used.

How many calories are in Spindrift?

Spindrift contains minimal calories, varying slightly depending on the flavor.

Is Bubly calorie-free?

Yes, Bubly is a zero-calorie beverage.

Is Bubly vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, Bubly is both vegan and gluten-free.

Does Bubly contain any sugars?

No, Bubly contains no sugars.

What is the target market for Bubly?

Bubly targets health-conscious consumers who prefer zero-calorie drinks.

What are the flavors of Bubly?

Bubly comes in a variety of fruit flavors like lime, cherry, and mango.

Is Spindrift environmentally friendly?

Spindrift focuses on using real, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Is Spindrift suitable for a low-sugar diet?

Yes, due to its minimal natural sugar content, Spindrift can fit into a low-sugar diet.

What differentiates Spindrift from other sparkling waters?

The use of real squeezed fruit for natural flavor differentiates Spindrift.

Does Spindrift offer any caffeine-free options?

Yes, all Spindrift flavors are caffeine-free.

What kinds of fruit does Spindrift use?

Spindrift uses a range of fruits, including grapefruit, lemon, and raspberry.

Does Spindrift contain artificial flavors?

No, Spindrift does not use artificial flavors.

Can Bubly be used as a mixer in cocktails?

Yes, Bubly can be a great calorie-free mixer in cocktails.

Are there any preservatives in Bubly?

No, Bubly does not contain preservatives.

How does Bubly flavor its water?

Bubly uses natural flavors to achieve its various fruit tastes.

Can children drink Spindrift?

Yes, Spindrift is safe for children, offering a healthier alternative to sugary drinks.

Is Bubly a good choice for hydration?

Yes, as a calorie-free sparkling water, Bubly is a good hydration option.
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