Difference Between Real and Fake

Main Difference

Two terms which are self-explanatory and give the difference between themselves are real and fake. They can be termed as the opposite of each other and have various meanings depending on the time and place where they are being used. The best way to see the difference is to look at their definition, fake means something that does not exist while real is termed as something which actually exists. In a different way, the word fake mean something which is not genuine or has been forged to look like it is correct but real is the thing which is authentic, has authenticity and does not need to be verified. In psychological terms fake is some type of feeling or act which is used to disguise others while real, on the other hand, is a person who conveys right or straightforward feeling towards others. In the type of money, a real thing will be extremely costly, but a thing which is a replica of the original item will be of far less value. Every type of stuff can be real or fake. For example, an email which is received by a person can be authentic if it is sent by someone they know but a random email which has information which is not relevant and people pass it onto their spam folders are the fake emails. Many other items can be used to find the difference between them, but there is a measure of deciding what thing is right or false. The human brain capable of telling if something actually is real or fake with the help of cells. When something is memorizing by a human being the photographic memory which exists in the brain contributes to differentiating between two things. The best example to tell how different these terms are by using friendship. People who are friends with each other are the ones who share their secrets and feelings with others. Someone who will be unpretentious in their feelings will keep the secrets and not make fun of the sentiments, therefore being termed as a real friend. A person who manipulates the feelings of their trustees or goes behind their back will be the person who is termed as a fake friend.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionSomething which actually is there can be called as realSomething which is not there but perceived can be termed as fake.
Material DefinitionReal things are valued more in the moral and monetary wayFake things do not hold much value in any case.
ExampleThe best example of real will be a true friendBest case of fake will be a person who pretends to be a friend.
ConnectionA real thing cannot be made to look fakeA fake thing can be done to look real

Definition of Real

The word real belong to the English language where it has been previously used for something which actually is of some value. It was initially more employed in legal terms such as real estate or real property but over the years, it has been modified and more often used in day to day life routines. The best example of this word will be something which actually exists, it can also be explained as something which is a fact; a universal truth. It cannot be imagined or thought, it should be there, such as a calculation or a device which has been made. It philosophical terms real are used to show the importance of something or a situation such as a war or a state which requires immediate attention. Similarly, in mathematics, it is defined as a number which does not have any imaginary part. It has different ways of being explained under various topics such as law, optics, contemporary and other terms.

Definition of Fake

Fake is something which does not actually exist. There can be many ways to explain this term, but the simplest of definition for it will be something that has been forged to look like real. Fake was derived from a German word fegen which means trash, in then was integrated into the English language as something which is useless and finally it came to mean a non-genuine thing. The value of fake things is minuscule if taking in materialistic terms mean things are known as the replica of the real things and have several times less price. A fake person is someone who pretends to be something he is not, for example expressing feels which are not true, or acting on behalf of other person are the best examples of being fake. Another definition of this word is someone who does not have a real issue but grinds it gain something.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Something which actually is there can be called as real while something which is not there but perceived can be termed as fake.
  2. In a material way, real things are valued more in the moral and monetary way while fake things do not hold much value in any case.
  3. Real is something which is genuine, such as a document or a feeling. Fake, on the other hand, is something which is not true and has been forced to look real.
  4. A real thing cannot be made to look fake, but a fake thing can be done to look real with the use of other items and making some modifications.
  5. The best example of real will be a true friend while the best case of fake will be a person who pretends to be a friend.


Two terms which are very different from each other can also get confusing in a way that we know that they are opposite to each other but do not know how the differences have occurred. This article has done just that, given people the knowledge of how real and fake are different from each other so that they can explain it when asked.

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