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Toyota Fortuner vs. Toyota 4Runner: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 3, 2024
Toyota Fortuner is a sportier, diesel-powered SUV with agile handling, while Toyota 4Runner is a gasoline-powered SUV designed for comfort and off-road capability.

Key Differences

The Toyota Fortuner, primarily sold in Asia and South Africa, is known for its sporty performance, sharing a chassis with the Hilux pickup, which results in a bouncier ride. In contrast, the Toyota 4Runner, predominantly sold in North America, is designed for comfort on highways without compromising off-road capability, featuring a softer suspension and more interior space.
The Fortuner comes with a diesel engine option, offering more torque at lower RPMs, advantageous for certain off-road conditions and towing. The 4Runner, on the other hand, sports a gasoline engine, providing higher top speed and acceleration, especially at highway speeds.
In terms of transmission, the Fortuner offers both manual and automatic six-speed options, providing a wider range of driving experiences. The 4Runner features a five-speed automatic transmission, focusing on a balance of performance and simplicity.
The Fortuner is reputed for its agility and is often seen as a luxury vehicle with limited off-road capacity. Conversely, the 4Runner is recognized for its exceptional off-road prowess, backed by a locking rear differential and traction control as standard features.
When considering cargo space, the 4Runner typically offers more room compared to the Fortuner. This difference makes the 4Runner more suitable for those who prioritize space for luggage or equipment during travel or outdoor activities.

Comparison Chart

Engine Type


Performance Focus

Sportier, agile
Comfort on highway, off-road capable


Manual or automatic, six-speed
Five-speed, automatic only

Engine Specifications

2.8L four-cylinder turbo-diesel; 201 hp, 369 lb-ft
4.0L V6 gas; 270 hp, 278 lb-ft

Off-Road Capability

Capable, luxury-focused
Excellent, with specific off-road features

Toyota Fortuner and Toyota 4Runner Definitions

Toyota Fortuner

Designed for agility and has a stylish exterior.
The Toyota Fortuner stands out with its agile performance and sleek design.

Toyota 4Runner

Focuses on comfort and off-road capabilities.
The Toyota 4Runner offers a comfortable ride without sacrificing its off-road prowess.

Toyota Fortuner

Shares chassis with the Hilux, offering a bouncier ride.
Driving the Toyota Fortuner feels sportier, thanks to its Hilux-derived chassis.

Toyota 4Runner

Features a five-speed automatic transmission.
The 4Runner's five-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth driving experience.

Toyota Fortuner

Offers a combination of manual and automatic transmissions.
I appreciate the flexibility of choosing between manual and automatic in the Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota 4Runner

A rugged, gasoline-powered SUV designed for off-road.
The Toyota 4Runner tackles rough terrain effortlessly with its powerful V6 engine.

Toyota Fortuner

An SUV with a focus on luxury and sporty performance.
The Toyota Fortuner combines luxury with an adventurous spirit.

Toyota 4Runner

Offers more interior space and softer suspension.
The Toyota 4Runner's spacious interior and soft suspension make it great for long drives.

Toyota Fortuner

A sporty, diesel-powered SUV with agile handling.
The Toyota Fortuner's diesel engine delivers impressive torque on rugged terrain.

Toyota 4Runner

Excels in off-road conditions with locking rear differential.
Off-roading is a breeze in the Toyota 4Runner, thanks to its locking rear differential.


What is the Toyota 4Runner?

A rugged, gasoline-powered SUV designed for off-road and comfort.

What engine is in the 4Runner?

A 4.0L V6 gasoline engine.

What type of engine does the Fortuner have?

A 2.8L four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

What is the Toyota Fortuner?

A sporty, diesel-powered SUV with luxury elements.

What is the fuel type for the Fortuner?


Is the Fortuner good for off-roading?

Yes, but it's more luxury-focused.

Is the 4Runner spacious?

Yes, it offers more interior room.

What is the transmission in the 4Runner?

A five-speed automatic.

What fuel does the 4Runner use?


Can the Fortuner tow more than the 4Runner?

Yes, due to its higher torque.

How does the 4Runner perform off-road?

Excellent, with specific off-road features.

What is the towing capacity of the 4Runner?

About 5,000 pounds.

Does the Fortuner share its chassis with the Hilux?

Yes, it shares a chassis with the Hilux pickup.

What platform does the 4Runner share?

It shares a platform with the Toyota Hilux.

Where is the 4Runner primarily sold?

Mainly in North America.

Does the Fortuner have a manual transmission option?

Yes, it offers both manual and automatic.

Where is the Fortuner primarily sold?

In Asia and South Africa.

What are the major pros of the Fortuner?

Excellent ride quality, off-road capability, and luxury features.

What are the major pros of the 4Runner?

Outstanding off-road performance, spacious interior, and robust build.

Does the Fortuner have a luxury design?

Yes, it's known for its luxury and stylish exterior.
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