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Uber vs. UberX

Using a taxi for traveling from one place to the other is a common thing these days especially in the developed countries. It might not be the cheapest source of moving from one location to the other but for sure is the most convenient way. Many taxi providers have a broad range of facilities and options given to the people, and Uber is one of them. Perhaps it is the most outstanding car providing service, and thousands of people reach their destinations through it. There are different packages provided by Uber, and one of such is UberX. All the different packages have various differences and facilities which give people the option to find the one which suits them the best. The first significant difference between these two types is the cost, standard travel expenses more than going on UberX. Most of the other options available have a broad range of cars and facilities but in UberX, the cars are of a standard type with most of the services available but lesser than the others in comparison. Prices vary depending on location and services, but on average UberX is one-fourth to half the regular price. In the case of other services the cars can be hired from private drivers but in UberX the standard of cars is same, and they all belong to the company. There can only be 4 passengers in the UberX while in other services the number varies, from one person enjoying their own luxury ride, up to six people can be transported from one place to another. The standard of cars can be different in Uber generally, and people can get from luxury cars to small cars, from big vehicles to the color of their choice. The paragraphs below will help in understanding the difference between the other services and UberX.

Key Differences

People can save up to 50% while traveling in UberX while they have to pay more for other services.
UberX can accommodate up to 4 passengers, and there is no possibility of more people traveling while Uber generally provides flexible options for individuals who want to travel and can have up to 6 people moving at the same time.
For UberX most cars are provided by the company themselves and have four doors. While generally Uber hires private vehicles in some area
Samantha Walker
Jun 24, 2016
UberX is the most economical service for the packages while all the other Uber services are costlier than this one.
Facilities provided in UberX are fixed for all the travelers and are basic. For Uber services, the facilities are more than UberX including luxury and sharing of their fare with others.

Comparison Chart


UberX is the most economical service for the packages


Uber can accommodate up to 2-8 passengers
UberX can accommodate up to 4 passengers


Facilities provided in Uber are variable for all the travelers and has categories
Facilities provided in UberX are fixed for all the travelers and are basic


People can save up to 20-60% while traveling
People can save up to 50% while traveling
Harlon Moss
Jun 24, 2016

Uber and UberX Definitions


Super; high-level; high-ranking


Very; super

Definition of UberX

UberX is the cheapest service provided by Uber and has various features which make its exception as compared to others. It is commonly known as the most affordable travel option for reaching your destination in the quickest time. Although the cost is low as compared to others, there is no compromise on quality and facilities provided in the vehicle. There is a strict measure taken to make sure all the automobiles are up to date. The first main feature is that the car is sent to your home on just a call, instead of the normal taxis which have been hired by the company UberX has its own vehicles which include Toyota Prius, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet and much more. People can call the locations or book the car through the cell phone application and can save from 20 to 40% overall as compared to other services. There is a limit of four passengers that the car can take, and the limit cannot be exceeded. If there are more passengers, this service is not suitable. The car for this service has a minimum requirement in the case of age which varies from city to city, but all the cars have four gates each.

Definition of Uber

There are different prices ranges for Uber and variable facilities provided in each of these. For example, UberXL can accommodate as much as six passengers but the cars will be distinct from the regular ones and can include SUV and other similar sized vehicles. The prices as excepted are higher. Similarly, Uber Select is another option which is a luxury car and can take up to four passengers who can enjoy a lavish ride. UberPOOL is another service in which people can share the fare with others by booking and save money, though this service is only provided in the few leading cities across the world. UberBlack is the most costly and executive service in which all the automobiles are hired by the company and are registered. There is also insurance available for this type of travel. Prices of all these services differ from each other but most facilities which are a necessary requirement, exist. One advantage is that people can book all these services and pay once the travel is completed. These factors give people a choice and also help in providing valuable revenue to the drivers who can use their private cars.

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